Uplift others

Baba says, “The supreme duty of great souls is to uplift others, to be kind and to be forgiving.”

The definition of being one who uplifts others is easy and also very deep, explains Baba.

  1. When seeing the weaknesses or defects of anyone, one who uplifts others will see that defect with good wishes and feelings of co-operation and will donate power to make that soul virtuous. For example, if I know someone is sensitive, I will offer them the co-operation of compassion, of love and tolerance. I will not make it a point to tell them every single thing that’s wrong with them.
  2. One who uplifts others means to be one who constantly donates their own treasures to all souls and to be a bestower, the same as the Father.
  3. One who uplifts others will constantly experience the self to be full of all treasures and an emperor of Begumpur (the land without sorrow). “Let there not be sanskars to sorrow experienced even in your thoughts“, says Baba
  4. Those who uplift others means to be those who constantly continue to donate especially through their minds, that is, with the power of thought, with the power of words, with the color of their company, with the love of their relationship and with the infinite treasure of happiness. Any soul who comes into contact with them should go back having become filled with happiness. They will not be those who donate only to certain souls but will be constantly be great donors to all. Because those who uplift others are constantly full, they wouldn’t have the desire to give others only after receiving something from them; For example, they wouldn’t think: “I will change when they change. They should change at least a little and then I will change a little. That soul should transform themselves in one thing and I will then transform myself in ten things.”
  5. Those who have such feelings, Baba says, cannot uplift others. Instead of being great donors, I become a businessman who constantly makes deals with others. “When they do this much, I will give this much.” “Am I the one who constantly has to bow down? Do I constantly have to give? For how long and till when will I have to continue to do this?” These cannot be the thoughts of those who give. When many other souls are influenced by their weaknesses and are under some external control, influenced by their sanskars and nature, then at that time, such souls who are at that time beggar souls- ‘beggar means those who are powerless’- they are empty of any treasure of powers.
  6. A great donor cannot have any desire to receive even a penny from a beggar!, He points out. “If they change, if they do this, if they give co-operation or take a step forward..”. How can a great donor have such thoughts or expect co-operation from such souls who are influenced, powerless or beggar souls. First to take something and then give, that is not being one who uplifts others.
  7. One who uplifts others means to be one who makes beggar souls prosperous; one who has mercy on those who defames others; one who embraces even those who insult him. Those who, with their pure feelings for uplifting others, with their love, power, sweet words, and co-operation of zeal and enthusiasm make disheartened souls powerful, that is, they make beggar souls into emperors.
  8. Because those who uplift others are trikaldarshi, they keep the perfect forms in front of them. I discern the weakness of other souls, it’s not as if I’m ignorant or in denial, no, but even as I discern, I don’t imbibe those weaknesses within myself; I don’t speak about them, but instead with benevolence, I finish any thorn of weakness in those souls. Through my love and co-operation, I change the thorn into a flower. Those who uplift others in this way would be constantly content, and would make everyone else content. I would create hope in those who have become hopeless.
  9. For those with whom everyone else is disheartened, a soul who uplifts would ignite lamps of hope for those people. “Since your non-living images are even now still fulfilling the temporary desires of many souls, then, in the living form, if any brother or sister from the family, through their misunderstanding or childish stubbornness, considers something temporary to be a permanent attainment or has a desire for temporary name, respect and honor or something else, then to give them respect and become humble myself is to uplift others. To give in this way“, Baba says, “is to receive for all time.”
  10. For example, an ignorant child, Baba explains, would consider something that may cause harm to be a toy and so I have to give him something else in order for him to let go of that. Through stubbornness, there would only be harm for all time. Similarly, souls who don’t understand would consider some temporary attainment, that is, something that causes harm to be something that would benefit them. By my forcing such souls to move away from such things or by pulling them away from such things, Baba cautions, their effort-making life would finish. Therefore, give them something first and then free them for all times by being tactful in this way, He teaches. Then, the soul would automatically understand for themselves and become sensible.
  11. When I uplift someone in this way, Baba says, I will uplift myself. To give others means that I automatically receive something myself. A great donor automatically receives all rights.

Only those who uplifts others in this way claim a right to receive blessings from the hearts of all souls. Souls who uplift others in this way are constantly showered with flowers of praise by all souls.

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