Being number one

Baba says, “The sign of someone being number one is that he wins over every situation.”

The sign of someone being number one is that they have claimed a right to the immovable kingdom of self-sovereignty, they are constantly free from obstacles, they remain constant yogis and constantly great donors. Unless I have a stable kingdom of self-sovereignty, I cannot remain free from obstacles. Every little situation, circumstance, person, sanskar will shake my stage. I will not be a constant yogi; instead, I will be a yogi sometimes and other times, because of some disturbance or the other, I become a viyogi (separated from yoga). Without being a self-sovereign, I also cannot be a great donor because I need to have accumulated to be able to donate. If I am full on Monday and a train wreck by Wednesday, then that doesn’t work. That is not the sign of victory.

It isn’t that children haven’t become knowledgeable, yogi and a great donor“, says Baba; “in fact, everyone has become this but only a few have become this constantly.

Only those who are unending, immovable, and constant can become the victorious beads of the rosary of victory. At the confluence age, BapDada has given every child the blessings of remaining immovable and constant, but, He points out, each child has become numberwise in imbibing these blessings into their lives. In order to become number one, the easiest method, He says, is to be a constantly great donor. To be great donors means to be easy servers, He explains, because only that which is easy can be done continually. Come to think of it, even devotees from the copper age have become donors, but, no matter how great donors they may be, Baba explains, they have not become donors of the spiritual treasures. They become donors of perishable treasures and things.

Ask yourself, teaches Baba: “Am I constantly great donor? or, am I donating according to time? or, am I donating according to the chances I receive?

Constantly great donors remain busy all the time in donating in three ways. The first donation is that of giving powers through the mind. The second donation is knowledge through words and the third donation is virtues through actions. Those who give these three types of donation can easily become great donors and number one. “The result“, Baba shares, “is that the majority of you continue to donate knowledge through words, and donate powers through your mind, but there are very few who donate virtues through actions.” And at the present time, the donation that is needed the most by gyani or non-gyani souls is the donation of virtues.

These divine virtues are the most elevated ‘Prabhu Prasad‘ (holy food blessed by God), explains Baba. So, now, distribute this ‘prasad’ a great deal. With this method, the aim of the confluence age – “An angel becoming a deity”, will be easily revealed in everyone. Constantly keep this practice in your awareness: I, the child of the Bestower, am a constantly great donor soul. Through your mind, He teaches, give whichever power souls need, that is, with a pure attitude and vibration, give them co-operation. In other words, when a soul is being angry, I don’t just not say anything through words, but even though my mind, I keep a pure attitude of benevolence towards that soul. When I accept the soul in this way and reject the anger, the soul automatically become peaceful. I thus gave my co-operation to that soul by enabling them to become peaceful as well. Through your actions in your life, become a constant embodiment of virtues, become a visible sample and give others co-operation so that they can easily imbibe virtues. This is known as the donation of virtues.

But often I become careless. I think: ‘Well, has anyone become this yet? I have seen everyone…seniors, juniors, everyone! No one has become this yet.’ This attitude makes me fall behind and become numberwise. Rather, says Baba, if you want to see someone, see only Father Brahma. Only follow Brahma. Father Brahma constantly considered himself to be an instrument example and he always made this aim into a practical qualification. Whoever takes the responsibility that “I have to become this”, “I have to do it whether anyone else does it or not” is called Arjuna, that is, they become number one. So if you want to become number one, Baba teaches, then only follow Father Brahma.

When I remain busy in making myself an example in this way, then I don’t have time to listen to or engage with trivialities. If while being a bestower, there is a break again and again, my stage goes up and down again and again, then that which is broken cannot be called complete. “You have a lot of knowledge“, says Baba, “but now, let the virtues emerge. Be an example to become full of all virtues and makes others this too.

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