Claiming the Grandfather’s property

Baba says, “you are Shiv Baba’s grandsons and granddaughters. Each of you has a full right to His property. You claim your Grandfather’s property of constant happiness for 21 births.”

The Greatest Father of All, the Supreme Father, is the Grandfather. Brahma is His son. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates Brahmins through the lotus lips of Brahma. So I, the Brahmin soul, am the child of  Brahma and Shiv Baba is my Grandfather. He is the Father of all souls anyway but now, He becomes my Grandfather practically when He adopts me through Brahma.

The incorporeal Father made Brahma an instrument for the corporeal world. Because of being the Creator of the human world, the memorial of the human world has been shown in the form of a tree. The Seed is incognito. First, two leaves emerge from which the trunk then emerges. Brahma becomes the instrument for the foundation of the tree in the form of Adi Dev and Adi Devi, the mother and father of the tree. The Brahmin trunk emerges from that and many branches emerge from the Brahmin trunk. This is why Brahma has been remembered as the great-great-grandfather and it is why, he is shown in an elderly form. The incarnation of Brahma taking place means the bad days ending and the good days beginning; the night comes to an end and the Brahma muhurat (dawn) takes place. People of the world incorrectly refer to this as ‘brahm’ muhurat but in fact, it is the ‘Brahma’ muhurat, clarifies Baba.

The Grandfather, the Incorporeal Father, gives us grandchildren so many gifts that I continue to live on that for 21 births! “You receive the property of heaven from your Grandfather so that you do not become poverty-stricken for 21 births.”, explains father Brahma. The Grandfather is the Bestower and also the Bestower of Fortune. He gives me platefuls of the jewels of knowledge. He gives me a golden gift of many forms of power. He gives me boxes filled with the ornaments of virtues. “How many jewelry boxes do you have?”, teases Baba. “Even if you were to put on new ornaments every day, there would still be countless.”

The physical gifts that I receive in the world, they will remain here. Those grandfathers are physical whereas this Grandfather of ours is spiritual. His gifts are therefore also spiritual and these gifts will go with me for all time. I become so full with the godly gifts that I won’t need to earn anything there. “You will continue to live on your gifts. You will become free from laboring.”, explains Father Brahma. Although kings and royalty of this world are very wealthy but still, what they have doesn’t hold a candle to what my Grandfather gives me – the sovereignty of heaven! So the Grandfather says, “You should jump with joy.”

There is one Baba and one Dada (Grandfather) and many children receive property from Him. That doesn’t mean that His property, His gifts get divided between them, no! He gives equally to each of His many children but each child, He explains, uses the gifts numberwise. Some use them well; this is called valuing the gifts, explains Baba. The more they use the gifts, the more they grow- they understand this principle and apply it. They therefore grow their treasures multi-million fold. These are the worthy children, explains Baba. Then there are those that are simply happy that they have received the gifts; they keep them safely in the locker of their intellect but they don’t use them in their practical life. They are happy that they are the children of God but because they don’t use the gifts, they neither experience what it means to be a child of God nor do others get that experience when they see and interact with them. “If you don’t use the gifts, you will lose them“, cautions Baba. To simply keep what I am given without using it toward self and world benefit means that I don’t understand their value, I therefore let it got to waste. “This is not called using your treasures in a worthwhile way“, explains Baba.

You children have come and belonged to the Grandfather and so your mercury of happiness should rise. You are becoming the masters of the pure world. No one can become a master of the world without making effort. That is physical effort whereas this is subtle. Souls have to make effort to claim the full inheritance. That effort is to remain constantly on the pilgrimage of remembrance such that I continue to receive my gifts from the Grandfather and then I have to use them in my life. Then, I create new sanskars, I embody the virtues and become powerful. When my mind and intellect are elevated and powerful, I become a self-sovereign and when I become a self-sovereign now, I become a world sovereign in the future.

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