You are a showpiece in the showcase of the world

Baba says, “All of you are showpieces in the showcase of the world.”

At this most auspicious confluence age, God Himself comes to this impure world to make it pure again. He comes to not just make it a little better but to change hell into heaven, to make that which is completely degraded into the most elevated. He changes the world by changing the souls who live in the world. He changes impure human beings into deities and the world changes accordingly. He can only do this though when souls recognize Him and follow His directions. The little issue with this: He is incorporeal, He doesn’t have a body of His own. He has to get His work done through human beings who can be His instruments in the world. He has to get His work done through those children who have already recognized Him, follow His directions and through them, He inspires His other children to claim their inheritance as well.

You are the special showpieces in the showcase of the world. Everyone’s vision is on the instrument servers and teachers. You are constantly on the stage. The stage is so large, and so there are many who are watching you. Everyone expects to attain something from you instrument souls.“, He explains.

The question is, do I constantly have this awareness? Do I realize the responsibility I have as God’s helper in His unlimited task of world transformation? or do I believe that this refers only to those souls who live at the center?

A majority of my brothers and sisters are still out in the unlimited prison of Ravan as he makes them stumble, wander, hustle, manipulate, fight, argue, and even kill themselves to get something that is their birthrightpeace, happiness and prosperity. They don’t know the Father and so they fight and stumble around like orphans. “I cannot bear to see the children suffer. Don’t you hear their cries?“, asks the Father.

The Father cannot reach His children and help them unless I make myself available to Him as His instrument for change. Most of my brothers and sisters are not visiting the centers, they aren’t at the workshops or at the peace conferences. They are sitting next to me at work or on the bus, I run into them at the grocery store, at the school or in the doctor’s office. So what do they see when they see me? Do they see just another body conscious soul who is there to get their job done or do they see someone who is stable in their self-respect of being the child of God? Do they see someone who remains full of love even in the face of anger and insult or just another person who returns the favor? Do they see someone who is patient, benevolent when they are struggling or do they see another person with impatience and frustration all over their face? When everything is shaking, do they see someone who is able to remain stable in the midst of the storm or do they see another person in fear? People are tired of hearing long speeches about how to be, they want to see proof, they want to see a practical example.

God has worked on me and in me to transform my life from one of dependency, to one of liberation. He liberated me from all of those same prisons of Ravan and enabled me to stand on my own two feet. He met me in my broken places and put me back together as if I’m brand new. Can I show up as His showpiece in front of the world? When someone wins a trophy it is because they are really good in that area, they are the champion at what they do. For example, if someone has a golf, or a cooking trophy displayed in their showcase at home, it indicates that they are the champion in that area. God is the Champion at bringing people from a place of self destruction to a place of total victory. As they reach that place of victory in their life, it’s as if they become His trophy, a beautiful sample of God’s greatness, of His mastery, of His goodness. Can I be God’s trophy that He can display in His unlimited showcase of the world?

This requires that I constantly remain in that awareness of what and Whom I represent in front of the world. I don’t live within the four walls of a home or work within the four walls of an office, I am constantly on stage. Just as the Father is the Bestower, I too have to become a great donor and bestower of blessings- this is my form. I am an image of support, an image of upliftment, for the world. By having this awareness, every thought, word and action I do should be like those of a hero because souls of the world are watching me. “Constantly remain on the stage”, He teaches, “don’t come down!

Sometimes, souls come and receive the message but then they wonder: “is complete purity possible when living in the household? If it were possible, why would people become sannyasis and leave home?” But God’s children are able to make the impossible, possible because of the power they receive from the Father. Indeed, I am able to stay at home, with my family and remain pure like a lotus flower. “You are being kept in your households so that you can become samples on the field of service for the world to see“, explains Baba. Every single one of you showpieces should become an instrument for many to make a bargain. You are not living at home, but in a showcase. People would look at you and say: “Who are those courageous souls who are able to do in practice what we have been unable to do?” In this way, I become an instrument for revealing the Father’s power, His task as the Purifier and World Transformer. Many become inspired to come and receive from the Father. And so, explains Baba, you are not ordinary souls, you are special souls. You are showpieces that help the Father change Bharat into heaven.

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