Let go of temporary supports

Baba says, “Now let go of the temporary supports that you have been holding on to. Whilst you are holding on to those supports, you cannot experience the constant support of the Father.”

He is the Spiritual Flame and souls are the spiritual moths, all, in love with the Flame. Everyone desires and tries to sacrifice themselves to the Flame, but they are numberwise. One type of moths have no consciousness of themselves. Like Meera, they have no consciousness of their body, of the day or night, hunger or thirst; they take no support of the things of comfort or anything else. They are constantly lost in the love of the Flame. Just as the Flame is the form of light and might, in the same way, they also remain in the form of light and might- an embodiment of the awareness of who they are and Whose they are.

The other type of moths who see the light and might of the Flame are definitely attracted, how can one not be!? But while I desire to come close and wish to become equal, I am not able to be brave and courageous due to the consciousness of the body and the bodily relationships, due to the consciousness of the facilities for the body, and due to the tamoguni sanskars which emerge under the influence of the consciousness of the body. I therefore waste time in the spinning of these different types of consciousness. When I am the first type of moth, I remain lost in love, I merge all the treasures of the Father into myself. I become an equal, that is, I become merged with Baba, that is, I die completely. When I am the second type, I want to die but I keep thinking; I don’t have the courage to become ignorant of all other desires. I wish to meet Him but I don’t wish to die a living death. My heart shrinks when it comes to renunciation.

“What about my business? What about my kids? I need to earn enough for them.” Sometimes I blame it on ‘karma’: “I am not as talented or as educated…if I were, then I could have also done something. Just my karma…” Sometimes, its tamoguni sanskars – I desire to commit myself to service but I don’t get on with the instrument teacher or I perceive her to be less knowledgeable than me, less deserving, and so I hold back. Sometimes, I hesitate because I don’t like the kind of activities I am/might be asked to do; I currently hold a top post at my worldly job, am used to a certain kind of lifestyle. What if I am asked to do things that are well, ordinary? What will my friends and relatives think of me? Sometimes, I try to falsely justify my own lack of courage under the guise of service: “Maybe I ought to wait for a couple more years…by then I’ll get that promotion and make twice the money I make now….then I can use that money in service.”

Don’t become innocent in the wrong way“, says Baba. “Everyone has love for the One but ask yourself which type of moth you are. Has the spinning of the many types of consciousness finished or is there one or another variety of spinning that pulls you towards itself?“, asks Baba.

If I still spin in any wasteful consciousness, then I cannot claim the title of being a spinner of the discus of self-realization, I cannot claim the title of being a Brahmin of the confluence age. And unless I become the spinner of the discus of self-realization, I cannot become the future ruler of the globe. “You have spent 63 births in many different types of wasteful spinning on the path of bhakti; why do you allow those sanskars to emerge against your will? Is there any experience of attainment or happiness in that spinning? Are you still not tired after having been spinning for 63 births? After having lost everything, after having forgotten yourself and Baba, why do you still spin around when you have found the destination? Since you can have eternal attainment, why does perishable, temporary attainment attract you? Are you still seeing someone else who shows another destination? While knowing the elevated destination, have you still kept a temporary destination in case of a moment of need?“, asks Baba.

At the time of taking, I always raise my hand to becoming Lakshmi and Narayan; nothing less would do for me! But when it comes to doing what it takes to get there, I hold back. Then, I give all kinds of justifications to Baba. “You speak with such innocence. You begin to give knowledge to the Father who is knowledge-full, you tell the story of your karma to the One who knows the philosophy of karma.“, He says amused. I take fully, but when it comes to giving, I give according to capacity. Let me realize that I will receive according to what I give; so if I give of myself partially, I will receive partially. The first step of courage that Father Brahma took on his journey was that of complete surrender– not just of physical assets but more importantly, he surrendered his intellect to the Father. The Father gave the signal and he did, he didn’t get caught in how he ‘felt’ about what he was asked to do, he simply obeyed. Sometimes, Baba asks me to forgive someone that betrayed me and I think: ‘No Baba! I’ll do anything but that. I cannot forgive them after what they did to me”. Baba asks me to give up anger and I say: “Yes Baba, I know. But in this world, one has to show a little anger to get anything done.” Sometimes I say: “Yes Baba, but what can I do, I am just an effort-maker.” Baba says, “Don’t make the same mistake again and again and make the word ‘effort’ your support. An accurate effort-maker is always in the ascending stage.” Father Brahma was the moth that flew into the Flame and sacrificed himself completely. He did what he was told, no matter what. He constantly observed and emulated the Father, learnt from Him all that he was taught and became an equal. He didn’t allow any person, place, name, fame, or sanskar to get in the way of his claiming his full inheritance from the Father. There were no ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘later’. This is how he was able to become a #1 victorious angel.

Everyone has a right to go to heaven – “You have become the lucky few out of multimillions but you have not become the handful out of the lucky few“, explains Baba. Because of recognizing God in His ordinary form, I have already earned a right to go to heaven but will I rule the kingdom depends on whether I gain sovereignty over my inner kingdom now. Whether I rule there depends on whether I serve now. So according to the drama, as is the effort, so is the reward. Baba does not create the number, He does not give different knowledge to some so that they become king, no. He gives the same knowledge to everyone but how much I embody that knowledge is based on my level of surrender.

So, don’t become innocent, recognize the cleverness of Maya and become a conqueror of Maya“, teaches Baba. Check: Is there something or someone or a sanskar that pulls my intellect against my will? check this and finish all limited destinations, says the Father, otherwise, these limited destinations will distance you from the elevated destination forever. Baba gives clear shrimat: Do this. But children change ‘this’ into ‘that’. Now turn yourself and move as Baba is making you move. This is complete surrender, this is dying alive, this is flying into the Flame, this is claiming my full inheritance.

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