Become a bestower of blessings

Baba says, “At every moment and throughout every day, you must constantly be great donors and bestowers of blessings.”

For a long time now, Baba says, I have served as a great donor through words but now, He says, it is time to become a bestower of blessings, in a practical way. For this, I especially have to serve through my mind simultaneously along with words. I need to increase the percentage of service through the power of the mind. With words, I can only reach a limited number of souls but with the mind, I can serve an unlimited number of souls. In fact, I can serve the souls of the whole world through my vibrations, through the power of my thoughts. Vibrations also travel much, much faster than words and souls sitting far away feel as if an angel has just visited them, with a gift of peace or power or lightness. They feel as if their worry has suddenly been lifted away and they feel light, liberated from the burden. Serving through my mind, thus leads to greater service with less effort, that is, it allows me to be economical with my treasures of thought, time, breath, money…with everything. “You are the image of support for the whole world”, He reminds me, “not just of your home, or your community or your country“. To the extent that I wear the crown of this responsibility now, I will accordingly wear the crown of world sovereignty in the future.

In order to serve through the mind in this way, I first of all need to have pure thoughts for myself and good wishes for others. This implies that I also need the practice of controlling all my thoughts within a second. Only when I have enough of a stock of pure thoughts and an ability to control waste can I serve through the mind. If I am easily influenced by what those around me say or do, by praise or defamation, by success or failure, if I am sensitive, moody, easily angered or frustrated, then I won’t be able to serve through the mind. In fact, the foundational criteria to be able to serve through the mind is stability. This means my brake has to be fully powerful. As well as the mind, I also need to have my intellect and sanskars under my control. If I have less control over any of the three powers, then I won’t be able to serve effectively as a bestower of blessings, I will not be able to be full of blessings that I can give to others.

As soon as I took divine birth, the first blessing I received was: “Whatever you are, however you are, you are Mine.” Whether I call this a promise or fortune or blessing, it is what took me from being an orphan to a child with rights in a second. It is what made me into an heir of the inheritance in a second. And I received this first blessing from the Father Himself! He switched on my switch of the consciousness of belonging to Him. I never even dreamt of such a blessing but the Bestower of Blessings gave me this blessing. When I become a constant embodiment of this blessing, that is, when I keep this switch constantly turned on, I too become a bestower of blessings. “It is in this that you become numberwise“, points out Baba. If the switch is turned off and on, the light flickers and does not help anyone; in fact, it hurts the eyes. It is the rosary of those who constantly remain an embodiment of the consciousness of this blessing is constantly turned and remembered. ‘The Father has adopted me‘- by simply remembering this one blessing, I will be liberated from having to labor. I will be filled with pure and positive thoughts for myself. I will also remain alert to stop any waste by applying the powerful brake of who I am, Whose I am and the role I am playing at this time.

Now, through your form of a bestower of blessings, serve with the power of your mind“, says Baba. “With your own powers and virtues, bring weak souls closer to the Father.” At present, a majority of souls want to gain spiritual power- they have this desire but they lack strength. As a bestower of blessings, I now have to now give them that courage and strength just as the Father gave to me. In fact, that is what a blessing means- I don’t have to work hard to get something, I receive it as a gift. So now, says Baba, give others the gift of courage and enthusiasm such that they too can come close to the Father as you have. Every day at amrit vela, constantly make this slogan emerge: “I constantly have to fly with zeal and enthusiasm and also make others fly.”, and check this again and again from time to time. Let it not be that you check yourself at amrit vela, then merge everything throughout the day, and then at night think that that day was just ordinary. Be great donors and bestowers of blessings for yourselves and others too, He says, now, bring about this newness.

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