Your remembrance is uncommon

Baba says, “your remembrance is uncommon.”

When a child takes birth, it first has yoga with its father and when he is five years old, he has yoga with his teacher and then, in his stage of retirement, he has to have yoga with his guru. These three are considered the main relationships in a human-being’s life. All the three relationships are with separate individuals. Rarely is a father also the teacher but even then, he would teach one of many subjects that the child has to learn. Here, the Father only comes once in the whole cycle of 5000 years and He also becomes the Teacher. The same Teacher teaches me all four subjects of this study that qualifies me to become a resident of heaven. He also becomes my Satguru because through purifying me, He takes me into salvation. He is so wonderful! “You should definitely remember such a Father”, says Baba.

For birth after birth, I have been remembering the three separately. In the golden age too, I have yoga with my father and then with a teacher. I will study there too but I will have no need for a guru because I am already in salvation. These are all wonderful aspects to churn, He teaches. When I do, the mercury of my happiness rises. This is called easy yoga or easy remembrance. However, this is uncommon. This remembrance is uncommon, the Teacher is uncommon and the study is also uncommon. No human being can teach me this knowledge because no human-being has this knowledge.

But He is incorporeal; unlike souls, He doesn’t have a body of His own. So He enters an old, impure, body and He names the one whose body He enters, Brahma. This is why Brahma is also called the ‘lucky chariot’. The Father enters the lucky chariot and teaches me. The Father is so uncommon! This is why a handful of multi-millions are able to recognize the Father and study from Him. Many ask: “how can incorporeal God come and teach? We haven’t read this in any of the scriptures.” They forget that the scriptures are all man-made whereas the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Seed of the Human World Tree and so the knowledge of the whole tree is in Him. He gives me the true knowledge of the soul- its qualities, its nature and becomes my reference point. When I constantly stay in His company, I become just like Him. He says: “I come to make you equal to Myself”. By imbibing the knowledge He gives me, I also have to become a master ocean of knowledge. The Father is the Ocean of Purity and I remain pure for half a cycle. There has to be both knowledge as well as remembrance of the Father; there is liberation as well as liberation-in-life.

Sannyasis perform hatha yoga but they receive nothing from it. The Father who is also my Teacher teaches me Raja Yoga through Brahma. This is not physical yoga; in fact, I don’t even need to speak or chant any mantras. This is internal remembrance that I, the soul have of the incorporeal Father. I remember Him as a lover remembers her beloved, with a lot of love. My hands might be busy with activities but the heart is connected to the Father. In those schools, human-beings teach human-beings but this school is also most uncommon! Here, the Supreme Soul teach souls; the body is simply the medium or the organs through which I am able to hear, speak and express myself. For half a cycle, a person who considered themselves a body- I am so-and-so, I teach such-and-such a subject, this is my title, my designation, my education, etc. – taught me, and I too considered myself a body. My aim was to earn a degree and become an engineer or doctor or barrister so I could earn a living for the body, garner name and fame etc. But now, the Supreme Soul only looks at souls and only speaks to souls; He doesn’t look at bodies. He also teaches me knowledge for the soul, about the soul. The degree I earn through this study is related to the soul – full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, completely righteous, completely non-violent. He says: “You have been body conscious for half a cycle and that habit has become firm. Now renounce that habit.” Instead of this habit, He says, “instill the habit of considering yourself a soul and remembering the Father and the inheritance.” The habit of soul consciousness is what will qualify me to be a deity of the new world that the Father has come to establish. There is no trace of body consciousness there.

Darkness and dawn- it is completely different for the world. That is a common thing, it happens daily. But the morning for me is so uncommon. No one in the world knows what darkness is or what the dawn is. In fact, darkness and dawn happen at the most auspicious confluence age of the cycle. The darkness of ignorance is now being removed through the knowledge that the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, gives me. When the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. Devotion is considered to be ignorance or darkness because no one has any knowledge of whom they worship. That becomes a waste of time. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul comes only at the confluence age when darkness comes to an end. He comes to bring the dawn of the new world. “You simply have to follow shrimat and remember Me and none other. I make you into the masters of heaven. If you forget the Father and remember anyone else, you will become defective.”, He explains. “You know that Shiv Baba is giving you the inheritance of heaven, and so why should you not take it from Him? If you remember the Father and the inheritance of heaven, your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.

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