You are now the heir children of God

Baba says, “You are no longer devotees; you are now the heir children of God.”

For the first half a cycle, I was the master of heaven. Then, over the second half of the cycle, I lost all that I had, became sorrowful and called out to the Father: “O God, liberate me from this sorrow…”, “O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure…”, “O God, please give us peace of mind….give us happiness…”. Then, the Father came at this auspicious confluence of the cycles. He has reminded me of who I am, of Himself and of the world cycle. He has made me belong to Him, practically. He has become my Father, Teacher and Guide. He says: “You are a pure soul, you are My child. I am the Creator of the World, I would of course create heaven for My children. I am here now to establish that heaven and make you into the masters of heaven again.”

Why would He make me the master of the heaven He is creating? because I am His child and based on that relationship, the sovereignty of my Father’s creation is my birthright. I receive it as my inheritance. As soon as a child is born, it becomes the heir of its Father’s property. Indeed, every Brahmin child is an heir but we all inherit numberwise. The Father is One, He gives equally to all children, so then why is there a difference? because some know how to receive His inheritance, and others don’t.

I come to Baba and I really look forward to going to heaven but I don’t take advantage of the birthright of being God’s child right now. He is here now, He is my Father now, practically. He says: “When I come, I come with a gift for the children. The unlimited Father would definitely come with an unlimited gift.” It’s not that I continue to live in sorrow, peacelessness, fear until the end of the cycle and then when I finally go to heaven, I will have peace and happiness. No! He brings me the unlimited gift now, when He comes to meet me. Just trying to get through the days of my life here, just barely making it, all the time while waiting for heaven to come is not ‘claiming my inheritance’. I cannot just ‘land’ in my inheritance, I have to claim it here and now, from the Father.

The Father says: “You are no longer devotees; you are now the heir children of God.” Brahmins never forget their clan. “Even if you remember this one thing that you belong to the clan of Shiva, your boat will go across. You should constantly be thinking about the new things of the confluence age; this is called churning.“, explains Baba. ‘I am a confluence aged Brahmin‘, when I remember this, I will start to see the trees of the golden age and have the drums of happiness beat in my heart. “Repeat everything that the Father explains to you about yourself, don’t remember anything else, He teaches. Now that the Father is here giving me my inheritance, Ravan and Maya will do all they can to keep me from having what the Father is giving me. Just as I might be feeling peaceful, suddenly, there will be memories come up from the past out of nowhere. There will be situations, circumstances that look unfavorable, there will be opposition from friends and family. The storms will be different for different souls, but there will be storms. But to claim my inheritance from the Father means that I don’t feel overwhelmed by the storm, don’t become peaceless, fearful and lose all my joy. When I make a mistake along the way, claiming my inheritance means that I don’t fall into guilt, despair, hopelessness and disheartenment. To claim my inheritance means I keep on moving forward no matter what; I take care to never come to a standstill. My Father came so that I could be free. He gave me the light of knowledge so that I could see true from false clearly again. He gave me the powers so that I no longer have to be ruled by my past, He gave me the canopy of His love and protection so that I no longer have to live in fear or struggle under the burden of guilt and condemnation, He gave me self-realization or self-respect so that I no longer have to live trying to please and impress other people. He came to liberate me in life. Do I claim this inheritance?

No one but I know that I am at the confluence age. The study takes time. By remembering that I am becoming a deity, a resident of heaven, I will stay happy. Only when I consider myself a resident of the confluence age will I become a resident of heaven. ‘I am now at the confluence age and becoming pure. I am claiming the inheritance of heaven from the Father.‘ “Continue to repeat this to yourself”, teaches Baba. Although I shouldn’t ever forget this, Maya makes me forget and when I forget, my activities become iron-aged and that steals my peace and happiness. “So stay in the confluence age through remembrance“, He teaches. This is why it is said: ‘If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gops and gopis’- this supersensuous joy is my inheritance, my birthright from God; not fear and peacelessness! “Never forget that you are Brahmins, the children of God; you should always have this intoxication.”, He guides me.

There is the saying: ‘Liberation in life in a second”. I become an heir to the Father as soon as I’m born. When I have that recognition that this is Prajapita Brahma, and that Brahma is the child of Shiva and I have this faith, I become an heir. But I am in a war, the great Mahabharat war against Ravan and Maya. This war lasts for the longest time; no physical war goes on for so long but my war with Ravan starts the moment I come to Baba. So my duty is to win this war against Maya; it’s not optional, it is my duty. The Father says, “Remember Me with a lot of love and follow My shrimat.” If I love Him, I will obey Him. The thing to understand deeply is: I don’t obey God so He can love me, no! He already loves me. I love God and as that love grows, the easier it becomes for me to obey Him. The more I love God, the more I can’t stand not doing what He wants me to. And the more I obey Him, the more of the inheritance I claim. God reminds me that I am already the deity soul, it’s predestined. It’s not that He is creating me from scratch. It’s just that during this long journey of 5000 years, I’ve imbibed some wrong stuff along the way. The right stuff- the divine virtues, the powers, the purity- is still there, all the Purifier is doing is helping me remove, forget, walk away from all the wrong stuff. His method is simple: “Remember”. The more I remember who I truly am, Whose child I am and the inheritance I am receiving, the easier it gets to walk away from the wrong stuff. In exchange for this, the Father says: “I will make you into the emperor of emperors, the master of the world, ever healthy and wealthy.” This is what Father Brahma and Mama did- they remembered, walked away from the wrong and claimed the reward. But it has to be in that order- first is to love God deeply, to really know and experience how much I mean to Him and then that gives me the courage and strength to walk away from the old world and claim the highest prize.

The sooner I get to the point of obedience, the sooner I start to experience victory in my life. And I need to be victorious over a long period of time to claim the full inheritance. That means I need to live in peace, happiness, contentment over a long period of time, I need to experience love and give love over a long period of time, I need to experience being powerful over a long period of time. Why? because it takes time to create new habits and making living peacefully, happily and contented, a habit, that is, making it natural is what it means to claim my inheritance. That’s being a true heir of God.

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