The pen for the line of fortune

Baba says, “The pen for the line of fortune is action.”

The moment of birth of every child is elevated because it is the most elevated confluence age“, says Baba. The line of fortune of all Brahmins is elevated because you are the Shiv dynasty Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris who belong to the elevated Father. The elevated Father, an elevated birth, an elevated inheritance and an elevated family and the elevated treasures: this line of fortune is elevated since birth. The period is elevated and because of the attainment, the line of fortune is also elevated. Every child attains the same fortune from the one Father, there is no difference in this. So then, why does it become numberwise? The difference is created in putting the unlimited fortune into the picture of actions in life. That becomes according to capacity, explains Baba.

Brahmin life means to paint a picture of my fortune, to put it into my life; to put it into every deed. A fortunate soul should experience fortune through every thought, every word and every action, that is, fortune should be visible. A Brahmin means a fortunate soul, whose eyes, forehead and smile, give everyone the experience of elevated fortune at every step. This is known as drawing a picture of fortune. “Draw the picture of your fortune with the pen of action, make a line drawing of the portrait of fortune“, says Baba.

The line of the forehead means my thoughts, the line of the eyes means spiritual drishti, the lines of the smile on my face means to be a constantly contented soul and an embodiment of all attainments. Contentment itself is the line of smile. The lines of the hands means the lines of elevated actions and the lines of the feet means the power of taking every step according to Shrimat. In this way, in drawing the portrait of my fortune, there is a difference. In some, one line is missing, in others, something else is missing. “When painting a physical painting, some don’t know how to paint eyes, some don’t know how to paint legs, some don’t know how to paint the smile and so this makes a difference“, explains Baba. To the extent that a portrait is perfect, to that extent it is valuable. This is why the portraits created by some bring them hundreds of thousands of rupees, whereas the portraits painted by others scarcely bring them even a hundred rupees! So the thing that makes the difference is: perfection. In the same way, because Brahmin children are not perfect in all the lines, Baba explains, because of not having perfection in one or two lines, I become numberwise.

In every picture, the main features, the eyes and forehead increase the value of the portrait. Similarly, here, the power of the attitude of the mind, the power of the spiritual drishti of the eyes, also has a lot of importance. These are the foundation of the picture. “Do you look at your own picture? To what extent is your picture complete? Have you painted such a portrait that the One who creates your fortune is visible in your portrait? “, asks Baba. “So check every line“, He says, “because it becomes numberwise because of this. The Bestower is One, and He gives everyone the same, yet those who are creating become numberwise in creating it.”

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    Nice informative post.

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