Become trikaldarshi

Baba says, “Become seated on the elevated seat of the trikaldarshi stage and be constantly victorious.”

Right at birth, BapDada gave all His children, the gift of the divine eye. He gave everyone the divine eye with full power; He didn’t give someone a good eye and someone else a slightly defective eye, no. He gave everyone a divine eye with 100% power but, not every child applies or uses the eye in their life to the same extent. This is why for some, the divine eye is completely powerful and for others, there is a percentage of power.

Just as how a pair of binoculars enables me to see anything distant, clearly, in the same way, the divine eye works as a divine pair of binoculars. It enables me to see that which is far away, up close and clear. In one second, Paramdham which is so far that the distance cannot be measured, that distant land appears close and clear. The instruments of science are able to see the sun, moon and the stars of this corporeal world, but this divine eye enables me to see the three worlds and the three aspects of time.

The divine eye is called the eye of experience through which I can see something that happened 5000 years ago so clearly as though it was something of yesterday. There is so much difference between yesterday and 5000 years ago and yet, I can see it clearly. I have the experience that it was just yesterday that I was the worship-worthy deity and that I will be that again tomorrow. Today, I am a Brahmin and tomorrow, I will be a deity. It is a game of yesterday, today and tomorrow. I can see my deity form just like physical clothes that are being prepared for me to put on- a little more decoration is being done and then I will put it on in a few minutes! That is how close and clear I see my future form. In one moment I am an angel and the next moment, the angel becomes the deity.

Is your divine eye this powerful that you are able to see through that eye your past, present and future and experience that intoxication?”, asks Baba or is your sight weak? When my sight is weak, then I have doubts: “Who knows if I am truly going to become a deity?”, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this…”, “I don’t think I can become Lakshmi-Narayan, look at my sanskars…” It’s as if clear things, because of being hidden behind clouds, suddenly appear blurry. Rather than be a knower of the three aspects of time: ‘it was I who was that worship-worthy deity yesterday, today I am a Brahmin soul becoming that deity again”, I become someone with ordinary vision who can only see one aspect of time – the present. I can only see my current state, the current behavior, the current sanskars and based on that, I make an incorrect assessment that I couldn’t possibly be the deity.

Baba says, “You have to practice being a constant spinner of the discus of self-realization.” To make judgments and assessment based on a few isolated scenes of the drama is not just inaccurate but also dangerous. When I look at the full cycle, I realize that this present time is the time of settlement. Accounts of sin of everyone are greater than those of accumulation. And so yes, there will be some tough scenes with respect to people, illnesses, finances…whatever. But to look at this without the full context and to say that: “this is just my lot in life, this is just my karma” is wrong. Such an attitude betrays me and keeps me down. It prevents me from reaching my destiny. Rather, by being seated on the seat of my trikaldarshi stage, I see that in fact my karma is beyond good, it’s great! I am a deity soul of the golden age, the master of heaven. I am the worship-worthy soul whose non-living image in the temples gives devotees a sense of peace and comfort to this day. I have performed more acts of charity throughout the cycle than I have committed acts of sin. I have a few scenes at the very end where I need to settle a few accounts before I go back to being the deity again. This is called using the divine eye with full power.

To think “What happened?, why did this happen? How did it happen?” etc., as soon as a situation comes is to become someone with ordinary vision. People of the world, because they don’t have this knowledge of the three aspects of time that only the Father gives, are those with ordinary vision; they, therefore, have a right to be confused. But the Trikaldarshi Father has made me master trikaldarshi and so I don’t get to be confused like those in the world. Why did it happen?- I know this is a settlement or a test paper to move me forward. How did it happen? – It is nothing new! It has happened like this every cycle! So there isn’t a question of what or how it happened. The situation came to make me strong; I settled something, I learnt something. So there is no confusion. Like the people of the world, I too have the question of ‘why’ and ‘what’ arise in my mind but unlike them, I also have the answers in advance. I therefore don’t become stuck anywhere, I apply a full-stop of the answer and become victorious.

By becoming trikaldarshi, I cannot become unsuccessful in any task. Even in the world, people say that it is best to think things through properly before doing something. But sometimes, Maya’s temptations can be compelling. I know Baba is asking me to let go of that promotion and take up a smaller position somewhere else but the promise of the name, fame, title and money are too strong to walk away. So I think: “Who has seen tomorrow, I have to use the opportunity I have now…”. I delay my spiritual progress, that is, I delay receiving the imperishable inheritance for 21 births in favor of perishable attainment that isn’t even guaranteed for this birth. Baba asks me to forgive someone who has wronged me but rather than listen to Him, rather than use the knowledge of karma, I decide to hold on to bitterness which then grows into a full-blown case of unforgiveness. I think forgiving is too hard, that it is unfair but I don’t realize that holding on to bitterness and unforgiveness is harder. In fact, the door of unforgiveness is the one that Maya uses the most to stop my progress. Once I have ill feelings or heaviness in my heart, I cannot connect with the Father or make meaningful progress. When I make decisions based on just the present circumstance, then I always stand to lose. I only look at today but tomorrow is coming! If I don’t do what’s right based on the three aspects of time, then, I might feel good about my choices today but I will stand to lose when tomorrow comes by. So let me use the knowledge and the powers that Baba has given me to walk away when I have to, to forgive when I have to, to let go when I have to and move forward. It shouldn’t be that I do what ‘I feel’ like and then think: “I shouldn’t have done that’, or ‘it would have better if I had done this’. Being trikaldarshi means I become free from performing actions that cause me to regret.

So, before you start any task or make any decision, stabilize yourself in the stage of being a master trikaldarshi“, teaches Baba. “By knowing the beginning, middle and end of the task and then performing the task or taking the step, you will constantly be successful and become an image of perfection.

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