Serve Bharat, liberate it from the enemy, Maya.

Baba says, “Serve Bharat with your body, mind and wealth and make it into heaven. Liberate it from the enemy, Maya.”

Long, long ago, 5000 years ago, Bharat was heaven and deities used to rule. Then, it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan; Bharat was new. In fact, there was just the land of Bharat. There were no other religions at that time. The deities were pure. The king and queen, Lakshmi and Narayan, were pure. Bharat was consequently very wealthy, it was worth diamonds. Now, that same Bharat has become poverty stricken, it has become worth shells. There was no fighting or quarreling in heaven, Bharat was viceless. At this time, the cycle has turned fully and it is now gone from the golden aged new world to the iron aged old world and Bharat has gone from most pure to most impure, from no name or trace of sorrow to becoming the land of sorrow!

Who would make this Bharat into heaven once again? The Father explains: “Having awakened your fortune, you have come here to change from human beings into deities. Only the one unlimited Father makes you this. This is why it is sung: It didn’t take God long to change human beings into deities.”

God comes at this auspicious confluence of the old cycle and the new cycle. He comes to make the old world, new again, that is, He comes to make Bharat heaven again. He comes when the world is full of false gurus who promise human beings happiness and peace. But, no human being can grant another human being salvation or liberation from sorrow and suffering; this is the duty of just the one Father. Only He is Sarvodaya or the One who has mercy for all. “How can impure human beings purify others?“, He asks. Only He is the Ever Pure One and therefore, only He can be the Purifier that purifies us, impure ones and makes us pure again. Bharat was ever happy when Bharatwasis were pure and it is the task of the one Father alone to make Bharat ever happy once again but making Bharatwasis pure once again. “When you were pure, there was peace and also happiness“, explains the Father.

This is why sannyasis adopted renunciation in order to help Bharat so that it could receive the power of purity. But there are no renunciates in heaven; there, there are families just like there are families now….except they are pure, made up of individuals with divine virtues. And so the Father comes and teaches me Raja yoga, the yoga for those on the family path. Sannyasis can never teach Raja Yoga because they leave their homes and families and move away to become pure; their is therefore hatha yoga or yoga by force. The Father says: “You don’t have to renounce anything. You have to forget this old world while living in it and prepare to go to the new world.” He doesn’t just tell me this but the Father comes as the Guide. He is the Liberator who liberates me from sorrow by guiding my every aspect- thoughts, words, actions, vision, feelings, attitude, behavior…everything back to purity. When I become 100 % pure again, I go from iron-aged to golden-aged and reclaim my peace, happiness and prosperity. When I ascend in this way, I inspire other Bharatwasis to also ascend to purity and when Bharatwasis become pure, so does Bharat. It becomes new again, heaven again. This is why it is said that the most elevated directions are God’s directions. It is only by following His directions that I come into unlimited happiness and it takes just this one short birth of this confluence age.

You BKs are serving with your bodies, minds and wealth to make Bharat into heaven.“, explains the Father. Not too long ago, Bharatwasis served with their bodies, minds and wealth according to the directions of Gandhiji and liberated it from British rule. That was a fight for liberation from a limited foreigner; this is a war for liberation from an unlimited foreigner- Ravan. “You now have to conquer this Ravan based on the Father’s shrimat.“, explains Baba. By becoming body conscious in the copper age, you forget the Father and, because of not knowing the Father, you continue to fight and quarrel with one another. So when the people of Bharat become unhappy, the Father comes to awaken the fortune of you children. There is no question of blind faith here, He points out, this is a study. The Father comes and gives me knowledge because only He is knowledge-full. He establishes the one deity religion, the religion with might because it returns to me my sovereignty. Now, there are so many religions, none with any might and there is sorrow in every home.

You are the Shiv Shakti, Pandava army“, points out the Father. By studying Raja Yoga, you equip yourself with the weapons of knowledge to fight Ravan and reclaim your kingdom. We don’t use anything of anyone else. We serve with our own bodies, minds and wealth and make Bharat into heaven again with the power of easy Raja Yoga by following the directions of the Purifier, Shiv Baba, the Bestower of Salvation. Whatever each one does, he is creating his future. Only those who belong to the Father and remember Him, only those who break away from everyone else and connect themselves to the one Shiv Baba, will go to Shiv Baba. “There cannot be happiness without purity“, He explains. Bharat was crowned and it is now once again becoming crowned. This is the same war that took place 5000 years ago through which Bharat became heaven. You now have to forget the old world and only remember the one Father. It is only with the fire of yoga that your sins will be cut away. There is no other way to become pure.

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