Shankaracharya and Shivacharya

Baba says, “there is a huge contrast between Shankaracharaya and that One who is God Shivacharya, the Ocean of Knowledge.”

 Shankaracharya/Sannyasis/Hatha yogis Shivacharya/Brahmins/Raja yogis
 1Shankaracharaya is a knowledgeable soul who relates knowledge to make people into hatha yogis and renunciates of karma. Shivacharya is God Shiva. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. He relates knowledge to make me into a Raja yogi and karma yogis. In fact, there cannot be renunciation of karma.
 2Teaches hatha yoga (or yoga by force to control the mind and physical organs). Teaches Raja Yoga, the yoga of remembrance of who I am, Whose I am and the beginning, middle and end of the cycle of time.
 3Shankaracharya established the sannyas religion (the religion of renunciation) in the copper age.God Shiva establishes the original eternal deity religion in the confluence age.
4Although Shankaracharya was the founder of a religion, he too had to take rebirth and come down.Shiva is God, all worship Him. Even Shankaracharya worshipped Him.
 5When Shankaracharya comes, he sits and teaches people to have disinterest in their limited home and family and move to the forests in order to become pure. This is limited renunciation on the path of isolation. However, they still eat food cooked by householders and still live in the same old world. We too are renunciates but the renunciation God teaches me in unlimited renunciation. Here, I live at home, with my family and still remain pure like a lotus flower. This is therefore the family path.
 6Sannyasis could never teach Raja yoga because their path is entirely different; it is one of isolation whereas Raja yoga is for those on the family path.Only God Shiva can teach Raja Yoga; He gives shrimat through which He establishes the pure household ashram.
 7Shankaracharya would also be said to be an authority of the Vedas and scriptures. He had the pomp of a group of followers with him everywhere he went.Shivacharya doesn’t have any pomp. He doesn’t have a group of followers with Him. The Father explains: “This is a study. There is no need for verses in this. There is no aim or objective in studying those scriptures.” He speaks the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures to me.
 8Sannyasis renounce the worldI become the master of the world; the master of the kingdom of the golden age or heaven.
9Shankaracharya comes in the copper age and so he has no knowledge of heaven at all; he speaks of happiness in the world to be as little as the droppings of a crow.The children of God come at the very beginning of the cycle, in the golden age and experience unlimited happiness. When Shaankaracharya comes, the world is already old. Through studying Raja yoga, I help God establish the new world of heaven. I understand that this world is now the old and so I am kicking it away.
10Given Shankaracharya comes only in the copper age, he also cannot establish the original, eternal deity religionGod Shiva comes at the confluence of the old cycle and the new cycle; He comes to establish the original eternal deity religion by teaching Raja Yoga.
11Shankaracharya only establishes the sannyas religion, he does not and cannot establish a kingdom or dynasty because his is the path of isolation.God Shiva establishes both the deity religion as well as the deity dynasty; the kingdom of the golden age. His knowledge of Raja yoga is for the family path. A dynasty applies only to the family path.
12Sannyasis, due to their sanskar, adopt renunciation for birth after birthI don’t have to renounce anything for 21 births.
13Some sannyasis say that the soul is the Supreme Soul. Others have yoga with the Brahm element because they think they will merge with it. There are as many opinions as there are types of sannyasis!The incorporeal world is the place where souls reside. It isn’t that the brahm element is God and that souls merge into it! Also, if the soul is the Supreme Soul, then why does the soul remember the Supreme Soul? The Father says: “Forget everything you have studied and listen only to what I teach you now.” Here, there is just one direction, it is the shrimat from God.
14Shankaracharya’s idea is that the cycle lasts for 10,000 years. Then others say that the duration of each cycle is hundreds of thousands of years!Shivacharya teaches us that the duration of the cycle is 5000 years. If it had been 10,000 or 100,000 years, the world population would be out of control and it would be impossible to remember anything!
15Sannyasis do not receive shrimat.Only the children of God, the mouth born creation, receive shrimat.
16Hatha yogis raise their body.Raja yogis experience an elevated stage through yoga. I stay in an elevated stage wherever I may be, and this is why it is said that yogis stay in a high place. The stage of the mind is elevated because I become double light, an angel. It is said that angels don’t set foot on the ground. To be an angel means to be one whose foot of the intellect is never on earth, that is, one who is not body conscious and doesn’t have any attachment to the old world.
17Sannyasis have been saying that fire and cotton wool cannot live together, this is also written in the scriptures. Because I have the power of God with me, what sannyasis think to be impossible, I show to be possible! Here, couples live together and remain pure.
18Sannyasis look for purity and peace but they don’t know where to find them. They do all kinds of hatha yoga to control their physical organs so that they can experience purity but this is not real purity.The Father says: consider yourself a soul, this is the way to detach yourself from your organs. But simply detaching yourself won’t benefit you. First detach yourself and then remember Me. Only then will your sins be absolved. Only the Father is the Purifier, the Almighty Authority Whose mere remembrance cleanses souls of all their sins.
As far as peace is concerned, He teaches me that peace is the garland around my neck. The original religion of the soul is peace. We souls remain in silence in the incorporeal world.
19Hatha yogis do tapasya while standing on one leg.Rather than stand on one leg, I maintain the awareness of the One. I belong to only the One. To belong to the one Father and none other is the greatest tapasya. Those who remain stable in this stage are great tapaswis. Such tapaswis have a lot of power and this power transforms the world.
20With the limited methods of hatha yoga, they seem to be seated high above the land, fire and water. That is temporary success through hatha yoga.Through the method of unlimited disinterest, I am above any awareness of the land of body consciousness, beyond the fire of many types of vice of Maya and I would be detached and saved from being swept away by the bad company of many facilities.
21Sannyasis have limited disinterest and therefore leave their limited homes and families and move to the forest.Unlimited disinterest means to have an unlimited attitude, awareness, good feelings and pure wishes in every thought and word and in service. My every thought is surrendered to serving the world; I don’t try to run away from it! Unlimited disinterest means to finish any awareness of the self and to have only the awareness of “Baba” in everything.

Now“, says Baba, “let there be the unlimited awareness and Baba merged in your every thought and breath. You now have to become bestowers of peace and power and make souls who have limited, temporary disinterest, into those who have unlimited disinterest.

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