Use your treasures in a worthwhile way

Baba says, ‘To use all your treasures in a worthwhile way is the key to success of being a great donor.’

To use something in a worthwhile way means: 1) to use it for an elevated purpose. 2) there is a profit; there is a return on the time, and effort spent. To be able to use something, I need to have it in the first place. Then, depending on how and on what I invest it, I will reap a return accordingly, that is, I will earn a reward. God, the Ocean of all Treasures, is my Father and I have a right to the entire treasure store. To the extent that I claim what is mine and use it in a worthwhile way, I become successful.

Brahma Baba, on the basis of faith and spiritual intoxication, used everything he had in a worthwhile way within a second; He didn’t keep anything idly, he invested everything. For example, even until the last day, Baba continued to correspond with the children and spoke the elevated versions through his lips. So even until the last day, he used his time, thoughts and body in a worthwhile way- for an elevated purpose and in a way in which he received a return. “The same applies to you“, says the Father. I have the same treasures he did and so when I follow Father Brahma in using my treasures in a worthwhile way, I too can become successful, victorious.

In this Brahmin life, when I use my:

  1. Time in a worthwhile way: I claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom for the full period.
  2. Breath in a worthwhile way: I will be able to remain healthy for many births and never experience any breathing problems or heart failure
  3. Knowledge in a worthwhile way: I become so sensible that I don’t need to take advice in the future from any advisors for many births.
  4. Powers in a worthwhile way: I become full of all powers. I will not lack in any power in my future kingdom. All the powers gives me the experience of being unshakeable and of guaranteed success that is free from all obstacles.
  5. Virtues in a worthwhile way: I become such an embodiment of virtue that even now, my non-living images are portrayed as a ‘deity full of all virtues.’
  6. Physical wealth in a worthwhile way: I will remain prosperous for 21 births.

Therefore, use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success”, says Baba. Donate the treasures you’ve received from the Father. Even by mistake, even in your dreams, don’t consider any gift given by God to be your own, He says. When there is the consciousness of ‘mine’- my talent or my virtues, then that treasure will inevitably be lost. “So“, He teaches, “use your Godly sanskars in a worthwhile way and all the wasteful sanskars will automatically finish.“. If I simply keep my sanskars in my intellect, then it doesn’t build strength. I actually have to use it and attain success. Maybe when something happened in the past, I would waste a whole day thinking about it, now, I am able to put a full-stop within a few minutes and my goal is to get it down to a second. This is ‘greater success through less expenditure’, this is using the treasures of time and thoughts in a worthwhile way by saving and increasing. When I don’t come into upheaval, when I remain calm in the midst of a storm, I serve, I donate power. In the same way, when I use less words and attain greater success because I am now an embodiment of those words, then that is using words and time in a worthwhile way. When I am an embodiment, I don’t have to speak much, the arrow strikes the target easily. This is known as being a great donor – and the key to my success as a great donor is that I was able to use my treasures in a worthwhile way.

Don’t let anything go to waste“, teaches Baba, “and you will then automatically continue to experience the happiness of success, because to use everything in a worthwhile way means to become an embodiment of success at the present time and also to accumulate for the future.”

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