Awaken o brides, awaken

Baba says, “Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.”

For half a cycle, I was sleeping in the deep sleep of ignorance. Having forgotten who I am, I considered myself a body and was caught up in the web of body consciousness. Although I did everything to fit in, although I had name, fame and titles, I was unhappy, unfulfilled and discontent. I stumbled from one guru to another, from one temple to another but no one could help me figure out what was wrong and how to remedy it. But somewhere there was still a dim flicker left in the soul- that there is someone that has helped me before, that knows all the answers and has the cure. So I called out: ‘O God, come and liberate us from sorrow. Take us to a land of peace and happiness.”

Then, the Father came to give the fruit of my devotion- knowledge. He adopted me as His own child and reminded me of who I am- “You are a soul, not the body”, He said. This one thought awakened me from my deep sleep, it changed me from a shell into a diamond. He gave me His own introduction and revealed to me the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. That is, He reminded me that I was once the pure, soul conscious deity, that this world was heaven and that I was the master of that heaven. Then there was one kingdom, one religion, one language, one set of rules taught to me by the Father. For half a cycle, everyone lived their life in soul consciousness, based on those rules, I remained a deity, a master of heaven. Having taken birth after birth, I forgot who I am and consequently fell prey to the five vices or Ravan. By living my life based on the vices, I lost the deity sovereignty and with that my peace, happiness and contentment.

As I receive this knowledge every day, I continue to awaken from the sleep of ignorance. The knowledge sheds a light that shows me true from false, right from wrong. Then, to the extent that I remain in the awareness of what I have learnt, to the extent I embody the truth I have been made aware of, I live a life of peace, happiness and contentment; a life of victory. I reclaim what I lost. But, says Baba, “Maya makes you forget again and again“. The One who has awakened me says: “Brides, don’t forget who you are and Me.” Knowledge is the oil in the lamp of the soul; God has come and poured this oil into my lamp. The dim flicker has now become a flame again. But Maya will bring storms- of doubt, of situations, of people, of circumstances- to try to extinguish the flame. It is my duty to protect it through making the fire of remembrance powerful. No matter how big or small the storm may be, my fire has to be more powerful. That also means that there should always be enough oil in the lamp to support that fire or flame.

And so Baba says, “You children have to read the Murli atleast twice a day.” This brings many benefits, He teaches: “1. You always remain cheerful. 2. You remain happy and fortunate. 3. All types of doubt are removed. 4. You remain safe from the company of those influenced by Maya. 5. The Father and Teacher is pleased. 6. You become beautiful flowers and remain in limitless happiness.” When I constantly replenish the oil in my burning lamp, remembrance becomes easy. And the early morning hours are the easiest for remembrance and for pouring oil in the lamp. That remembrance stays for a long time. My light was almost out, now by igniting it with remembrance, it remains lit…through the golden and silver ages. But it needs a constant replenishment of oil and a constant, stable flame that isn’t flickering all the time for it to last that long. And so Baba says, “you should practice staying in remembrance over a long period of time, then your stage will not fluctuate. You will continue to be a detached observer and remain cheerful.”

The more my flame remains stable, that is, the more I remain awakened, the more souls I am able to awaken. If I don’t replenish the oil, that is, I don’t pay attention to the murli, then I miss valuable points or weapons that I need for my battle with Maya that day. Then, when storms come, which they will, my flame flickers because I become afraid and overwhelmed. No one is inspired by a flickering flame- in fact, it causes everyone a headache! What the world needs today is hope, they want to see stability. Souls are in the shadow of ignorance, the Father explains. He is the greatest Surgeon of all, He doesn’t give physical medicine, He simply says: “Remember Me alone. All medicines are included in this remembrance.” The more I remember, the more I am absolved of sin and the purer I become. Only when there is purity, can there be peace and happiness. My lifespan also increases through this, I become healthy – all characteristics of the deities of heaven.

And so Manmanabhav, consider yourself a pure soul and remember Me alone‘ is the most elevated instruction I receive. It is said that when shrimat was given, the true elevated religion was established. This is the task the Father is carrying out right now and I am His helper in this task. The way I help Him is by becoming pure through remembrance, through following His shrimat alone. Even sannyasis renounce the five vices, but they don’t do it based on shrimat from the Father. They don’t even know the Father. They move away to the jungle to remain pure. But I stay in the world, in the household, and remain pure- in body, mind, wealth…in thoughts, words, actions, relationships…in every way. This is the effort that I make based on knowledge and remembrance. This is what qualifies me to become a deity, a master of heaven whereas sannyasis don’t see heaven. Having been awakened, I know that the cycle is turning and that the new world, the new age is coming now. I know that I am now going from this land of death to the land of immortality. So I make effort to become the resident of that land of immortality, based on the shrimat I have received, based on knowledge I receive of that land. Sannyasis do hatha yoga but that has nothing to do with the new world; their effort is therefore wasted. They don’t have an aim and objective, I do. I remain pure while living in the household, because this is how deities live; I prepare for that world. People in the world or sannyasis are afraid to make this effort; they don’t know what can be achieved through this renunciation, I do. They don’t say that they are going to the new world but I do, I make effort to claim a high status in that world. All this is the oil of knowledge that lights my lamp. “You must make full effort to claim a high status“, teaches Baba, “there is no question of blessings or mercy in this“. It all comes down to knowledge and remembrance.

The very meaning of the confluence age is that there is destruction of the old world and establishment of the new world. This is why it is known as the most auspicious, beneficial confluence age. By forgetting the confluence age, I also forget the kingdom. It takes faith, even among God’s children, to truly deeply understand that this is indeed the great confluence, that the world as it is now will indeed end. Am I prepared for the new world? It takes faith to truly realize that it is God who is teaching me and only when there is this faith will I follow His shrimat and claim a high status. The knowledge is easy but obstacles continue to come. “Your friends and relatives also create obstacles”, explains Baba, “I pull you in this direction, but they then pull you in that direction. The chains are very strong.” Baba says, “By all means, look after your children and prepare food, but just remember Shiv Baba. Stay in remembrance during the early morning hours of nectar.” Keep your full chart, He advises. You are now becoming wise, the entire cycle is in your intellect. The new world is now coming and so I have to study well and claim a high status there. That means I cannot give or take sorrow and lose my inheritance again; I do everything per shrimat so that I can receive and keep growing my inheritance to claim the highest status. “Keep your lamp brightly lit“, says the Supreme Flame, “each one of you lamps has the responsibility to dispel the darkness in the world.”

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