God’s children must never cry

Baba says, “If those who have called themselves the children of God cry or do anything wrong, they lose the Father’s honor.”

Crying is a sign of sorrow. One feels like crying when there is one type of loss or another. There is never any type of loss in the golden age and so no one ever cries there. Here, sometimes, there is a loss in income, sometimes there isn’t enough food, and so people are unhappy. Then they cry and remember God: “You are the Mother and Father, come and liberate us from sorrow.” They simply sing the song on the path of bhakti but here, God comes and becomes my Mother and Father, practically. Do I still cry?

If I still cry about anything, that is a sign that I need to check my relationship to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Do I really, truly, deeply relate to Him as my Mother and Father? If I do, then I have nothing to cry about. I will constantly remain cheerful and happy, no matter what. Yes, the world around me is in the iron age and there are lots of ways in which sorrow can be caused. But…I have the God Himself as my Father…and He isn’t sitting somewhere far away, He is right here, in front of me! All I have to do when a situation comes is consult the Father! He says: “take the shrimat of Shri Shri at every step.”

The children who have the habit of crying, automatically turn away from the Father. To experience waves of sorrow in the mind is also a form of crying. Someone who cries cannot be said to have found the Father. Only when you have been deprived of your relationship with the Father do waves of sorrow come.”, explains the Father.

It is when I don’t consider myself the child, but instead think of myself as all grown up, as a householder, that I get into trouble. A child does not have a household, it doesn’t consider itself responsible, it doesn’t have the attitude that it has to make all the decisions, that it ought to know everything. All a child does is implicitly trust the father and follow his directions. And that is literally all I have to do as well. But I have trouble doing this when I am body conscious and think of myself as the one in-charge of everything. “If you don’t understand something, just ask Baba“, He says. But I feel as if I am troubling Baba by going to Him for advice when in reality, He wants me to ask Him. Then because I make my own decisions, that is, follow my own dictates, not only does that stress me out and cause me to labor, but the actions become wrong actions. I thus unwittingly deceive myself and I cry.

Baba says: “Become soul conscious. Forget all body and all bodily relations, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.” When I consider myself a soul, I strip away everything else, all the baggage of roles, relationships, positions, titles, how smart I think I am or not, etc etc. I simply look to the Father for direction, for protection, for everything. My attitude is: “I have given my life to Him. He is the Protector and Benefactor. He is in charge. I have nothing to worry about.” This is a sign of trust in the Father and that trust comes on the basis of having a relationship with Him- I am His child, He is my Father. When I worry and panic, when I cry out whether outwardly or even in my mind, that is a sign of a lack of trust in God- a sign of a weak relationship.

Sometimes I cry because I feel that I have tolerated so much and yet, others don’t change. But the thing is that if I truly tolerated, then I don’t need to cry at all; in fact, tolerance gives me a lot of power. Meera had to tolerate a lot, Brahma Baba had to tolerate a lot but neither cried about it. In fact, they became even stronger, even more steadfast. How? because those situations brought them even closer to the Father. They doubled down on their relationship with Him, that is, their fire of yoga or remembrance intensified and in that fire, all the pain and hurt was burnt away. How? there is pain and hurt when there are expectations; these are the strings or bondages that tie me down, cause me sorrow: “How could they do this to me after all I have done for them?”, “how can my own children treat me this way?”, “How can they insult me in front of so many people?” etc. To intensify the fire of yoga means I remain constantly in the awareness of who I am and Whose I am: I am not so-and so, this relationship or that role. I am a pure soul, a child of God. Full-stop! Everything else is drama, nothing new! The more I let go of my expectations or attachments to the old world, the closer I draw to the Father and the closer I draw to the Father, the easier it is to let go of the old world.

If deities cried, that would be something else, but here, you are the direct children of God.“, points out Baba. Despite having God right here, with me, if I still cry, then I dishonor the Father. How? because others who see me cry will ask or wonder: “I thought God is their Father, Teacher and Satguru. So how come they still cry!?” Then, I become an instrument to push souls away from the Father because they think that God could not possibly be here if I am still unhappy and crying. When I cry, I am also unable to give knowledge to others. I am unable to help the Father, instead, He has to work harder to lift me up again and again.

It doesn’t seem right for the children of the Bestower of Happiness to experience sorrow.”, observes Baba. “Those who cry are the ones who lose. They lose the most elevated kingdom of the world. You say that you have come to change from an ordinary human into Narayan, but you don’t behave accordingly. It is in the copper and iron ages that people cry. Golden-aged people never cry.”

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