Shiv Baba is the alokik Traveler

Baba says, “Shiv Baba is the alokik Traveler who makes you beautiful. As you continue to remember this Traveler you become first class.”

The Father is the resident of the faraway land, the Supreme abode, the land of nirvana. He travels all the way from that land and comes into this corporeal land. He is the Ever pure one, a resident of the pure land and comes into an old, impure body, in the impure land. But why? He says: “You are My brides. You have become ugly. I am now making you souls beautiful and removing the alloy.” It is the end of the cycle, He explains. It is now time for the new cycle to begin, for the old world to become new again. That new world will be pure, it will be heaven. There is natural beauty in heaven. The deities are so beautiful. I too was once that deity but having taken birth after birth, what was once new became old, that is, I, who was once pure have now become impure. But the good news that it is now time to become new, that is, pure again.

You become ugly from beautiful when you become impure. The very name is Shyam-Sundar (the ugly and the beautiful one). Why Krishna is called this, no one except the one Father can explain. “You change from beautiful to ugly and then I, the Traveler, make you beautiful“, says Baba. How does He do it? He enters the body of Shyam-Sundar when he becomes Shyam and is in the end of his last birth; He names him Brahma. “I enter this old, ugly bride. I enter this one and make him and all of you beautiful.”, He explains. This isn’t the story of just one soul, it is the story of Brahma and the Brahmins. The one Traveler comes and makes so many souls beautiful! How? Through giving shrimat, or the elevated directions. I became impure by following impure directions of Ravan, that is by operating based on vices. Now, the Father comes and reminds me of the right way to live. Only if I follow shrimat will I become beautiful.

I was once pure, I once only operated based on shrimat but then the viciousness got mixed in; its as if alloy was mixed into pure gold. Now how can this alloy be removed? Gold is made pure by heating it in the hot furnace, that’s how the alloy melts away and only the pure gold remains. “Similarly, by having yoga with Me, all the alloy will be burnt away in the fire of that yoga.”, He explains. The Father explains a lot of things to me every single day but I forget, why? Baba says, “you forget because your yoga is not right. You haven’t yet become destroyers of attachment.” Because my intellect is still pulled in different directions – to people, roles, position, name, job or even service, I am unable to have that unbroken remembrance of the Father, I am unable to create that hot, concentrated fire that can melt away alloy and return me to purity. When the soul is impure, the elements are also impure, and thereby the world, nature, and even the body which is also made of the elements is impure.

This is why you should first of all remove the alloy from the soul. Remember the Father. This is called the fire of yoga.”, He explains repeatedly. “I am ever pure. If it weren’t for Me, who would make you pure? Have firm faith that you are souls. I, the soul, have the alloy of 84 births mixed in me. I will now become pure by having yoga with Baba.To consider myself a soul is to instantly break all attachments and become free. Then, all that’s left is the Father and I. And so, unless I have this first step right, I cannot have the fire of yoga with Baba. Then vices remain and as a result, I experience punishment due to continuing to commit wrong action. When wrong action is committed, there is sorrow experienced and my stage immediately drops; this is the punishment. “So“, says Baba, “why not make constant effort now? Your stage should be such that no storm of Maya should be able to shake you“.

When I, the soul remember the Father with maturity, then I reach my karmateet stage. The soul will then not perform any sinful actions and will become pure. “This requires effort“, says Baba. To remember with maturity means that when the Father shows me things that are wrong with me, when He offers correction, I don’t feel condemned and go into: “O, here’s another thing wrong with me…”. When a situation comes and I don’t see the Father help me in the way that I expect Him to, I don’t sulk with Him. I don’t get afraid and get into the spinning of ‘why Baba, why?’, ‘when Baba, when?’ That is me having yoga with the situation, not with the Father. The situation has come, my duty is still to remember only the Father…..and to do so with a lot of love, not while sulking. The Father doesn’t sit up in His pure land and simply show mercy from far away, no, He comes to this impure land, in an impure body and teaches me practically. Let me trust Him and surrender myself to Him.

On the path of devotion too, I was aware that I am impure, that my behavior is impure. So I used to go in front of the idols of the deities and speak about my own behavior. However, the deities don’t reform my behavior. The One who reforms is someone else; He is incorporeal. To Him, the Father, I wouldn’t say: “You are full of virtues”, His praise is separate. He is the Ocean of all Virtues and makes me into a deity that is full of all virtues. He always remains the Ocean while I go from full to empty and then full again. The deities are shown with the discus of self-realization but they don’t need to spin it; I, the Brahmin soul, do. When I spin the discus of self-realization, I remain safe from all the wasteful spinning of Maya. I become situated in the consciousness of being the soul and am able to connect with the Father.

“Everything is a matter of remembrance“, explains the Father. The Father orders: “Remember Me alone. By remembering Me, you will become as pure as I am and you will also then become knowledge-full and blissful. That is, you will become the master of heaven.”

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