The Mother and Father

Baba says, “The incorporeal Father becomes everyone’s Mother and Father.”

In the Gita, it is said: ‘God Krishna speaks’. That makes no sense because Krishna is a small child, the first prince of heaven. How would a small child relate the elevated directions? And what would be the need for anyone in heaven to relate these directions in the first place? They are already the embodiment of these directions and living their life based on them. Equally important: Everyone agrees that God is One and that all souls are children of God. Children should resemble their parents – so then with most of the world looking nothing like Krishna, how can he possibly be God?

Surely, God, the Father of all souls, must be incorporeal just as how souls are incorporeal. They look exactly the same- points of light. Just as souls are actors in the unlimited drama, so is God. In fact, He is the Principal Actor and Director of the drama. But unlike souls who receive a body through which to perform their role, God doesn’t. His is not a birth through the womb, His is a divine incarnation. He comes only once at this auspicious confluence of the cycles to perform His act. What is His act? He comes to create the new creation and destroy the old. He too needs organs to perform His role and so He enters an ordinary, impure body of an impure soul; He names the soul, Brahma.

Many think of Brahma as the subtle deity but incorporeal God doesn’t enter into subtle Brahma in the subtle region, He enters corporeal Brahma. “I come to purify the impure souls and so surely, I would need to come into the impure world in an impure body”, He explains. Corporeal Brahma becomes subtle Brahma when he becomes pure. How does God purify souls? He adopts souls and makes them belong to Him. He then teaches His children Raja Yoga- the study through which I become pure from impure, degraded to elevated, beggar to prince. How so? I, the soul, was pure for half a cycle. Then, the world was heaven, a reflection of my purity. Then, half way through the cycle, I became impure because I forgot who I am- that I am a pure soul- and started to identify as the body. That wrong consciousness invoked the five vices and I started to live- think, speak and act- based on these vices. I thus became impure, lost all my inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment and became a beggar. God comes and makes me soul conscious. He gives me ‘Shrimat’ or the elevated directions to reform myself and become a righteous, charitable soul again.

Only children would listen to the Father and understand what He is teaching them. The relationship is key. I wouldn’t listen to a stranger’s directions for my life, but my own father- I will and I better. But a father cannot create children without a mother. Given incorporeal God enters Brahma and adopts souls through him, Brahma becomes the mother. This is how there is the praise of God in Bharat that He is the Mother and Father. Then because Brahma is in a male body, a mother is adopted; she is the daughter Saraswati. Many think Brahma and Saraswati are the Father and Mother but no!, clarifies Baba.

The Father Himself says to Brahma: “You are My child and also My wife.” The Father truly adopts me through Brahma and so he also becomes the mother. Nevertheless, the Father says: “You have to remember Me alone. Don’t remember Brahma or any other human being.” I belong to the Father and claim my inheritance. An inheritance is always received from a father, not from a mother. Even Brahma remembered the Father during his corporeal lifetime and claimed his inheritance from Him. “You too have to do the same”, he teaches. The Father does not work through inspiration. He too plays His role in the drama; the drama only takes place on this physical world stage. Along with being the Father, He also becomes the Teacher and the Satguru; He sustains me as the Father, teaches me the knowledge as the Teacher and guides me at every step as the Satguru. Together, in these three forms, He becomes the Purifier and purifies souls.

Your sins are absolved only through the remembrance of the one Father. By remembering bodily beings, your time is wasted. When you connect your intellect in yoga with others, you are being disobedient to the Father.“, explains Baba. This is where effort is needed. Knowledge is easy but to forget all bodily beings, even my own body and simply remember the Bodiless One- is what requires effort. Even to remember Lakshmi and Narayan, the most elevated creation of God, is useless, He explains. For one, there is no Lakshmi and Narayan now; their souls also study and claim their inheritance from the Father at this time. He is the One who made them that way. They listened to the Father and imbibed His every direction; this is how they became who they are. So the thing to do is to also remember the same Father, not the children. Besides, Lakshmi and Narayan are the mother and father of only their children, not of all souls. Only the one incorporeal One is the Mother and Father of all souls.

I am always His child, throughout the cycle. In fact, children can never stop belonging to their father; they remain his children, but they become separated from the family. He is the unlimited Father. He says: “I was living in My supreme abode. Just as you souls came here to play your parts and become householders, in the same way, I have to come and become the Householder. Here, you personally call Me Mother and Father. Although earlier, too, you used to call out, “You are the Mother and Father”, I was not the Householder then. I have now become the Householder at this time. And I am not a householder with 2 or 4 children; I have become such a big Householder! I follow the greatest household religion of all. Such is My part in the drama. You children should make effort to claim a high status. Make effort and become seated on the throne of the mother and father. “We are the children of Shiv Baba”, have this intoxication. “We will not be any less than Baba”.

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