Ignite the lamp of hope in every soul

Baba says, “all you Brahmin children have to have the one thought that every soul finds their destination here, and that each of them benefits. When the lamp of pure hope is ignited, when there is everyone’s co-operation, there will then be success in this task.”

The present time is there for everyone to see. On the one hand, there have been great inventions for comfort through science and yet, on the other hand, with each day, the disheartenment of souls everywhere is increasing a lot. “You are the original foundation of this creation, the trunk of the tree.“, Baba reminds me. Do I have this awareness when I interact with souls? Whether I serve them through my mind, words or relationships and connections, Baba says, “you must ignite the lamp of hope in disheartened people. The lamp of hope should be ignited in the minds of all human souls everywhere.” If this can be accomplished, then revelation would take place, the golden morning will have arrived.

Each soul is a lamp whose light is now a dim flicker. This hopelessness that nothing can happen should finish, is Baba’s pure wish. Lamps of hope should be ignited. The question then becomes: “there are so many souls in the world, how can one reach so many?” Baba says, “A lighthouse remains in one place and shows the way to lost ships far and wide. If science can do this, can you not spread your vibrations?” I can based on two things: 1) I have to make the vibrations that powerful and 2) I have to have the determined thought that ‘Yes, I have to do this’. If I have this determination, then I will get busy in making my vibrations powerful. If I keep my mind busy then I will benefit and souls will also benefit. While walking and moving around, I have just this one thought or concern: “I have to benefit the world.” This attitude will then spread into the atmosphere.

When every child of God has this same thought: “This is my responsibility to benefit the world. This is my responsibility to ignite the lamp of hope in every soul.”, then, Baba says, the world will be transformed. Today, each child is individually transforming the atmosphere, numberwise, according to their own efforts but for world transformation to be accomplished, everyone must have the same attitude and same vibrations in a gathering and then it will take only a second for the atmosphere to be transformed. It isn’t sufficient for a few intense effort making souls alone to do this, He teaches. Now, at the end, it is necessary for all Brahmins to give the one finger of co-operation of the same attitude. Only when there is the finger of one thought will the unlimited world be transformed. “At present, this is what you especially need to practice”, teaches Baba. “You should all collectively spread the essence of powers, peace, bliss and love, so that souls everywhere are able to experience this and wonder where that essence and those vibrations of peace are coming from.” When peaceless souls receive peace, or thirsty souls receive water, their eyes fully open and they regain consciousness. “In the same way“, explains Baba, “by receiving the vibrations of the essence of peace and bliss from you children, the third eye of the blind children should open. From being in the unconsciousness of ignorance, they should regain the consciousness of knowing who they are, whose children they are and who you supremely worthy-of-worship souls are.

Today, only one sound is being heard from all souls; the same sound emerges from everyone- they want to live in happiness and comfort, even if just for a few moments. They are restless; even though they have the wealth and facilities for happiness and comfort, the rest of happiness and comfort is not visible in their eyes. Nowadays, because the majority are thirsty for true happiness or joy and peace, they are searching for the path to that. They have tried many paths already and they are gradually returning from all of them, saying: “This is not the one! This is not the one!” They have begun to realize that the true path must be elsewhere. At such a time, it is the duty, of I, the ancestor soul, Baba teaches, to become a flame of light and show the path to those souls. Become immortal lights and bring those souls out of the darkness to the right destination. “This is your duty”, He reminds me again, not something that’s just nice to do. “Do you ancestor souls realize that what you do in front of the whole of the creation reaches the whole creation? The attitude of you ancestors will transform the atmosphere of the world. The vision of you ancestors is what will remind everyone of who they are- children of the same Father, brothers.” The awareness that I, the ancestor soul, have of the Father will remind the whole creation that their Father has come. My elevated deeds will awaken the pure desire in the creation to perform elevated actions, that is, to build their character. This will then automatically give them the life of peace and happiness.

The creation wants something new from you souls“, stresses Baba. Everyone has the power of facilities and power of words, but they lack the power of elevated thoughts, the power of a pure attitude, the vision of love and co-operation. No one has any of these, He shares with me. Therefore, says the Father, “O ancestor souls, ignite in your creation the lamps of hope for this attainment and bring them to the right destination.” What would you achieve if you did the same things other people do? You are those who belong to God! You are unique! At present, you drop the bombs of words. However, they are only baby bombs!, He points out. Now, drop bombs of of the experience of attainment with which their lives would be instantly transformed. Right now, the arrows have only struck their heads, they have not struck their hearts. There are many who make a bargain with words but only a handful out of multimillions who make a bargain with their hearts. I am the child of the Conqueror of Hearts, I am one who makes a bargain with the heart. And so now, He says, “spin such a powerful discus of service that all souls recognize their ancestors and claim a right to their attainment.” Instead of just enabling them to hear something good, let them experience receiving something. Instead of, “They say good things”, let it be, “they make you very good.” With the method of using less expense, less energy and less time, become embodiments of success.

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