One Strength and One Support

Baba says, “The Father always has to be the support of all relationships.”

The Bestower of Blessings is my own Father. He has such limitless blessings that I don’t have to go to anyone else for anything, I can take from my Father all the blessings I want. He doesn’t hold back- I am His own child, why would He? And yet, I become numberwise in taking that which is mine. Because I don’t know how to take from the Father, I, quite unfortunately, look for it from human-beings, things, facilities. And inevitably, I come back disappointed because no human-being, thing or facility can fulfill the soul.

So the sensible thing to do is to learn the method to take from the Father alone. That method is the method of ‘One’. The Father has come with heaven itself on the palm of His hand, He is longing to give it to me and yet, if I am unable to receive it, then it is only because there is more than the ‘One’ in my awareness. The method of ‘One’ is to be faithful to the One- not just in terms of purity but in terms of all relationships– not to have anyone else in my thoughts or even in my dreams. To be faithful to One means to always just have the One in my very attitude.

In fact, I have taken a firm vow to always belong to One and none other. Sometimes, I become innocent in the wrong way and think: “I have the three main relationships of the Father, Teacher and Satguru with Baba, but because of being a bodily being, because I live in this corporeal world, I definitely need corporeal friends and their co-operation, for their service and for their advice in the corporeal form.” In fact, the Father who is Incorporeal and subtle is quite capable of being my Service Companion, my Friend, my Beloved, my Husband, my Child, my everything. But the thing is, that in order to experience the Father in all these relationships, to experience His help and co-operation, I have to be in an incorporeal and subtle stage myself. I find that difficult and so, at that time, I ‘need corporeal companions’.

The reason I find it hard to be incorporeal and subtle- or to put it plainly, soul conscious, is because I spend the day in extroversion– what he said/she said, what they did/should not have done, why this/that happened etc. etc. So my head is filled with many things- wasteful things- questions, complaints, opinions, fears, doubts, misunderstandings, etc. and then I need someone to whom I can speak about these things. I am aware that this is wasteful and that the Father doesn’t care for waste, so I cannot go to Him with it, so I ‘need corporeal companions’.

Part of being faithful is that I don’t accumulate such burdensome things in the first place, let alone relate them to anyone. On the one hand, I say: “Baba, it is just You who is always with me. You are my Companion…” but then, I do things that compel me to break that faith and cause me to ‘need a corporeal companion’. The Father is right here with me, where He has always been, but I caused myself to step away from Him. The Father asks: “Am I with you the whole time or just for a few hours?” The promise I have made is that I am with Him, that I will remain with Him and that I will go back home with Him. I promised Father Brahma that I will play my part with him throughout the whole cycle- that includes right now too! Since I’ve made this promise myself, then why do I ‘need corporeal companions’ or a special companion in the physical form?

If I want to talk about service companions, then everyone is my companion but there isn’t a particularly special companion. This, Baba explains, is called being faithful to the One. Whatever the service task I am involved in, is Baba’s task. My goal is to ensure my Father’s task is carried out successfully and I will work with everyone to ensure that happens. I like everyone, I work with everyone, no one is a special companion to me. When I am faithful in such a way, the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, takes upon Himself all my responsibilities at every moment. I become a blessed soul who experiences the stage of being full of attainment of blessings at every moment and in every situation. I always easily overcome everything and pass with honors. When the Father, the Bestower, is available and willing and longing to take on all my responsibilities, why would I not give them to Him? Why would I insist on carrying some myself or go to a human-being for help? Sure, Baba might use the same person to co-operate with me but to be faithful to One is to let Him make that decision. If I take it on myself to go to so-and-so, then I have to labor to win their approval/co-operation/help…whatever. But when Baba does it, He will touch their intellect such that I don’t have to lift a finger, they themselves will willingly offer me exactly what I need. This is the Bestower fulfilling His responsibility to me. From my side, I had no worry, no fear of what might happen, no doubts- just faith that the Father is responsible and that He will do what needs to be done. This is called passing with honors.

It is said: One Strength and One Support; it is not said: Strength of One and support of another one! At the same time, “ek-mat”- I follow the directions of only the One, not the dictates of my own mind or someone else’s. “Ekras” (constant and stable)- there isn’t any interest in any other beings or possessions. “Ekta’ (unity), and “ekantpriya” – one who has love for solitude. So it is the word ‘ek’ or ‘one’ that is loved, explains Baba. When I can receive all that I need from ‘One’ , there is no need to go into 5 or 7 other things. When I am faithful, I am sustained by blessings by the Bestower of Blessings in every action of my timetable right from Amritvela till night time. I move along and fly with these blessings. I don’t experience anything to be difficult in my mind or in my relationships or connections.

In every thought, every second, every action and at every step, I constantly experience the Bestower of Blessings and His blessings constantly close and personally in front of me in the corporeal form. I experience it as though I am speaking to the Father in the corporeal form. I don’t experience anything to be hard work. So, teaches Baba, follow the method to experience the Bestower of Blessings with you at all time- simply don’t let two become mixed into one, that’s all.

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