Cleanliness in relationships means contentment

Baba says, “Cleanliness in relationships means contentment.”

Cleanliness, the Father explains, means purity in thoughts, words, actions and relationships – in everything. No matter how clean and pure I might keep my body, which is external, if I am not clean and pure in my mind, it is said: “first of all, keep the mind clean.” The Lord is pleased with those who have clean minds and clean hearts and the desires of those with clean hearts are fulfilled, says Baba.

This is why He says: ‘may you be a holy swan’ because the specialty of a holy swan is that it is always clean. “So check”, He says: “Is there cleanliness in my mind, body, heart and relationships?” Complete cleanliness and purity is my aim at the confluence age. This is why deities are remembered as those who are completely pure. It isn’t just said: ‘viceless’ but the praise is ‘completely viceless’; it isn’t just said: ’16 celestial degrees’ but the praise is ’16 celestial degrees complete‘. This is the praise of my deity form but I become that here, as a Brahmin, at this auspicious confluence age. So check, says Baba, to what extent you have imbibed cleanliness, that is purity.

Especially in terms of relationships, Baba teaches, that I have to imbibe cleanliness in the form of contentment. Throughout the day, there are relationships with a variety of souls- both in the Brahmin family, and in the lokik family. In all relationships, check, He says, to what extent was there contentment in the relationship. The sign of contentment is that I will be light in the mind and remain happy and others will also remain happy with me. The sign of discontentment is that I will experience heaviness in the mind. Thoughts of repentance will repeatedly keep entering my mind, even against my conscious wish that: ‘I should not have said this; it would be better if I hadn’t done this; it would have been better to have said and done this.’ etc. Then this burden will not allow me to remain happy; it will not allow me to remain light.

Cleanliness in relationships therefore means contentment. This is honesty and cleanliness in relationships. This is why it is said: “One who is true, dances” – that is, someone who is honest constantly dances in happiness. If there isn’t cleanliness of truth, then I am simply a swan- I dress in white, I look clean from the outside- but I am not a holy swan, says Baba.

Your praise is ‘complete purity’, so check, He says, ‘to what extent you have become that.’

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