Become a complete philanthropist

Baba says, “You now have to become complete philanthropists. Insure yourself fully.”

There are many philanthropists in the world who donate large sums of money to construct buildings for schools or hospitals or to help the poor. But at this time in the cycle, there has to be a different kind of philanthropy, teaches Baba. All those buildings are to turn to dust, and so the thing to do is to insure everything I have with God, the Father. That way, it isn’t lost, it is transferred to the new world. How does this transfer take place exactly? The way it works, Baba explains, is that I use my everything- my body, mind and wealth- in service of making Bharat into heaven. In return, I become a master of this heaven that I myself created. I become ever-healthy, ever-wealthy and ever-happy for not one but 21 births! Those philanthropists donate and make a name for themselves here, temporarily. They give indirectly in the name of God but their kingdom is not being created. It is my kingdom that is being created now and I create it myself, through sacrificing or donating my own body, mind and wealth. The more I donate, the more I receive.

It is the ordinary that sacrifice themselves completely, only they become complete philanthropists, scarcely any wealthy ones come“, points out Baba. When the wealthy hear that they have to surrender themselves to this task, their hearts shrink: “But what about the kids…I have to earn for them”, “but what will people think of me?”, “who has seen heaven, I have to enjoy what I have now”. Even in bhakti, it is Sudama who is remembered for having given all he had and received palaces in return. The issue or concern comes when I believe, incorrectly, that I am giving to God. Even on the path of bhakti, people believe they are giving to God or Krishna. “They have made both of them into beggars!“, remarks Brahma Baba. God doesn’t need anything, He is the Bestower! What would He do with my wealth? He comes to enable me to create my own fortune, to receive the fortune of my own kingdom. Brahma Baba understood this clearly and gave of Himself 100%. He surrendered everything he had- not just his perishable wealth but also his spiritual wealth. He is therefore called a great donor or philanthropist. I too get to donate as much as I choose to. In the world, the government has to spend so much. Here, whatever I do, I do it for myself. Whether I choose to become part of the rosary of eight or the rosary of 108 or beyond, depends on myself.

Now that doesn’t mean that if I have wealth, I simply walk on over and give it to Baba’s task. No! The Father says, “I don’t need anything of Ravan’s world, my children are My helpers.” I have to first become a child of the Father; I have to register with Him as His student, study the study He is teaching me and set out on the journey to become pure. It is my purity that helps Bharat become pure and heaven again. The philanthropy is part of this purification– my everything including my body, mind, wealth, relationships, become pure. I learn to live the way deities of the golden age live because that is who I am studying to become. “It take effort to register with Baba. When you promise to become completely viceless and then prove it, Baba then registers you.“, explains Baba. When I have the intoxication that I am changing Bharat into heaven, that I am making it into the land of kings, that I will then rule there as a pure deity, I will register.

You have to make effort to follow the Father completely. However, for this, you also have to surrender everything with your mind and intellect.“, teaches Baba. I’d say: “Baba, all of this is Yours.” and the Father would reply: “Use it for service. Carry out your task according to the instructions I give you. Simply give this message: Remember the Father and claim your inheritance. You children are messengers. Therefore, give everyone this message: The Father says through Brahma: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. You will receive liberation-in-life. You now have a life of bondage but you will then have a life of liberation.

I am therefore now a double philanthropist, explains Baba. “You give your bodies, minds and wealth to Baba. You also give imperishable jewels of knowledge.” “So first remember the Father who enabled you to create your fortune and secondly praise your own fortune“, He says. “The fortune of everyone else who are still busy chasing after perishable attainments in the world, is sleeping whereas your fortune is now being awakened.

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