Being an altruistic server

Baba says, “I have come to serve you. I am your completely altruistic Servant.”

The Father, the World Benefactor of all souls, comes from the Supreme Abode, the land that is ever pure. He is the Ever Pure one but comes into an impure world, in an old, impure body to purify His children that have become impure. He takes everything old and impure from me and gives me everything new in the new world that He establishes, but in which He never lives.

The Father says, “I am altruistic. I don’t have any expectations. I don’t say that it is the duty of you children to look after your Father because I have looked after you; no. The Father does not say this. He is beyond experiencing anything (Abhogta).” Such is our Father! Blessed are the children who feel inspired to serve like Him.

Brahmin life is in fact a life of service; Brahmins cannot survive without service. The elevated method for protecting myself from Maya and for staying alive is also service alone. Service makes me yogyukt, that is, it makes me an embodiment of remembrance. But, which service? Not all service makes me yogyukt. There is the service of words where I simply relate what I have heard. I might embellish it with stories, examples, a great PowerPoint presentation… no doubt, but I am still just relating what I have heard. The other kind of service is of speaking through the mind, to go beyond simply relating and become an embodiment of the sweet words I have heard, to serve through my form. This type of service is altruistic service that is beyond limited desires, this is service through renunciation and tapasya, this is called Godly service, spiritual service. To serve through the mouth alone is service to please oneself, it is service for namesake. But to be able to touch everyone, service through the mouth and mind have to take place simultaneously, teaches Baba. To serve in this way means to serve with words while being in the state of “Manmanabhav”; this is how service enables me to become yogyukt.

It is only by having remembrance that you will become conquerors of sinful actions and the dirt of vices will be burnt away.”, teaches Baba. Remembrance doesn’t happen only when I sit in one place and besides, I couldn’t sit in one place all day long anyway! Remembrance has to happen naturally, throughout the day, while I move around and go about my activities. It is when I am engaged in service that I come into situations that help me identify the subtle forms of the vices in me and course correct. But the key is that the service has to be altruistic for there to be remembrance in the first place, through which I can then burn away the vices.

Altruistic servers are called the right hand servers of the Father. The left hand servers are also instruments for service, explains Baba, but their motivation is different. They serve with one limited desire or another for this very birth. The right hand servers are incognito servers whereas the left hand servers are servers for name and fame. One moment I serve and the next moment, I earn a name: ‘Very good! Great lecture!’ I do something new and I instantly eat the fruit, I don’t accumulate in my account for the future. In fact, I find ways to serve through which I can get on stage, get in front of people; I look for opportunities to showcase my talent and win praise. So serving in Baba’s task isn’t so much my motivation as it is an excuse or means to further my own name. It’s almost as if I treat service as my career to further my ambitions. An incognito server is an altruistic server. I remain incognito in name at the present time, but remains constantly filled with the happiness of success of the Father’s task. For me, His task is my task and my mission is to ensure I do whatever I can to make His task successful- it doesn’t matter if that takes me on-stage or back-stage. Sometimes, I may be nowhere on scene, maybe there is a big service program happening somewhere and I am sitting in a completely different country but I still consider it my duty to serve through my mind- I send powerful vibrations of peace, of courage, of strength to the Brahmin family that is serving onsite and send vibrations of good wishes and pure feelings to the brothers and sisters being served. This, is being a right hand server.

Sometimes, I can come into the misunderstanding that: ‘I am doing everything, but my name isn’t mentioned, whereas the names of those who earn fame in service with external show are mentioned a great deal.’ But in reality, the sounds from the hearts of those who earn an imperishable name by serving altruistically, reaches the hearts of those that were served, and of the Father. It cannot remain hidden. Also an altruistic server by definition doesn’t care about their name being mentioned, because then it wouldn’t be service. Instead, the sparkle of being a true server is definitely visible on their face and in their form. A server for name earns a name here, for service that is meant for the future kingdom, so they already ate a perishable fruit and finished it; today they may have a name, tomorrow, there will be someone else. But in lusting after the perishable fruit, they didn’t earn the imperishable fruit of becoming elevated beings that would claim a high status in the future kingdom for all time.

So“, teaches Baba, “continue to do service and don’t think about earning a name in this old world; instead, think about accumulating. Claim a right to the imperishable fruit.” Let me remember why I have come here to the Father, why I have become a yogi – it is to earn an everlasting inheritance, to claim the imperishable fruit. If all I wanted was temporary fruit of name and fame, then I didn’t have to commit to this life at all, there is no need for renunciation or tapasya to earn limited fruit. The whole world of Ravan is in fact all about ‘I and mine’ it is all about earning limited name and fame. The law is that if I go after temporary fruit, I will lose the right to the everlasting inheritance. “Therefore“, says Baba, “remain an altruistic server who is free from temporary desires. Become a right hand and continue to move forward in service.”

There is greater importance in making incognito donations and doing incognito service. Such a soul would always remain full within themselves; they would be a carefree emperor and not be concerned about name and fame. They would always be seated on the throne of self-respect– not on a throne of limited respect. I already know who I am and Whose I am; as a spinner of the discus of self-realization, I see my whole part throughout the cycle. I am therefore least concerned about the temporary name and fame of this old world; it holds no value to me. I am intoxicated about being God’s helper, His angel in establishing the new world and so that is what I pay attention to- in becoming that server, that angel, and thus, the elevated deity in the new world. So I am always seated on this ever-lasting throne of self-respect, on the throne of eternal and infinite attainment. This is known as being a world-benefactor server. “Never move backwards in attaining success by having ordinary thoughts in the task of world service”, teaches Baba. “Constantly attain success with renunciation and service and continue to move forward.”

Even on the path of devotion, those who are incognito donors, charitable souls, always think that everything should be for the benefit of everyone. They don’t think that there should be something in it for them or that they should receive some fruit. Their attitude is: ‘No, let everyone receive the fruit.’ They would be surrendered to serve everyone; they don’t have any desires just for themselves. To the extent that I do have limited desires for myself, I will be in upheaval, my stage will be in constant fluctuation as I strategize and maneuver my way to fame in the guise of service. ‘If service makes you heavy and brings you into upheaval, then understand“, Baba says, “that it is not service. Service is something that makes you fly, it makes you into an emperor of the land without sorrow. Furthermore”, He says, “success itself follows such souls, they don’t chase after success. So“, He says, “remain beyond limited thoughts, become an unlimited altruistic server seated on the Father’s heart throne and continue to celebrate in the happiness and pleasure of the confluence age.

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