O Beloved, come and meet me!

Baba says, “Remember your Beloved. The Beloved has come to the lovers.”

The more in love someone is and the more they experience the love of the beloved, the easier it is to stay in remembrance. The Supreme Beloved of all souls comes at this auspicious confluence age to take all His lovers back with Him. To the extent that I have love for Him, to the extent that I can experience His love, the easier it is for me to stay in natural remembrance of Him. And so many ask: ‘How can I experience God’s love?’ The basis is honesty. To the extent that I am honest, I can experience God’s love. And honesty starts with being who I truly am- a pure soul, a child of God.

If I still think of myself as the body- as a name, social status, job title, role, relationship- then, that’s where my intellect gets pulled. God is already extremely subtle, His remembrance slips away easily. The only way to experience His love completely is to make myself belong to Him alone completely. The more roads I have open to the old world, the less I experience His love and therefore, the harder I find it to stay in His unbroken remembrance. I am a soul, that’s all. When I am in this consciousness, then all the soul wants is the company of the Beloved from Whom it has been separated for so long. It therefore wants nothing more than to spend every moment in the loving remembrance of the Beloved. While knowledge is light, it doesn’t burn away sins, it doesn’t unload me of burdens I’ve been carrying for birth after birth. That only happens with the alchemy of God’s love. Only His love has the power to unburden me, untangle me, breakdown strongholds, eliminate fears and anxieties and liberate me in life. There is no other way.

But many think that they are not receiving as much love as they ought to as God’s child. Why? The reason is the same- not detached enough which is to say, not honest enough. Otherwise, God’s love is infinite; it is unshakeable. He is the Ocean, there is so much love that everyone can attain it. However, the basis to attain His love is to be honest, that is, to be detached. If I don’t know to be detached, then I cannot achieve success.

One of the most common obstacles to detachment is old sanskars. To connect with God and experience His unlimited love, I have to touch base with myself. But often, I move inward, just barely touch the surface where I encounter the old sanskars- the anger, the lustful thoughts, that little greed, those attachments- and I become afraid, ashamed and retreat. I think I will connect with God once I have conquered all those sanskars, once I have perfected myself. But the truth is that I cannot conquer those sanskars nor perfect myself without first connecting with God and experiencing His unlimited love. So what I need to do is to push through all that stuff and keep moving inward till I touch the very base where I will find my truth- who I truly am- a pure, peaceful, deity soul, a child of God. Then, in that consciousness, I find the boldness and confidence to connect with the Supreme Beloved. This is also what it means to be a spiritual rose. The quality of a spiritual rose is to give a constant fragrance, no matter what. In fact, the more fragrant a rose is, the more thorns it has but here’s the thing- the rose is not influenced by the thorns. A rose never gets spoilt because of its thorns; it remains long-lasting. It has thorns but it remains detached from the thorns and it is loved by everyone. In fact, it is loved because it remains detached. Similarly, if I can push through the sanskars, not be influenced by them, I too can experience God’s infinite love. The more I follow Shrimat, the more I remain safe from old sanskars and the power to follow shrimat comes from experiencing God’s love. He already loves me despite all the impurity, He doesn’t even see it, He only holds the pure me in His vision. If I too can see myself for who I truly am and based on that foundation, go to Baba, then there’s magic. I receive power to overcome the toughest of sanskars and become liberated in life.

Another sign of not being detached or honest is when I remember God for my own needs. For example, if there is an obstacle, I somehow find four hours to sit in yoga. However, as soon as the obstacle is removed, the remembrance also finishes. The next I remember is when the next obstacle arrives. This type of remembrance is no different from bhakti- most bhagats too remember in order to have their needs fulfilled. Neither they nor I am ever able to stand on my own feet because I don’t remember God with that intention; so I don’t receive power, I always remain dependent. I also don’t have a relationship. “The one thing that you have to do is remember Me with your heart, not for your own purpose.“, says Baba. “Don’t have remembrance just to fulfill your own desires, but have remembrance to become good. Let it not be: I will remember Baba so that this work is accomplished. No. You must become worthy and experience God’s love.

To be worthy means I experience myself as a child with all rights. I need nothing, I want nothing; the song in my heart is: ‘having attained the Father, I have attained everything.’ I am already the master of the Father’s treasure store, what more could I want? This is self-respect or my self-worth. In summary, ‘mine is the one Father and none other’. If this is indeed true for me, then remembrance is natural and easy. I have to close all roads that lead to anything else other than Baba. Then, I will be liberated from any confusion, selfishness, difficulties etc. There will not be questions such as: ‘What is remembrance? What should I remember? I don’t know if this is remembrance or not?’ A child doesn’t need to ‘learn’ to remember its father, neither does a lover need to be ‘taught’ how to remember her beloved. Remembrance is natural, like breathing. I experience the Father in front of me personally at every step, I consult with Him before I do anything just like a child would, in every action, I experience His company, I remain lost in the experiences I’ve had with Him, other times, I am having a heart-to-heart with Him. I don’t need a ‘plan’ to remember Him, I just remember. Whether remembrance of the Father is through His actions, or whether remembrance of the Father is through His virtues, it is still remembrance. Whether it is remembrance of His form, His name, His virtues or His task, it is still the remembrance of One. “I give you no difficulty, it is you who make it very difficult.“, says Baba.

The Father simply says: “Remember your Beloved. The Beloved has come to the lovers. That Beloved now gives you children your fortune of the kingdom and hides Himself away.

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