The Father’s right hands

Baba says, “The children who become the Father’s right hands and are constantly co-operative in every task.”

Co-operation is shown in the form of arms. No task can be accomplished without a hand. This is why even in the outside world, it is said: “Give your finger in this task”, “Lend a hand for this task”. So the arms, hands and fingers are signs of co-operation. On the path of bhakti, Brahma is shown with many arms- this is a memorial of the present time, explains Baba. The Father’s co-operative children are His many arms, His instruments for His task. Of these arms, He explains, there are right and left hands. Both are co-operative but their characteristics are different.

The specialty of a right hand is to be constantly clean, that is, constantly pure and elevated. This is why any auspicious task is performed with the right hand. When I am the Father’s right hand, I too remain elevated, that is, pure in my words, deeds and connections. I move along with the awareness that I am the Father’s right hand- His instrument for the task of establishment. I consider the Father the Karavanhaar and myself to be karanhar– one who does according to His directions. I don’t ever consider myself to be karavanhar and this is why my actions are filled with the greatness of being unique, egoless and humble for the construction of the new world.

My every thought is completely clean- it is not based on any underlying motive, a selfish gain or any malice. It is a thought that is beneficial to the self and everyone else, it is a thought for world benefit. This is why, Baba explains, right hands are especially powerful; their seed of thought is powerful and thus, the feelings, the attitude, the vision, words and actions are all powerful. Because right hands accumulate power in this way, by thinking, speaking and acting beneficially, they are the ones used to perform any heavy lifting. They are able to easily lift the weight, that is, the responsibility of the task of world benefit and transformation.

There is no Ooh, Aah and Ouch when someone speaks or behaves rudely, there is no judgment, bitterness or resentment toward them, just love and tolerance. When someone is having a bad day, there isn’t the attitude of: ‘not my problem’, or ‘it’s not like they ever help me out…’; instead, there is the natural tendency to lend a hand. It doesn’t matter what others are like, I have to help. This attitude then transforms the atmosphere, inspires others to step up as well. When a situation arises, there isn’t “what will happen now?”, “Why me!”, “How will I get through this?”, no. There is just the faith in One Strength and One Support. He is responsible, He will take care of everything. I simply have to follow His guidance. This is being a true instrument of God. In other words, at every step, in every situation, I experience myself to be a master almighty authority. I am the Father’s representative, His responsible instrument in the task of establishing a new world order, where there is only one religion- that of peace, one set of rules- shrimat.

Another specialty of a right hand is speed. I would therefore be a fast effort-maker; I receive a signal from Baba and I immediately correct myself by putting His direction into practice. I am always ever-ready, always obedient.

Left hands are also constantly co-operative, explains Baba. However, along with cleanliness, there is also sometimes uncleanliness, that is, some impurity in thoughts, words or deeds. I would also, as a result, be less intense in my speed of effort. Because rather than simply put the direction into practice, there is additional thinking and analysis: ‘but what about how I feel?’, ‘but what about what they did to me?’, ‘but I will lose that promotion if I leave now…’, ‘yes, I shouldn’t have got angry but the situation was so big…’, etc. etc. It’s like I become a lawyer of myself and am unable to operate independently. I am unable to simply do as the Father tells me, there is usually first a little courtroom drama. I need the Father to be the Judge and pass a final judgment in every aspect. And so my speed slows down, transformation slows down, and I am unable to contribute as much to the Father’s task. It’s like the arm is unable to lift anything that feels even a little heavy. I co-operate and want to do everything the Father wants me to but I lack courage in taking full responsibility. I need additional support.

As a right hand, I am a judge of myself and a lawyer for others. My singular goal is to ensure the Father’s task is successful, that the world of love, peace and happiness is established and I become the instrument for that at every step, in every situation. “So now, check yourself“, says Baba. “Are you a lawyer or lawful?” By constantly considering myself to be a co-operative right hand, I become an easy yogi; I simply follow, there is no laboring. By considering myself an instrument, a karanhaar of Karavanhaar BapDada, I remain carefree and cheerful.

Let me have the awareness that ‘I am the world transformer who has to transform the world’. But in order to transform the world, I have to completely transform myself first. The less transformation there is in myself, the slower will be the speed of world transformation. “Only with self-transformation will you be able to transform the time.”, explains Baba. “Look at yourself and you will be able to tell the time. You are the clock of world transformation. So look at the time in the clock of the self. The attention of all the souls of the world is now on you instruments who are the clock to see what the time is at present. Therefore,” He says, “consider yourself an instrument for bringing the period of this old world to an end and make yourself complete.

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