Air-conditioned ticket

Baba says, “The sun-dynasty kingdom is air-conditioned. Your aim and objective is to attain a sun-dynasty status.”

When I book accommodation in a hotel or seating in a restaurant or in a train, there is always a choice of air-conditioned seating and regular seating. If I want to go with the air-conditioned option, then it will cost more. In some cases, I have to be a certain social status to be allowed into the special rooms or seating areas. In the same way, the sun-dynasty kingdom is air-conditioned, explains Baba. Not everyone gets to go there, it takes a special kind of effort that qualifies me to come into the kingdom of heaven, where Krishna is first prince, where Lakshmi and Narayan are rulers.

There are five aspects, explains Baba, that I have be full in to qualify for this air-conditioned ticket or the sun-dynasty kingdom. The first is the halo of light, which should be a halo of a full circle, not half a circle. This halo of light signifies complete purity in thought, words and actions, in my vision, feelings and attitude. The second aspect is a tilak sparkling on the forehead, says Baba. This tilak is the symbol of soul conscious awareness, the awareness of brotherhood. The third aspect is the sparkle of spirituality in my eyes, which means to have spiritual vision. It is the sparkle of the practice of not seeing the body while looking at it, but only seeing the spirit. It is the sparkle of spiritual love. The fourth aspect is that the lips have the smile of having attained God, of the soul having met the Supreme Soul and also of having attained everything. “I have found the Father. I don’t need or want anything else.”

The fifth aspect is that on the face, there is the red color (lali) of happiness of meeting the Mother, the Father and the elevated family after a cycle of being separated from them. And now that I belong to the Father, I have become especially beloved (laal). Those who are full of all these five aspects of fortune are those who can claim the air-conditioned ticket of the sun-dynasty kingdom, says Baba. In other words, if I can claim 100% in all five aspects, then I get the air-conditioned seat, if I claim 70%, then it is the second class and third class is low. When I hear this, I think: “Wow, this is a bit much, is there anyone who can qualify for air-conditioned, first class ticket?” And indeed, there are! Brahma Baba and Mama claim this ticket; in fact, they become Lakshmi and Narayan, the rulers of the kingdom! And when I am asked what I’d like to become, I too say: Lakshmi and Narayan. I don’t ever say I want anything less. So then, says Baba, you will need to make the same kind of effort as Mama and Baba made.

Most of the children, Baba observes, are in second class, there are very few in both the first and third classes. “You must have the aim to attaining the sun-dynasty status, of becoming part of the air-conditioned group“, teaches Baba. The way to go from the second class to the first class or the air-conditioned class is very easy, Baba points out. In fact, it is a method of just one second. It is to have the one thought: “I am an originally pure soul” My original form was not that of impurity, both my eternal and original forms are pure. Impurity is artificial or acquired, it isn’t real. It belongs to shudras of the iron age. “How can Brahmins use things that belong to the shudras?“, asks Baba. But Maya is such that today, someone is a Brahmin and tomorrow, they become a shudra; today they are a Brahma Kumar and tomorrow, they are a shudra kumar!

So, to stay safe from Maya and go into the 1st class, simply practice this one thought: “Originally and eternally, my real form is of a pure soul.” Whenever I look at others, I look at their original and eternal, real form. “Look at this form of yourself and of others and realize the real form! Put on your spectacles of awareness and think: “I am a soul, my Father is the Supreme Soul and everyone else is also a soul.” When I do this, Baba says, the sound that emerges from everyone’s heart will be: If there is anyone, it is you, the Brahma Kumaris. Now, everyone talks about the good work being done but when I become full in the five aspects, then along with praising the work, Baba says, “they will praise the love you have for God.” “So carry out this subtle checking for yourself“, says Baba. “To carry out a checking means to make a booking.” “Are you doing this or will you make a booking when all the bookings have been done?“, He asks.

Something else I can do in an air conditioned environment is that I can condition the air to my requirements as and when I want. In the same way, if I am able to set myself as, when and where I want, then I can claim an air-conditioned seat. So for this, I need to accumulate and use all the powers I have. If even one is missing, I will not be able to claim an air-conditioned seat, because I will fail the tests that require me to use that power. In other words, I need the currency of being victorious over a long period of time. This is the specialty of the eight jewels; they don’t experience punishment that comes from failing tests; they pass with honors and claim the top prize. “In order to accumulate all the powers, no effort is needed“, He explains. I simply have to stay with the Father and countless earnings will continue to accumulate. “So now“, Baba says, “check your booking“.

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