He is my Father

Baba says, “They go in front of an image of Shiv, but they have no deep understanding in their hearts that He is their Father.”

When someone sees their physical father or even a photograph of their physical father, they immediately say, with confidence, from their bones that he is their father. Then they might even give those around them his introduction, then talk about how good a father he is etc. etc. But my physical father changes in every birth; for each birth in the cycle, I receive a different father. Yet, I am attached to him as if he were my father forever. On the other hand, Shiv Baba is my eternal Father; throughout the cycle, He is always my Father, the Father of I, the soul. And so that ought to be the strongest relationship of all, because it is the only one that never changes.

I left home about 5000 years ago, to play my part in the unlimited drama, on this corporeal world stage. And at this time in the cycle, my Father has also come into this corporeal world to pick me up for the ride back home. He is thrilled to see me, “I’ve missed you”, He tells me but I, had actually forgotten about Him! He had to remind me of Who He is and how He and I are related. Instantly, I ran over to Him and fell into His warm embrace and said: “Yes, this is the same Father Whom I’ve missed too in my heart, for Whom I’ve been searching all these lives…”. Even though He is my original Father, my true Father, He still has to adopt me at this time and make me belong to Him. I had become Ravan’s child and God comes at this time and takes me back from Ravan. Through my physical parents, through my relatives, teachers, friends, colleagues and all the other relationships I’ve had over half the cycle, Ravan had adopted me as his child, his student, his follower; it was he who had sustained me, taught me and guided me….down the wrong path, the impure path, the path of sorrow.

Now my Father adopts me back as His own child so that He can restore me back to who I truly am. “When I have to come, I first have to become the Father of the children.“, He says. “Then I also become the Teacher and Satguru.” But that’s just one part of the equation. For this adoption to be successful, the other part is equally important: “First of all, you children have to know that He is our unlimited Father.” The Father has come for me, He has found me and has adopted me. But have I done the same? Have I recognized Him truly, deeply, in my bones, as my Father? Only if I have will this adoption work, otherwise, it won’t. Whether I have or not accepted God as my Father becomes clear from how I relate to Him.

Do I work hard for God’s love? God is not an iron-aged human being for me to try to earn His love. God’s love cannot be earned, it can only be received in the heart. But more often than not, I am busy trying to earn and deserve God’s love. “If I can get on stage and give big lectures that are attended by many people, then God will be impressed by me; then, He will love me.”, “if I can get past this anger, then God will love me”. No! God loves me unconditionally, and on purpose. He came for me and ADOPTED me as His child. He didn’t get stuck with me, He looked for me, found me and made me belong to Him. He already knew me before He came for me; I am not a surprise to God! It’s not as if He signed the adoption papers and then said: “O no! what have I got Myself into! She is such a mess!” nor is He judging me based on how many people attended my workshops!

I am trying to win God’s love through perfecting my behavior when the truth is that I cannot perfect my behavior unless I experience God’s love! Only His love is the alchemy that heals and transforms. Let me unlearn the things Ravan has taught me about a father-child relationship. “You now have to forget having remembrance of everyone else and only remember the one Father. He is the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru. He is the One who establishes the land of truth. He tells you the history and geography of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world cycle. You become spinners of the discus of self-realization through the Father and you then become the kings who rule the globe.” I lost everything the Father had given me by going down Ravan’s path. Now the Father has come to help me reclaim everything I’ve lost. But that starts with renewing the mind– by believing only the things the Father is telling me about who I am and Whose I am and forgetting everything else. This is why I have to become the spinner of the discus of self-realization.

Even as this renewal process is underway, I am still in Ravan’s world and there will be storms- sometimes others do things that creates the storm and sometimes, I bring the storm due to my own mistakes. It’s bad enough when others do the wrong thing but it feels worse when I make the mess myself. Then, Ravan will waste no time in bringing condemning voices in my head: “Wow!, God won’t like you now!”, “You’re such a failure…I bet God regrets making you his child”, “You must be such a disappointment to God!” When there are situations such as an illness in the family or a financial crisis, those voices will be there again: “Are you sure God loves you? If He did, why are you having these problems?”, “Maybe you have this whole thing wrong, God is too busy with His famous children to spend any time on your little life…”. On the days when I might muster enough courage to say: “God loves me”, there will be that voice that says: “O yeah! didn’t you have a temper tantrum just yesterday”. When I raise my hand for becoming king of the world, the voice will say: “And who do you think you are!? No one even knows your name!”

The worst thing I can do is start believing the lies of Ravan because that’s what they are- lies! God IS my Father, He is ALWAYS my Father and He is here now just for me! He loves me- not everyone in general- but me, personally, more than I can imagine. He calls me the light of His eyes (Noor-e-ratan), let me receive that in my heart without a shred of doubt. No, He didn’t say it to the seniors, He said that to me! There is no wrong I can do that would make Him turn away from me. I am never too far gone that He would not help me. He cares about me and wants to be in my life, not just a part of my life, but my whole life. I am His world and He wants me to make Him mine! That’s how much He loves me. Yes, He will confront me when I do wrong but that’s because He loves me too much to let me stay where I am. He wants to see me grow higher and reach my true destiny. He corrects me because He loves me, not in order for Him to love me! His love is my birthright for being His child, it cannot be earned, deserved or purchased. So if I truly want to experience God’s love, then let me be the child; there is no other way. Let me, deeply in my bones, separate my who from my do. I am and will always be God’s most cherished child, let me accept this truth and live it; no one can take His love away from me. Without this strong foundation of God’s love and acceptance, I can conquer nothing!

“People say, “Baba, Baba!” but without truly knowing Him. They go in front of His image, but they have no deep understanding in their hearts that He is their Father. Although everyone considers Him to be God, they don’t say it from deep within that He is their Father. The Father sits here and explains this. He gives you many points to instill faith in you, but children forget.” It’s one thing for devotees to simply offer Him salutations but not be able to relate to Him truly as their Mother and Father. But even I, the Brahmin soul, the mouth-born child of God, still have trouble accepting Him as my Father. I have a short time, this auspicious confluence age, during which to form this deep bond with God. At no other time in the cycle do I get to be the child, practically, in the corporeal. At no other time, do I get to be the student, practically, and learn from God in the corporeal. He also becomes my Guide and guides me off the wrong track and onto the right track. If I don’t form a deep bond, I cannot experience His sustenance, or study from Him. Then, I will not be able to claim my inheritance for the whole cycle. It is now that I have to claim my lost status back from Ravan and only God can enable me to do that.

Practice remembering Shiv Baba. Once you have attained your status, everything will be over and the world cycle will finish.”, He explains. This requires effort. If I allow Ravan to rule my mind, I will not be able to go all the way, I will find this journey laborious and will come to a standstill. To be able to go all the way and claim my full inheritance of becoming the king of kings, of becoming the world sovereign, I have to take this journey under the canopy of protection of God’s love. That comes only through a deep, stable relationship.

That Father is the Father of all. It is only from Him that you can receive your inheritance of heaven. The inheritance of peace and happiness is received from Him. This is the time to meet the Father, that is, of receiving your inheritance from Him. 

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