The jewel of the crown

Baba says, ‘In order to become victorious jewels, die alive.’

Children are said to be the crown on the Father’s head, the garland around His neck; “You children are the decoration of BapDada”, says Baba. But even within the decoration, there are different forms.

The first decoration is the jewel of the crown of the head, He explains. The specialty of these children is that they are a master sun of knowledge, equal to the Father. Just as the rays of the sun fill the world with light and dispel the darkness, in the same way, such children who are the master embodiments of the sun of knowledge spread their rays of their own powers in all directions. Their rays reach the entire world, not just a few souls. In addition, they are also master oceans of all virtues, the same as the Father. “Such children sparkle like jewels that radiate a variety of colors“, says Baba. These children are the jewels that are the elevated beauty of the crown and they are visible in front of the world as BapDada’s special decoration.

There is also a significance in the fact that these special jewels are in the center of the forehead- it shows that they are constantly stable in their stage of soul consciousness. While living in this corporeal world, their intellect is constantly engaged in remembrance of the Father, remembrance of the home, remembrance of the kingdom and remembrance of Godly service. Therefore, their place, sparkling in the center of the forehead, is also a symbol of their elevated stage. Their specialty is that they constantly maintain an elevated awareness, an elevated attitude, elevated vision and are part of the elevated family. This is why they have attained an elevated place, explains Baba, that is, they have become part of the crown. The crown is the highest decoration, it is a symbol of greatness, as well as the symbol of a master. It is also a symbol of having all attainments and having all rights.

Next, are the children who are the garland around BapDada’s neck, explains Baba. These jewels also spread their sparkle in all directions, He explains, but there is a difference. The rays of powers of the first number jewels spread equally in all directions but the rays of the jewels who are the garland around the neck are not equal, some are long, others are short. Some rays reach the world while others only get to a limited number. These jewels too are close to the Father, but, He points out, they are not equal to the Father. They have the colors of all the virtues but not all the colors are clear. They have surrendered themselves to BapDada with their love and co-operation, and they are therefore the garland around the neck. The specialty of such souls, Baba explains, is that through their mouth, they constantly sing the praise of the Father, give the Father’s introduction and bring souls close to the Father. That is, they pass fully in the subject of serving through speech…but not in the subject of serving through the mind. They are not constantly embodiments of remembrance themselves, but they constantly remind others of the Father.

There are a greater number of souls in the garland than there are in the crown“, He points out. “It is only in having remembrance that Maya causes obstacles for Brahmins; she repeatedly breaks your yoga. If everyone were to imbibe knowledge equally and pass easily, the rosary would be made up of hundreds of thousands. A kingdom is being established.” The Father has adopted me now and given me a new life. He has adopted me to give me the inheritance of heaven, He comes and makes me worthy. So why wouldn’t I do what He asks me to and claim my full inheritance? Why would I settle for the garland, why wouldn’t I make the effort to be the jewel of the crown? For this, He says, you have to die alive to this old world. While living at home with your families, become pure and belong only to the Father. Only when I die alive and make myself a child of the Father will I be able to remember Him constantly. If I have not died alive, my intellect will keep getting pulled by the world. A child on the other hand simply follows its father, looks to him as his whole world. I have adopted you, says the unlimited Father repeatedly to remind me that I now belong to Him. So now, my duty is to only remember Him and follow only His shrimat.

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