Become a spinner of the discus of self-realization

Baba says, “Those who have become spinners of the discus of self-realization like the Father can never perform ordinary actions.”

For half a cycle, I was a master of heaven, then in the second half of the cycle, I lost my kingdom. In the first half there was just one kingdom, one religion, one language and one set of rules. In the second half, there were many countries, many religions, many languages, many sets of rules depending on whom I talk to. In going from one to many, I stumbled, I wandered and as a result, I lost all I had- my purity, my peace and happiness. Now, the Father comes to once again establish heaven, that is, He comes to make the world that is now old, new again. That means, I have to return from stumbling among the ‘many’ to focusing on the ‘one’.

This is why one of the titles of Brahmins is ‘the ‘spinner of the discus of self-realization‘. The discus is always shown on one finger, not on two or four. One finger signifies one awareness- ‘mine is the one Father and none other‘. This is the return from many to one. It is only when I become this spinner of the discus of self-realization that I can become the master of the self and therefore, the master of the world again. Otherwise, I will still come to heaven because I have recognized the Father but because my intellect is still caught up in various types of spinning of Maya, that is, because it is pulled in various directions, I will not claim sovereignty, I will claim a lower status. In the images, they show Vishnu with this symbol but Vishnu doesn’t need to spin the discus; I, the Brahmin soul do. It is because the souls of Lakshmi and Narayan were spinners of the discus of self-realization in their previous birth that they became rulers of the globe.

I have spent 63 births going around in many different wasteful things, now, it is the confluence age. Now, is not the time to stumble, now is the time to once again become knowledge-full and blissful. From having lost everything, it is now time to once again become an embodiment of imperishable attainment. “Having forgotten the self and the Father, haven’t you become sufficiently tired that you still keep on going around even after having found your destination?”, asks the Father. While having permanent attainment now, it makes no sense to still chase after perishable, temporary attainment that causes me to lose my peace and joy. Having found the one Father, it makes no sense to continue to listen to gurus, priests, friends and relatives who lead me to different destinations. No human being can give I, the soul, an aim and objective other than the Father. Only He is Teacher and the Satguru and leads me to my true destiny of sovereignty.

And when asked, I always raise my hand to be the sovereign, I want nothing less! “So then when it comes to making effort, why do you fall back?”, asks Baba. To become the sovereign of the self and of the world, I have to renounce everything else and focus just on being the soul and remembering the Supreme Soul. But I find this renunciation hard and then I make excuses: “I am just an effort-maker, I will be able to renounce at the right time.” or “Circumstances are such”, or “karmic accounts are strong; I wish to do it but what can I do…it will happen gradually.” If I want to go to the new world, I need to return to remembering the One and following only His shrimat. I cannot make excuses based on what ‘I think’ or how ‘I feel’ or what the ‘circumstances’ are like. “Yes, Baba, I would like to devote time to this spiritual study but the kids are still young and so I need to ensure I have earned enough wealth for them…”, “Yes, Baba, I know I have to give up this anger but the politics in the office make that practically impossible…”, “No Baba, trust me, I am not attracted to these things, I just like to use them…I can renounce them when the time comes” etc. etc. Baba says, “don’t become the great fools that renounce imperishable attainment for perishable attainment; that renounce sovereignty of heaven for sovereignty of hell. Remember, the time to claim your inheritance is now or never.”

It is to those who are full Raj Yogis and who only remember the Father and the kingdom that Baba says: “Children, become spinners of the discus of self-realization.” Not everyone remembers Him completely. Knowledge is easy, however, it is in remembrance that many different types of storms of Maya come. The way to overcome them is to become a constant spinner of the discus of self-realization. When I am spinning this discus, that is, when I am an embodiment of the awareness of who I am, and my elevated part throughout the cycle, Maya cannot attack me even from a distance, says Baba. Constantly spinning the discus makes my intellect powerful and then, every thought I think becomes the right thought that has success merged into it. In other words, every thought I think becomes practical. This, is being an embodiment of success.

This is the chart you have to keep“, teaches Baba. The time to keep the chart of things like: ‘did I cause sorrow to anyone today?’, ‘was I influenced by any vice?’ is gone!, says Baba. Maharathis who are embodiments of success don’t keep such charts; their chart is different. What I check is: throughout the day, whatever thoughts I have, whatever words I speak, how many of them take a practical form? Thought is the seed. Powerful seeds give powerful fruit. That is, every act of mine will be special, it will be divine. Just as every act of the Father is even now praised as a divine act, so would be the case with me as well. By becoming a constant spinner of the discus of self-realization, my elevated awareness would never allow me to perform ordinary acts. Consequently, there would never be a question of: ‘will this be successful or not’; I would have the faith that success is guaranteed. Those who are embodiments of success in this way, Baba explains, would constantly be multimillion times fortunate at every step.

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