Happy Holi!

Baba says, “To have the one awareness of soul consciousness is the stage of a holy swan. The memorial of this is celebrated every year in the form of Holi.”

Throughout the whole cycle, many souls become pure and holy even in the outside world. However, explains Baba, there is a difference between their purity and the purity of you souls. The method for me to become pure is very easy- I don’t have to do any penance to become pure, observe fasts or make any kind of effort really because I easily receive from the Father the inheritance of peace, happiness and purity. Through this awareness of who I am and Whose I am, I easily become pure. People of the world too become pure but with effort and they don’t attain purity in the form of an inheritance for half the cycle.

Today, according to the world, it is Holi.

They celebrate Holi whereas I become holy by becoming colored with the color of the Supreme Soul. Celebrations take place only for a short time whereas to become is for the whole life! They celebrate for a day whereas I make my life holy. “This confluence age“, Baba points out, “is the age of a holy life.” The color that I have been colored with, I don’t ever have to erase; by being colored in His colors, I become equal to the Father for all time. Now, at this confluence age, I experience the karmateet and incorporeal stage equal to the Incorporeal Father and for 21 births, I experience the elevated life of being full of all virtues and completely viceless, equal to that of Father Brahma. So my Holi is about becoming equal to the Father through the color of His company.

And I have been colored by many different colors – the color of knowledge, the color of remembrance, the color of many powers, the color of virtues, elevated vision, an elevated attitude, and through these, the elevated good wishes and elevated pure feelings for everyone is automatically created. “This spiritual color is applied so quickly“, He points out. To celebrate Holi is to become holy. “When the people of the world celebrate Holi, their form becomes the same as their quality but when you celebrate Holi, you become angels and deities“, He says. “All of these rituals are your memorials but because of not having spiritual power, they are unable to celebrate in a spiritual way. Because of being extroverted, they are only able to celebrate in an extroverted way.” My celebration, on the other hand, is an accurate auspicious meeting.

The specialty of Holi is to burn. First to burn, then to celebrate and then to have an auspicious meeting. The memorial of these three specialties is created. This is because, to become holy, I have to burn all my old sanskars, and old memories in the fire of yoga. I have to die alive and become the child of the Father. To the extent I die alive, I become colored in His company. Then, every soul of the world becomes part of God’s family. Because of being part of God’s family, good wishes towards any soul automatically becomes a natural sanskar. When I stabilize myself in a holy stage, that is, in the stage of purity, and when I am colored by the color of the Father’s company, then while experiencing this Godly intoxication, I forget the awareness of the body, the awareness of different relationships, the awareness of being senior or junior and I only have the awareness of the form of the soul. Even if someone is an enemy or has devilish sanskars, through this auspicious spiritual meeting, I definitely sprinkle them with drops of God’s color. “So, people of the world celebrate the memorial of your having been constantly in this stage over a long period of time.”, explains Baba. 

When someone comes to me, I embrace them considering them to be elevated souls. They are the children of the Father. This loving meeting, the meeting with good wishes enables those souls to forget the old things. They too become enthusiastic. “Therefore“, explains Baba, “the memorial has been created as a festival.” People in the world are unhappy and so they have special days to celebrate in happiness. However, I always continue to sing and dance in happiness and celebrate with pleasure. They are confused thinking: ‘Why did this happen?’, ‘How did it happen?’ etc. and are therefore unable to stay in pleasure. I, on the other hand, have become trikaldarshi, the knower of the beginning, middle and end of my story and so I don’t have these thoughts or questions anymore. “Why did it happen?”- I already know that it was a test paper to move me forward. How could this happen?- nothing new! So there are no questions or why or how or when; Maya came to make me even stronger and then went away. So, I don’t become confused; I watch and learn as as detached observer of the drama.

I have questions come to me but the answers come in advance and so there is no spinning. I know that I have been victorious many times and will continue to be so. I know the past and the future, that I am a Brahmin who is to become an angel, and the deities from angels. It is but a question of today and tomorrow. The questions end and a full-stop is applied. In fact, another meaning of Holi is ho-lee (it is past). The past is the past, apply a full-stop! So there is the Holi of burning the old, the Holi of coloring myself with the color of the Father’s company, the Holi of applying a full-stop. I also know of the Holi of celebrating an auspicious meeting constantly with the Father. I know to play all these four types of Holi. “If any one type of Holi is missing, the crown of light will not be able to stay on“, explains Baba. It will keep falling off. When a crown does not fit properly, it keeps falling off. “So”, says Baba, “you have to play all four types of Holi and become equal to the Father.

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