Don’t forget the Father and the inheritance

Baba says, “Just as you receive liberation-in-life in a second, in the same way, Maya makes you forget in a second. “

I start the day happy, full of zeal and enthusiasm. Right at amritvela, I wake up saying ‘good morning’ to God Himself! Then, I celebrate a heart-to-heart meeting with the Father. I thank the Father for all that He has done for me. I reflect back on my journey- where and what I was and where Baba has brought me. Wah, Baba!, Wah, my fortune! Then, I joyfully attend Murli, listen to what the Father tells me: He is here to make me into the king of kings! He calls me ‘sweet child’, He reminds me that it is I who has been and will be the master of heaven! Wah my fortune! wah! I am walking on clouds. What more could I ever want! What did I do before Baba, how did I live without Him? How do the people in the world live without Baba!? Wish they knew what they can attain here! Yes, I have to help Baba reach my brothers and sisters. So thinking, I make plans for what I am going to get done today- all the service I am going to do.

I get some breakfast and leave for work still reflecting on what I have attained and what I will do to help others. Just then, another driver cuts me in traffic. “How rude!”, “how do these people get a license to drive!” I get to work and log into my PC with Baba on the wallpaper. I smile again and start looking at my email. Looks like they had that meeting yesterday about that project but clearly, they forgot to invite me. It wasn’t so long ago that I was the favorite…now, there is a new team member who projects an ‘I can get it done’ image and now everyone wants her. Wow, how people change! Then, that colleague comes along and she confirms that indeed, the manager is showering attention on the new member. My face becomes pale…now, I’m never getting that promotion…after all the work I’ve put in…

On my way back from the office, I visit my parents. My mother gives me a lecture about all the things she has asked me to do but that I haven’t done yet. ‘Great! one more thing I haven’t done right!!’ I get home and during a conversation, my spouse says something that I think is wrong. So I correct him but rather than admit to his mistake, he starts to defend his position even reminding me of something I had said a week ago. Before long the conversation has spiraled into what I said and what he said, my parents and his parents, my upbringing and his upbringing, even our relatives are brought up! So much so that neither one can remember what the original topic was about!

With each episode through the day, my intimacy with Baba that I had experienced at the start of the day has decreased to the point where I no longer have Baba anywhere in my awareness anymore. All I can think about how I’ve been sidelined, how the world just isn’t fair, how everyone tells me about what I didn’t get done or did wrong without stopping to think of all the good I have done. It feels like I am surrounded my people who are test papers just waiting for me to fail. And just like that, I lose all my rest and comfort, my joy and happiness and become lonely, sad and deflated.

The Father says, “Just as you receive liberation-in-life in a second, in the same way, Maya makes you forget in a second. You then divorce liberation-in-life in a second and die.” The Father continues to explain: “Children, the journey of life is a long one. Truly, you do have to remember the Father, and your final thoughts will then lead you to your destination. If you turn your face away from the Mother and Father from whom you receive the unlimited inheritance, you end up going to the other side.

When any event starts to occur- be it getting cut off in traffic or reading that email or listening to something I believe to be wrong, I have a choice to make. And it is a choice I have to make in a split second, otherwise it is too late and there is an accident. Right in that split second, I have to choose whether I want to engage or apply a full-stop. Is this something that is beneficial to me and others or is this a door for Maya to drag me down from my stage? I have to discern and make the right choice. Just like if I am driving a car on a one-way and I see another car come toward me from the opposite side, the wrong side. I now have a choice to make in a split second. Do I want to continue going because ‘I am right and he is wrong’, because ‘I have the right of way’, because ‘what he is doing is illegal’ or do I want to get myself out of the way to the side such that I don’t get hurt? It’s a split second judgment that will determine whether I live or die.

