Remain as pure as a lotus

Baba says, “While living at home with your families, remain as pure as a lotus.”

The cycle is constantly turning. The current cycle is coming to an end and the new cycle is about to begin, the Father informs me. This old, iron aged world is to end and the new, golden aged world is being established. This old world is hell and the new world is heaven; that is a world of complete purity, peace and happiness. The name itself is heaven! What do I have to do to go to heaven? Baba says, “You definitely have to remain pure.” The Father says, “Children, lust is the greatest enemy. Conquer it and remain pure.” Oh!, so then surely, I need to leave my home and family and move to the forest because that’s what those who remain pure do, right? Wrong, says Baba. This is not the path of isolation, this is the family path. God is my Mother and Father and He becomes that practically at this time. He is incorporeal but He comes all the way from Paramdham, and takes the support of an old impure body to sustain me practically.

I am your Father and you are My children“, He points out, so clearly, this is the family path. “You have to live at home with your families, but become as pure as a lotus flower. Demonstrate this. There is no question of leaving your homes and families. Look after your creation. Simply remain pure and you will become like those deities once again.” This is what the Father sits here and personally explains to His children. Just as a lotus is not affected by muddy water, in the same way, while living in the vicious world, I must not be touched by the vices. This is called, living like a lotus flower.

The very meaning of the confluence age is establishment of the new world and destruction of the old world. And while a new home is still being established, I have to continue to live in the old home but I remain beyond it, uninfluenced by it, focusing solely on the task of establishing the new home. I no longer complain about the leaky faucets, the unstable roof, the termite ridden walls etc. Its an old home, it’s obvious! If I allow myself to be influenced by it, I will feel overwhelmed, lose all my peace and joy and for what? It’s not like I am going to live there for long! The new home is being built! My aim is to complete building that new home, to my liking, as soon as possible. When that is my aim and focus, then I remain constantly happy and cheerful: I am going to my new home! its going to be ready soon! This is living like a lotus flower.

Sannyasis, on the other hand, renounce their homes and families and move away, theirs is hatha yoga- it’s purity by force. The example of the lotus flower does not apply to them because they don’t live in a household; in fact, they believe it to be impossible to live in a household and remain pure. And indeed, it would be if I don’t know the Father. It is when I become the child of the one eternal Father, the Almighty Powerful, that I receive the power to remain pure right where I am- in this old world, in my home, while living with my family. I am still living in Ravan’s world and so the vices are in full force. But while living in this river of poison filled with Maya, I have to become as pure as a lotus flower. A lotus has many children (buds) but, in spite of that, it stays on top of the water. “In the same way, you too have to remain detached from the vices through the power of knowledge and remembrance“, teaches Baba. “Become pure in this one birth and that will then become imperishable.

Sannyasis being hatha yogis also teach others hatha yoga- they inspire them to leave their homes and move away. People make others the same as themselves. I learn Raja Yoga which is taught by God Himself. He makes me into a self-sovereign, master god and goddess, like Himself! Sannyasis, because of their nature, take birth as renunciates birth after birth, whereas I live at home, in my household and renounce the vices for just this one birth and receive a reward for that for 21 births! Which path would I prefer?! Their renunciation is limited– they leave their families and home but they still live in the old world, they still eat food cooked by householders. My renunciation is unlimited, it is not bound by the walls of a physical home or my relations. I receive power from God to live in the midst of everything, shoulder all my responsibilities and still remain pure, that is, free from vices. In fact, this is the true definition of purity, teaches Baba. To turn up my nose and run away from the impure world, is not being pure. That is body consciousness. But to live in the midst of the impure world and serve it through becoming pure myself, is true purity. This is what God, my Father, does and He teaches me through His own example. Sannyasis look for liberation from sorrow by leaving everything; The Father says, you will be liberated from sorrow when you renounce the vices. That is the solution, that is true freedom. So the question is: What am I looking for? Is it just liberation? or is it liberation-in-life? Everyone receives liberation at the end of the cycle- sannyasis or not! Everyone has to settle their accounts and return home, to the land of liberation. But if it is liberation-in-life that I am looking for, then I have to study Raja Yoga from God. Only He can teach me how to become pure while living in the world, just like the lotus flower.

This is the family path to attain liberation-in-life“, Baba explains. “Your burden of sins will be destroyed when you remember the Father and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.”

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