The injection of knowledge

Baba says, ‘You inject souls with injections of knowledge to cure them of the sickness of the vices.’

When a person is seriously ill, doctors don’t waste time with pills, they give them an injection; it’s a faster and more efficient way of getting the medicine into the blood and circulated throughout the body. I, the soul, have been spiritually ill for not a few days or a few weeks or even a few years. I have been ill for half a cycle! I became ill from the vices which entered me because I forgot who I am. I forgot that I am a soul, a child of God and started to identify as the body. With that came the vast expansion of waste, of negative and of the ordinary. I went from being the most elevated human being to the most degraded, from the purest to the most impure. Due to this, I, the soul, have been truly experiencing one sorrow or another- either as a result of lust or attachments, or greed or due to ego- for half a cycle. The five vices made me very unhappy. So it isn’t one illness but multiple illnesses that affected my character, my dignity, my self-respect, my peace, my happiness and contentment. And those illnesses kept increasing over time to where it turned into tumors.

Then, the eternal Surgeon came. It is said: When the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. That’s exactly what He did. He came and gave me not pills, but the injection of knowledge. He injected not the body, but the soul with the injection and not with a drug but with knowledge. This one injection is sufficient. Which one? “Manmanabhav! may you become bodiless.” This is the injection. I became severely ill when I forgot who I am and considered myself a body. The Father comes and makes me soul conscious again. He becomes my only reference point for what it means to be soul conscious. His love becomes the alchemy that heals me and makes me whole again. The more I remain in soul consciousness and the more I remember the Father, the more my lost inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment begins to accumulate again. Only the one Father is the Almighty Powerful– not because He can wave a magic wand and cure my illnesses, no! Rather it is because His mere remembrance can absolve me of sins of not just this one birth but of half the cycle. I become like new again, as if I never committed any sin. That is His power! It is said: ‘Har Har Mahadev‘, that is, ‘remove all my sorrow’. That is the praise of just the one Father. Only He has the knowledge that rids me of my spiritual poverty and of my sorrow and makes me the master of heaven!

And now that I have been revived, the Father tells me that it is now my duty to revive my brothers and sisters who are still ill. “You are the children of the eternal Surgeon and so your business is to give everyone the injection of knowledge to cure them too of the sickness of the vices.“, He instructs. The main thing is to remain in constant awareness of who I am- a pure deity soul, a child of God. This awareness revives me and awakens my fortune. I have to become soul conscious and remember the Father. That’s all! Then, I won’t need to say much at all. Others will automatically notice and want to know what I have found. Those who are far will be touched by the powerful atmosphere, by the pure vibrations. They will be pulled by it and come close. Lectures and speeches have been around since the copper age and souls are tired. They need an experience of what they are seeking- of peace, of happiness, of spiritual power. And so Baba says, “to help your brothers and sisters, continue to become soul conscious. While walking and moving around, stay on this true pilgrimage of remembrance.

This yoga is the only medicine. Manmanabhav is the only injection that can cure the illnesses caused by the vices. All of my sorrow is removed by having remembrance and I once again become a charitable soul. This is why that it is only in remembrance that there are many obstacles and it is also why I have to continue to make my remembrance firm. When I thus become an embodiment of remembrance, then all I need is 3 feet of land to operate a spiritual hospital. In the world, it takes 50-60 acres of land to open such an important college cum hospital where such big treatment is given. But here, all it takes is just the three feet of land that I stand on to both take the injection of Manmanabhav and inject others with the same. Just three feet of land…to become the master of the world.

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