Enable wandering souls to find their destination

Baba says, “wandering souls will find their destination through you souls.”

Each child has immense love for the Father and so each one has the thought of revealing the Father. But how would I do this? “Constantly hoist the flag in your heart of revealing the Father through your thoughts, words and deeds.”, says the Father, “none of your thoughts, words or deeds should be such that they don’t reveal the Father.”

I hear this and I make up my mind: ‘I am going to pay attention to my every thought, word and deed’ and I stay hyper-focused for a day, maybe, before I feel tired. Because this is not a sustainable approach, this is the hard path. Baba says, “yours is not hatha yoga, yours is Raja yoga.” I don’t have yoga with my thoughts, words or actions, I have yoga with the one Father. And I don’t do yoga by force, mine is easy Rajayoga. So the easy approach and the right approach to getting my thoughts, words and actions right is to become soul conscious. “Let there be the practice of constantly looking at the sparkling star of fortune in the middle of the forehead”, teaches Baba. This is an easy practice because it is just one thing! Wherever I look, whoever I see, I have to develop the natural practice of seeing the body but not seeing it. The practice should be of the vision always going to the sparkling star. “When your vision thus becomes naturally spiritual, then the vision of the world will fall on you sparkling stars of the earth”, explains Baba.

At present, souls are still searching. They have begun to have the feeling and touching that some power is carrying out the task of renewal. But they don’t know yet, who it is, or where it is. It is gradually becoming apparent that it will only be from Bharat that they will receive spiritual light. This is why the vision of the world has moved away from everywhere else and has fallen on Bharat. However, what is not clear to souls yet is where in Bharat and who in Bharat is that instrument to give that spiritual light. God comes to this world stage, when it is full of false gurus who promise miracles, quick remedies, permanent liberation and all the rest. Souls are therefore trying to discover for themselves, that out of all the so-called spiritual souls, who in Bharat is the dharmatma soul and who is the Supreme Soul (Paramatma). They are engrossed in the thought: ‘Is it that one?’, ‘Is it this one?” but they haven’t arrived at the decision that it is this One.

“Who will show such wandering souls the right goal and the right destination?”, asks the Father. It is my duty to show my brothers and sisters the right destination, He says. I can only show the destination when, like a lighthouse, I remain stable myself, no matter what. A lighthouse is always built on a high rock, never on the sand. And no matter how many and how mighty the waves may be that beat up against that rock, the rock never budges, it remains stable. Is my foundation as stable? Is my foundation made up of people or facilities or social status or other false identities or is it: ‘Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other’? Is Baba my one Strength and one Support or do I still rely on others for my peace, happiness, and contentment? If I rely on others, then my foundation is shaky. Some days, when I’m treated right, I will be stable, other days, I won’t be. “Make your stage so constant that they constantly see a sparkling star”, says Baba.

The specialty of a lighthouse is that it has an extremely bright and powerful light at a high altitude, the very top, to be able to show the direction to lost ships far and wide. The light pays no attention to the waves or the people at the bottom, it keeps on shining constantly. When I too make me stage so elevated where I only concern myself with one thought, one concern: “I have to show my wandering brothers and sisters, the right destination.”, then I too will shine brightly and constantly. So when others are rude to me, when they betray me, when they let me down, I don’t become unstable by asking questions of ‘but why?’, ‘but how could they?’ etc., I don’t get into judgments or criticisms. I remain stable; I don’t allow my light to flicker. My brothers have lost their way, so yes, they will do wrong things but when they see me remain loveful, joyful, peaceful in the midst of the storm, they will take notice. They will recognize and realize.

Today, because I allow my light to flicker, it doesn’t reach far and wide, points out Baba. It is unable to show the path. So I end up having to ready a platform and invite souls to attend a special program to enable them to experience. “But moths“, Baba teaches, “are not invited by the flame but the yearning moths go there by themselves from wherever they are“. In the same way, when you remain stable in your perfect, soul conscious stage, wandering souls will automatically come to you sparkling stars at a fast speed, teaches Baba, in order to attain something and to meet you. Therefore, I have to be ever-ready, like the lighthouse, to help those souls receive their right to liberation and liberation-in-life from the Father in a second, at a fast speed.

So don’t let your light hide behind the clouds of Maya“, teaches Baba. “If such perfect and sparkling stars sometimes hide in the clouds then the souls of the world would not be able to see them clearly. So, have the thought of remaining constantly stable and constantly shine like the sun“.

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