Make your nature very sweet

Baba says, “Make your nature very sweet.”

The nature of the soul is the same as the nature of the Supreme Soul, it is very, very sweet. And yet, I don’t always come across as sweet. Why? “Because you forget who you are and become something else“, Baba explains. A prince of a royal family behaves in a royal manner as long as he remains in the awareness of being a prince. That awareness brings the intoxication of who I am- ‘I am the prince of this country or kingdom’; I automatically remember who my father is and that brings with it attention: ‘I must not behave in a way that defames my father, the king. I must behave in a way that glorifies his name.’ But, if I forget I am a prince and think I am just an ordinary street person, then I will quickly develop a nature according to that awareness- my words will change, the way I walk, eat, sit will all change, I will mingle with a different kind of crowd etc.

It all comes down to awareness or consciousness. Baba says, “When you become body conscious, harm is done and the accumulated treasures end and there is then a loss.” The first thing Baba reminded me of when He came and found me was: ‘You are a soul, not a body.”– this one thought changed me from a shell into a diamond. When I see myself as a soul and others as souls, I see that we are all similar -all sparkling points of light, with divine virtues, children of the same Father. When I see myself and others as bodies, I see only differences. “Why does she behave that way?”, “Why does he speak like that?”, “why can’t she understand my point?”, “he is so rude..” etc etc. There are expectations, biases, judgment, jealousy, competition and all the rest – and all this complication is created due to just one mistake: being in the wrong consciousness of considering myself a body. Baba says, “to remain soul conscious is a high destination. Only those who are soul conscious are said to be the Godly community. They do not think of anything except the Father and the supreme abode.” To know that I am a soul, not the body is lesson 1. The rest of the journey is about being an embodiment of that truth.

And I am not just any soul, I am a Brahmin soul. I belong to the clan of Shiva, I am a Brahma Kumar/kumari. I am studying the most elevated study from God Himself, to change from a Brahmin into a deity. The aim of my pilgrimage of remembrance is to embody this reality, this truth of who I am and Whose I am. When I realize deeply in my bones that I am indeed that same deity soul, a child of God, then like the prince, I behave in a manner that is becoming of who I am. My Father is God and so His nature is my nature. What is His nature? His nature is to constantly have benevolent and merciful feelings for every soul. His nature is of uplifting everyone. It is a sweet nature, a nature of humility. Never say: “My nature is like that..”, says the Father. Where did this ‘mine’ come from? Speaking harshly is my nature, being forceful is my nature, such-and-such happens because of my nature. No!, explains Baba, this is Maya! Some have a nature of arrogance, some of jealousy, or being forceful. Some have a nature of being disheartened. Even though I may in reality be good, because of ‘my nature’, I don’t consider myself good, I consider myself to be weak: “I cannot move forward, I cannot do this”. To have the nature of being disheartened is also wrong, explains Baba. Don’t have arrogance, have your self-respect. “Such types of nature is called a weak nature“, says Baba, “you must make your nature, the Father’s nature.”

Constantly spin the discus of self-realization and see yourself in the cycle”, teaches Baba. Lakshmi and Narayan– my aim- are the most sweet. Their kingdom is also sweet; their subjects are also sweet. When I go to the temples, I see them as so sweet. I used to wait for the temples to open so that I could have just a glimpse of the sweet deities. Yes, I believe that they are masters of heaven because of their nature. Similarly, so many people go to the temple of Shiva because He is the sweetest of the sweetest. Sweetest Shiv Baba is praised a lot! And so as His child, I too have that same sweetness in me, I just have to emerge it by becoming soul conscious- ‘I am a pure deity soul, a child of Shiva.’ ‘I am that same deity of heaven with that sweet nature who is worshipped in the temples.’ The sweetest Father is making me ‘most sweetest’. He is making me exactly as He is because however someone is, that is how they will make me. So in order to become sweet like Him, I have to spend my time with Him, keep only His company, make only Him my constant Companion. I have remember the Father and the sweet inheritance I receive from Him.

To the extent I remember the Father and the inheritance, I will become sweet to that extent. My boat will go across from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness via the land of peace. I will never cause sorrow to myself or to others through my thoughts, words or deeds. The Father comes to make me happy forever and He shows me the way to chase away all the evil spirits: “Remember Me and those evil spirits will continue to go away.” It was I who called Him to come and purify me, to remove the evil spirits in me and make me pure from impure. So the Father says: “Give those evil spirits to Me, give the donation of all the vices and the omens will be removed.” If I want to remove the omens of sorrow, then I have to donate the anger, the ego, the attachment and all the rest that I call ‘my nature’. Sometimes my excuse is: ‘Baba, I don’t want to get angry but people are such that they simply don’t understand…;’. Baba says, “You can conquer anyone with love. Explain with love; love is very sweet. People are able to train lions and elephants with love!” Those people are those with vices and they are still able to train animals with love; I am becoming a deity soul, so how much more should I pay attention to imbibing divine virtues and becoming sweet! “Look at one another with a vision of brotherhood or of brother and sister“, teaches Baba. “That vision comes with being soul conscious. Remember that your enemy is Ravan or the vices, not your brother or sister.

The Father says: “Sweet children, I have come to give you children your fortune of the kingdom of heaven. Now, take whatever you want from Me. I have come to make you into double-crowned masters of the world, but you have to make effort for this. I will not place a crown on anyone. You have to give yourself the tilak of the kingdom through your own efforts.” The Father also shows me the way to make effort. He tells me repeatedly: “Sweet child, consider yourself to be bodiless and remember Me and I promise that with that remembrance, all your sorrow will finish and you will become ever healthy and wealthy. You will become most sweet.” The most Beloved Father says: “Let only jewels emerge from your lips; let no bitter stones emerge. To the extent that you become sweet, accordingly you will glorify the Father’s name. When you children follow the Father, others will follow you.”

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