Be a Raj Rishi

Baba says, ‘constantly move along considering yourself to be a Raj Rishi and all your days will pass in happiness and you will be saved from being choked by Maya.’

A Raj means someone with all rights and a Rishi means a complete renunciate – a renunciate and a tapaswi. To have a balance of the two, that is, to be both a Raj and a Rishi equally and simultaneously is to be a self-sovereign. Unless I am a Rishi, I cannot be someone with rights to my kingdom; I will always be a servant or subservient.

The first step of renunciation is the renunciation of body consciousness. Once I have renounced body consciousness, the second step is of renouncing all relations of the body. When I let go of body consciousness, I become – bodiless, that is, I become the master. I become liberated from the bondage of the body, from the ‘I and mine’ and become liberated in life. I attain, in that very second, all rights to the kingdom. When I become the master, all dependencies finish. I go through the day with the attitude: I am so-and-so and I have done such-and such and therefore I deserve…, I should be…, I am entitled to….and inevitably when I don’t receive what I believe I ought to, when people don’t behave the way I believe they ought to, when I am unable to do something I thought I could….I am disappointed, disheartened, angry, frustrated…with myself, with everyone else, with the world. Then, in those moments, I sometimes even catch myself thinking or saying: “Baba, how much longer! I wish the world would end already and we could just all go back…”

Baba says, “Have patience, O mind, your days of happiness are about to come.” This is the iron age, He has already told me that. I cannot have lasting, true happiness here; that is only available in the new world. I have this short life in which to make effort to go to that new world, so this life is invaluable; I must not have thoughts to leave soon, not before I have collected my full inheritance. “So”, teaches Baba, “learn to be a Raj Rishi. Only when you consider yourself to be a Raj Rishi and have unshakeable and immovable faith, constantly, can you be in happiness.” When I lose this awareness, Maya makes me choke.

I cannot be a servant and a master at the same time. In other words, unless I renounce body consciousness, I cannot be a self-sovereign who is liberated in life. Being a servant is indicated by unhappiness in my mind and it is expressed on my face. A master is constantly cheerful in the mind and feels like the king of the world. A servant is always upset; a master of the self is always seated on their throne. A servant gets confused over trivial matters in a second, whereas one with all rights will constantly experience themselves to be comfortable, at rest. “Check against these signs”, says Baba, “to see who you are: a servant or a master of the self?” If people, adverse situations, physical comforts or the environment make me lose my respect, that is, if they make me forget the knowledge and cause me distress, then I am a servant. On the other hand, rather than get upset, if I am some who destroys obstacles that come my way and remains stable in my self-respect, then, I am a master almighty authority. I am then able to simply observe the adverse situations, people and everything else without getting off my throne of self-respect. A soul who is a servant, Baba explains, constantly experiences themselves to be surrounded by all types of tests. They exclaim: “Baba, please take me away from this sorrow to a place of rest…”. A soul with all rights on the other hand, is like a boatman who takes his boat across happily through all the waves of tests as though they are games.

Often, it is the physical senses that deceive me and cause me to lose my self-respect. These sense are very tiny and yet they can be such big traps- like a spider that is so tiny and yet spins a web that is so large! The web of the physical senses too is very large and they have such power that they make me unconscious to spiritual consciousness and to the Godly codes of conduct. When I am in that trap: “I saw so-and-so do this…, I heard her say this about me…., why did he do that…”, then no matter how much someone tries to explain or make me understand, I don’t. In fact, I turn around and try to justify why I feel the way I feel, I try to explain how hurt I am or how badly I was wronged by so-and-so, etc. etc. Sometimes, I even pull out events from the past to justify my feelings: “I should have known better, he behaved like this two years ago…” This, Baba explains, is spiritual unconsciousness! The situation might be so trivial but the web of unconsciousness is very big. It also takes a long time to come out of it because I try to cut each string one at a time.

Baba says, “Remove that web. Don’t go into expansion, but put a full-stop to the expansion and merge it into a point.” To apply a dot and become a dot is what a master of the self does. Both a master and a servant soul have similar events happen to them but they both respond differently to the events. One continues to speak about what/why/how something happened, how it makes them feel etc, and the other values their honor and happiness too much to get into the expansion; they apply a dot and move on. They become a point and remain absorbed in the love for the Point. “So judge for yourself“, says Baba, “which stage is better?”

The tree now has to be transformed“, says Baba. The beginning starts from a seed and at the end too, all that remains is a seed. “Now, at the time of transformation of the old tree, stabilize yourself in the stage of a master seed at the top of the tree“, says Baba. A seed is a point! The Ocean of all the knowledge, virtues and powers becomes merged in the Point. Although He is the Ocean, He is a Point. So to have this stage of being a master seed is to be equal to the Father, it is lovely, comfortable, restful, liberated. “Remain constantly stable in such a stage“, teaches Baba. That is, be a Raj Rishi.

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