Let your words and behavior be very sweet

Baba says, “Let your words and behavior be very sweet.” 

God Himself comes at this most auspicious confluence age to establish the new golden world. He doesn’t build a new world from scratch as is described in certain scriptures. Rather, He transforms this old world into the new world. He uplifts the world that has descended into hell back to heaven, He changes the iron-age into the golden age. The way He does this is through transforming the souls that are destined to come into the new golden world, according to the drama.

This is an unlimited drama that repeats every 5000 years, He explains. This same world was heaven 5000 years ago and the residents of that heaven were deities. Deities too are human beings, except they have divine qualities. Those same deities, having taken birth after birth, lost their purity and slowly descended into becoming iron-aged human beings with devilish qualities. God comes and teaches these souls Raja Yoga, the study through which they change into deities again. When they change, the world changes with them; it too becomes the deity world, the golden age.

People of the world sometimes say: “Golden morning, or golden night” etc. However, those are just empty words. God teaches me to become a resident of the golden world by molding my character. “You have to make your every second golden, your every thought golden. Always continue to shower golden flowers of love and happiness on all souls.“, He teaches. This means that I dedicate every second to world benefit, I ensure my every thought is pure and elevated. Thought is the seed and from it sprouts everything else- feelings, attitude, vision, behavior. Even if someone is an enemy, a shower of love will change an enemy into a friend. Whether others give me regard or not, whether they accept me or not, my duty as a child of God is to always remain in my self-respect and continue to give others soul-conscious regard with my loving vision and attitude. Whether they accept me or not, I continue to consider them my sweet brothers and sweet sisters. “Let them throw stones, but you give them jewels”, teaches Baba. “You mustn’t throw stones in return because you are the children of the Father, who is the Jewel Merchant.”

It’s like the story of the two women who were neighbors. One of them was a troublemaker- she constantly dumped her garbage in the other woman’s yard. The other woman always just cleaned up and kept her yard clean no matter what. In disbelief, the troublemaker decided she was going to test the limits once and for all. She left a gift box at the doorstep of the neighbor- the box was filled with garbage. She was sure, that would be the last straw that breaks her neighbor’s resolve. The next day however, she found a gift box at her own doorstep – she opened it to find it full of beautiful flowers. Stunned by the gesture, she walked up to her neighbor to ask why she sent her flowers despite all she had done to antagonize her. Her neighbor smiled and said, “because flowers are all I have“.

“You are masters of the mine of jewels. You are multi-multi-millionaires. You are not such beggars that you think you will only give when the other one gives.“, teaches Baba. Indeed, the Murli is a mine of jewels. When I constantly churn this mine, I fill myself with jewels or pure thoughts. Then, like the good neighbor, my every word, action, attitude, vision and behavior will automatically be elevated, they will be fragrant flowers. It is all I will have to give. “Children of the Bestower never stretch out their hands to take anything“, teaches Baba. For my intellect to even have such thoughts as: “I will do it if the other one does it”, “I will give love if the other person gives love”, “I will give respect if the other ones gives respect”, is also to stretch out my hand, it is royal begging. “Those who have less knowledge don’t have that much happiness; Maya doesn’t allow them to remain happy. Children don’t become soul conscious and when you remain body conscious, all the vices come to oppose you.“, explains Baba.

I have the knowledge of who I am and Whose I am. I have the knowledge of the three aspects of time, I realize that this is the only time in the cycle when I get to set myself up for the whole new cycle. This is the only time that God comes to this physical plane to perform the greatest task of world transformation and I have the incredible privilege and responsibility to be His helper in this task. I help Him through my own self-transformation by following His directions. “With the power of the knowledge you receive, you must create such a powerful attitude and atmosphere that the waves of happiness, waves of the elevated future of the world, spread everywhere very quickly in a short time. Half the world is now half dead; they are sleeping on the death bed of fear. Give them the oxygen of the waves of happiness.” The Father says, “Let this golden thought for the golden world remain constantly emerged.

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