The knowledge of the Seed and the tree

Baba says, “In order to become complete, let your thinking, speaking and doing be equal.”

That all the children must become complete and equal to Him is the pure desire of the Father. He does not want children to live in fear or doubt or worry: When a situation comes, ‘Why is this happening now?’, ‘What will happen now?’ or become careless with doubt and think: ‘Will destruction really happen?”, “How will it happen?”, “Who knows what will really happen?” These thoughts of doubt or of fear slow me down in my effort-making but in addition, the vibrations affect the atmosphere around me.

At present, you have the stage of being a world mother or world father or a master creator.”, the Father reminds me. This is the stage of being equal to the Father. Do I constantly remain in this awareness or do I allow it to become slack? The vibrations of my every thought, that is, the attitude of I, the creator, automatically reaches the creation. This is why, Baba says, “pay attention to your actions because whatever others see you do, they will do the same.” But actions come later, the seed is the thought and then my attitude is created based on that. The vibrations of my thoughts and the attitude spreads into the atmosphere and reaches other souls. The saying: “The world was created through a thought” applies to the present time, explains Baba. As is my thought, so I will become instrumental in creating such a creation.

You should have the knowledge of the Seed and the tree very clearly in your intellects.”, says Baba. He is the Seed of the human world tree and I, the Brahmin soul, am the roots of this tree at this time. My duty, as the Father’s helper, is to take from Him, the Seed, and send to the rest of the tree- the branches and leaves. But when I have doubts about Who is teaching me, about the knowledge, then those are the vibrations I send to the tree. Or if I am still caught up in my own mini-drama of ‘I, me and mine’ – how so-and-so made me feel, how they treated me, how what someone did was wrong, how I didn’t get what I deserved etc., then that thought if not nipped right in the bud, will fester into bitterness, resentment and a full blown case of unforgiveness. When these are the kinds of emotions I hold within me, there is no more place to store anything I receive from the Seed. Then, I end up becoming a bitter root and bitterness is what I send to the rest of the tree. As a result, the tree becomes unhealthy; others experience the same emotions I send them.  

The Father says: “You should not remember anyone except Me. Your promise is, “Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other”. So, why do you remember someone else?” When I move along with the awareness that I am the roots of the human world tree and that the health of the whole tree depends on me, then I will pay attention to my thoughts. ‘Manmanabhav!’, says Baba. This is the mantra with which to conquer Maya in all her forms. But more often than not, I go wrong when I let the knowledge of the Seed and the tree slip away from my intellect. Then, I think that to be a ‘support to the world’ is not my task, that is the task of BapDada; it is the Father’s task. So I don’t make intense effort to become Manmanabhav. I get careless.

When it comes to what I want to become, I always raise my hand for becoming Lakshmi and Narayan. I think: ‘I am no less than anyone else, I have just as much a right to be Lakshmi and Narayan as the seniors’ and indeed I do. But when it comes to doing what it takes to be that, Baba says, I let BapDada and the seniors shoulder the responsibility and remain careless myself. Baba says, “remember the law: those who do something will receive the return, not those who simply think of it!” So, He teaches, “make your thinking, speaking and doing all the same.” If I think and speak of elevated things but don’t do anything at all, then I won’t attain anything. I will not just deprive myself of the elevated attainment but I will become instrumental in depriving the creation, or the rest of the tree of attainment as well. Therefore, says baba, do more and speak less!

It’s easy to give a class on the topic of being elevated, but a whole different thing to be elevated. Things don’t happen just by saying or demanding: ‘I too should be considered a maharathi, I too should be considered serviceable, I too should receive all rights, I too should be given love and co-operation”. These are not things to be asked for. I automatically attain all of these things as a result of elevated actions, an elevated attitude and elevated thoughts. That is what a maharathi is- one who conquers Maya. “A gardener has knowledge of how a huge tree will emerge by planting such-and-such a seed. Therefore“, says Baba, “don’t waste your time in ordinary or wasteful thoughts.” When I make my seed elevated, the rest of the tree- attitude, feelings, vision, words, actions – will all become elevated automatically. When my inner tree is healthy, then I will become God’s able instrument in serving the unlimited human world tree.

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