The Father definitely creates heaven

Baba says, “The Father would definitely create heaven. It is not possible that the Father would create a creation of sorrow.”

Even on the path of devotion, devotees remember heaven. When a person dies, people say that he has become a resident of heaven. However, they then cry when becoming a resident of heaven is a cause of happiness! In fact, the soul doesn’t really become a resident of heaven, and this is why there is sorrow and crying. There is sorrow when there is a feeling of loss of one type or another. However, there is never any loss in the golden age and this is why there is no sorrow and no crying there. At a time of sorrow, people remember God: “Come and benefit everyone” If He is omnipresent, then whom am I asking to come and benefit everyone? To believe that the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, is omnipresent is the biggest mistake. The Father alone is the Benefactor of All and so He will definitely benefit everyone. But by calling Him omnipresent, I deprive myself of His benefit. Everyone calls God the Supreme Father and so that proves that there is two- the Father and I, the child. So then if the Father is omnipresent, then is He in every child? Not only is saying this meaningless but by saying so, I deprive myself of the relationship of a Father and child, I deprive myself of His love and His inheritance. That is such a great mistake!

The Father comes and gives His own introduction and says: “Manmanabhav! consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.” Only in this is there benefit. I have to have the aim of claiming the highest inheritance from the Father by following His elevated directions or shrimat and benefit everyone.

Everyone agrees that He is the World Creator and that He is the Father. So surely, the Father would only establish heaven for His children! surely, He would only establish a land of peace and happiness for His children! A Father would never cause His own children sorrow, He would liberate them from sorrow! However, people in the world believe that the Father gives both happiness and sorrow, they don’t know that Ravan (the five vices) is the creator of hell and the Father is the Creator of heaven. The Father says: “this is the end of the cycle, the new cycle is about to begin. Death is now just ahead, it is the stage of retirement for everyone. I have come to take you back. Remember Me and your sins will be absolved, you, the soul, will become pure from dirty. Then I will send you to heaven. You have to explain this to everyone.”

But I can only tell others to remember the Father and claim their inheritance of heaven in a way in which they will believe me when I myself have this faith in the intellect; when I myself have the unbreakable faith and intoxication that the fortune of the kingdom of the world is my birthright. I have to have the faith that this destiny is fixed, that no one can take it from me. “This destiny is fixed for souls whose intellects have faith.“, says the Father. If I have doubts: “I don’t know whether I will receive it or not”, then I will neither claim the full inheritance myself nor be able to enable others to claim theirs. If I am a Brahmin, then it is fixed that I, the Brahmin will become an angel and then a deity. I have to have this faith so that I can claim my golden gift of sovereignty of heaven and give the gift to others as well.

You were that deity before“, the Supreme Father tells me now. “There is a difference in the stage that you have now and the stage that you had then. I have now come to finish that difference.” The Father gives me the understanding and explains to me that I now have to catch a hold of that original stage that I once had. He gives me the knowledge and the power to grasp it. He says: “Remember Me and you will receive power to perform elevated actions. Otherwise your actions will not be elevated.” When I transform, I help others transform and usher in heaven. So the Supreme Father being the World Creator does not mean that the world didn’t exist at all and that He sits and creates it from scratch! No, He creates the world in the sense that He transforms it; He changes it from hell into heaven, from degraded into elevated. No one else can be called the World Creator.

Christ came, Buddha came and they established their new religions, however, to change the world or create the world is the work of the One who is the World Creator, the World Almighty Authority. So, all souls have their own tasks, each one has his own acts. God too comes, like other souls, and carries out His duty and performs His acts in this human world. But His duty is different from all other souls. So to say that “everything is an act of God” is wrong. Each soul creates their own karmic accounts which continue; I receive the reward for what I do. I the soul play a part of many births in this drama of the world. A whole part is recorded in each soul and they play that on this world stage. God also has to act in it once and this is why the praise of His act is most elevated. What is it elevated in? He comes and changes our world. Because His task is so great and so elevated, He is called God. He doesn’t come into birth and death like souls do. He doesn’t have a wrong account of actions like souls do. He says: “I simply come to liberate you souls and this is why I am called the Liberator, the Bestower of Liberation and Salvation who liberates you from bondage.

He removes the bondage of Maya that is on souls and makes souls pure and takes them back. His task is unlimited; it covers the whole world! His task is the greatest and different from everyone else. This is why it is sung: “Your work is unique” The most powerful task is to liberate souls from the bondages of Maya and to plant the sapling of the new world. This is why, He is called, “Heavenly God, the Father”. Christ is the Father of Christianity, He cannot be called “Heavenly God, the Father”. When Christ or Buddha or other religious founders come down from up above, their followers come down after them. Here, God makes each soul worthy to receive the fortune of the kingdom of heaven. He says: “It is the Father’s duty alone to make the children worthy.” Maya has made everyone unworthy at this time, even the five elements have become unworthy. God is the one who establishes heaven. He establishes the heavenly world where there is one religion (the original, eternal deity religion), one kingdom, one language and one set of rules. Even all the elements will have changed and become beneficial and this is why the Father is called “Heavenly God, the Father”.

The Father explains: “One is the devilish community, the kingdom of Ravan and on the other side I am establishing the deity community. It isn’t the deity community now. I am making the devilish community divine. It is now the Brahmin community.” Even Guru Nanak said: “It didn’t take God long to change humans into deities.” However, which human beings would He change into deities, they don’t know this. They don’t know the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. Even the most elevated deities, Lakshmi and Narayan, don’t know the three aspects of time. Neither the deities nor iron-aged humans have this knowledge; only Brahmins do. This is why one of the praise of Brahmins is: ‘spinner of the discus of self-realization.’ They have given Vishnu this decoration in the images but indeed, Vishnu doesn’t need to spin the discus; it was the souls of Lakshmi and Narayan who were spinners of the discus in their previous birth when they were Brahma and Saraswati.

But this isn’t the story of just Brahma, it is also the story of Brahmins. The Father says, “This is your Godly family: the mother, the Father and children. I reveal Myself in front of My children. I come personally in front of My children and give them directions, only My children would understand them.” By following His directions, I become worthy. His #1 direction: “Remember Me and your sins will be absolved and remember the discus of self-realization and you will become rulers of heaven.

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