Let me realize that ‘being right’ is highly overrated! The desire to ‘win’, to ‘prove’…are hollow desires that drain me of all my joy. These are the weapons of Ravan to keep me empty and tired. God is teaching me a different definition of being right- soul consciousness. It helps me stay liberated-in-life. “Remember who you are and Whose you are and continue to stay busy with the study”, He guides me. “The more I remember, the more strength I will continue to receive. With this power you will gain victory over Maya. You don’t have physical weapons but you cut the throat of Maya with the discus of self-realization. This is a non-violent battle.”

When I stay in this remembrance of how elevated my part is throughout the cycle, of the part I am playing right now as God’s helper in bringing heaven on earth, when I remain an embodiment of attainment, this is called spinning the discus of self-realization. Then, Maya doesn’t have a chance. But the key is to become an embodiment of this awareness, that is, to experience this deeply in my heart. If it is only in the head, that is, I know who I am and whose I am but it isn’t a deep experience in my heart, then, as soon as something else happens, this awareness slips away and the new thing takes over. Besides, Baba is extremely subtle and so unless I have Him living in my heart, it’s hard to stay in constant remembrance.

After becoming children of the unlimited Mother and Father, don’t forget them”, says Baba, “this remembrance is very long. That is why this is called the pilgrimage of the intellect.” When I deeply make myself belong to the Mother and Father, when I deeply in my bones consider myself the child, then I cannot forget my parents. I don’t have to make an effort to remember, it is natural. Also, as the child, I will follow the Father’s shrimat, that is, His directions for everything in my life. “It was Maya, your enemy, who made you lose your unlimited kingdom. You lost your kingdom for half a cycle. Having lost it, you became completely poverty stricken. You now become the hero and heroines again, that is, you once again gain victory over the world based on the Father’s shrimat.”

A hero is someone whose every act, every word is praiseworthy. A hero is someone whose walking, talking, eating, everything is attractive, it is royal. A hero is always courageous, and tireless in any situation. A hero is someone who is benevolent to all, no matter what. A hero is someone who focuses on playing his act well; he doesn’t so much react as much as he acts his part. A hero cannot be bothered with trivialities. He is someone who is always victorious in every situation and enables others to gain victory as well. In other words, a hero is someone through whom there is benefit to many. This is why the Father enables me to receive the title of heroes and heroines of the whole world. By teaching me and making me worthy, He enables many other souls to be benefitted.

Brahma Baba became the Father’s #1 hero instrument by following the Father’s shrimat fully. No matter what the situation, how much the opposition, Baba never lost his calm. He always remained carefree and easy because His attitude was: “they are children“. He was always clear that it was Maya who is the enemy acting through souls and so he always accepted the soul and rejected Maya. For example, when someone got angry or was dishonest, he rejected the anger by not engaging with it and remaining peaceful. In this way, he defeated the anger, became victorious himself and enabled the other soul also to become victorious. Because when Baba didn’t engage, the other soul became quiet automatically. Baba became #1 by adopting the method of applying a full-stop in a second. When events took place, when the waste thought came or the feeling came, he immediately, in that split second, applied a full-stop and took a detour by spinning the discus of self-realization. Sometimes, I make the mistake of applying a full-stop and staying there. This doesn’t work. Applying a full-stop means that, as in a car, I apply a powerful brake and then immediately take a detour to get to my destination. If I apply a brake and stay there, I will get sucked in. Through this method of applying a brake, Brahma Baba ensured he never lost his inheritance of peace, joy and happiness; he kept on accumulating and claimed his full inheritance from the Father.

The Father says, “Children, don’t forget Me, your Father. Today, you are laughing but if you forget the Father, tomorrow, everything will end. You’ll have to cry so much that you would never have cried as much before. You then lose the kingdom and incur a great loss. The faces of those who incur a loss become pale.” The confluence age is not a time to have a pale face but rather, it is a time to have a happy and cheerful face like the deities. It is the time to remain carefree because I am being sustained by God Himself, practically. It is the time to reclaim my lost inheritance fully and to keep it. “O traveler of the night, don’t become weary and stop remembering.”, guides Baba. “Remain busy in remembrance and service and you will remain safe from Maya. We are now crossing the night and going into the day.

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