Become tolerant

Baba says, “Become tolerant. You mustn’t burn or die because of the sanskars or natures of others.”

A Brahma Kumari life means a life of pleasure, like that of Father Brahma. However, the basis for this is tolerance. So, tolerance is very special. Because of this specialty, Father Brahma always remained unshakeable and immovable. There was no one who was showered with more insults or who faced more opposition than Brahma. In his lokik life, he had never heard a bad word, but when he became Brahma, he became number one in having to hear bad words. He had led a life where he received the most love from everyone, but to that same extent, everyone became his enemy in his alokik life. When some children were assaulted, it was automatically also an assault on the father indirectly. However, with the virtue of tolerance, he remained smiling; he never wilted.

To smile when someone praises me does not require tolerance. However, to remain smiling when someone becomes an angry enemy and rains insults on me and I don’t show the slightest sign of wilting on my face or even in my thoughts; that is said to be having tolerance. To see, speak and start a connection with merciful feelings with an enemy soul is called having tolerance. The Father has the concern to make the world new or establish a new world. So, this is such a great concern! The unlimited Father has the unlimited concern to purify everyone. I am the Father’s helper in this unlimited task! Of all the billions of souls in the world, I get to be God’s helper in His task of establishing heaven on earth!, This is indeed the greatest fortune and the greatest responsibility. So for this, if I have to tolerate a little, “is that such a big thing?”, asks Baba.

In this task of establishment and of doing service, Father Brahma faced many storms. But he took something big and made it something light; he remained light himself and made others light as well. The memorial of this is shown in the scriptures as Mahavir Hanuman carrying such a big mountain on the palm of his hand just like a ball. This is called tolerance. Father Brahma didn’t complain and take a small stone and turn it into a mountain, instead, he made the mountain into a ball; he put the expansion into its essence; this is tolerance. To expand obstacles and problems in my mind or to speak about them to others means to make mountains: “Why is this happening to me?”, “can this too happen?”. But Father Brahma chose to apply the full-stop of “nothing new” and move forward. An elevated soul, a tolerant soul is always able to put expansion, problems and obstacles into their essence with knowledge and yoga, just a Brahma Baba did. Taking the long route and the short route will both get me to my destination, but taking the long route will drain me of all my energy, waste my time and make me feel disheartened. But when I take the shortcut, I conserve time and energy, constantly enjoy myself and overcome everything with a smile. This is called tolerance.

Each one of you has to make effort for yourself, you are not going to make effort for anyone else. You have to make effort for yourself by considering yourself to be a soul. What does it matter what others are like or what they are doing? “Charity begins at home” means that, like Father Brahma, you have to make the effort first and then inspire others to do the same.”, teaches Baba. It’s easy to teach others the course or to give a lecture but those words will only have a the life-changing, transformative impact on other souls when I first consider myself a soul, that is, when I first embody the knowledge myself and then give the knowledge. “This is what requires effort“, explains Baba. “Therefore, you definitely have to tolerate a little.” It is at this time that happiness and sorrow, respect and disrespect, praise and defamation all have to be tolerated a little. “When anyone says wrong things“, Baba teaches, “simply remain quiet.” When one person becomes quiet, the other can’t continue to be angry- it takes two hands to clap! If one person remains quiet, the whole thing quietens down. The Father says: “Children, you have pay attention to how you respond over such matters. You children have to benefit everyone.”

Sometimes, I come into confusion because of impure arrogance. If I am a teacher at a center and have to do even a little physical work, I think: “Is this why I renounced everything? Am I meant to do this work? I didn’t think that to surrender would mean that I would have to do all this. I came as a teacher, I didn’t renounce everything to do this physical work. Is this what a Brahma Kumari life is?” Baba says, “Even the vices of lust and anger come be overcome but arrogance of the body is the number one enemy.” Whether it is ordinary physical work or whether I have to give a speech on a stage to thousands, I do both with pleasure. This, is Brahma Kumari life; a life of pleasure. When I have impure arrogance, I live a life of confusion. Not just that but arrogance deprives me of my very inheritance from my Father. “So-and-so is doing this. This one is like this or like that. This is why I will no longer come here.” When I don’t get along with someone at the center or with the instrument teacher, I sulk and go and sit at home. No one else lost anything as a result, only I did. I betrayed myself.

Sometimes, I don’t get a particular facility and I feel I can’t go on in service. Other times, it is the sanskars of a service companion that I cannot put up with. “Everything has to be tolerated in service: regard and disregard, happiness and sorrow, heat and cold. All of that has to be tolerated. To make anyone become like a diamond is no small thing. Does the Father ever become tired? Why do you become tired?”, asks Baba. Baba is so concerned about unlimited service: so what am I, a child of Baba’s, doing? I should do so much service! “You have a lot of time. You should feel mercy for all your brothers and sisters who are separated from the Father. They continue to stumble around and commit sin. It is the duty of you Brahmins to give everyone knowledge and bring them to the Father.”, He says.

So now“, says Baba, “become a Mahavir on the basis of the power of tolerance and do unlimited service, like Father Brahma. Place your steps in his and become equal to the Father.

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