The greatest authority is experience

Baba says, “Your speaking and listening are greater than your experience, and the greatest authority is experience. Become absorbed in that experience.”

There are many authorities but the greatest authority is the authority of experience. If I am an authority of experience, then no situation can influence me in any way. When I am an image of experience, I remain constantly unshakeable and immovable in all situations. I don’t come into upheaval, not even the slightest body consciousness can pull me towards itself. Become an embodiment of experience in every subject- knowledge, yoga, dharna and seva, teaches Baba, because even Maya cannot shake someone who is experienced.

There is a difference between hearing and thinking about something and in being an embodiment of experience. The Almighty Authority has given me the experience of self-respect; every one of His praise is my self-respect. No one can shake that experience because it is self-respect. At the very foundation, I know now that I am not a body, I am a soul. “I am a pure deity soul”, this is my self-respect. When I am an embodiment of this self-respect and am stable in the experience of this self-respect, there cannot be any body consciousness there. It is as if a switch has been turned on in a dark room and I can now see everything clearly. I didn’t have to make effort to chase away the darkness, I simply turned the switch on. This is easy Rajayoga, teaches Baba. There is no difficulty here, there is no penance, there is no fasting, no chanting, nothing. Just being an embodiment of the knowledge I have received. I know I am a soul, and I even speak about it, but, while walking and moving around, I don’t necessarily experience the form of a soul at every moment. That is how Maya is able to attack me in various ways.

There are different types of body consciousness and so the Father has given me different types of self-respect. The key is to become an embodiment of that self-respect, that is, to experience it. Sometimes, I am good at experiencing being a soul for the 45 mins I spend in sit-down meditation, then it’s as if I turn off the switch again. Baba says, “yours is a yogi life, a life is natural and for all time; it is not for sometime.” This means that I have to practice being a karma yogi, someone who stays in awareness of who I am at all times, even while walking, moving around and performing actions. “You yourself should experience the sparkling light on the forehead at all times.”, says Baba. Then, no matter how many people try to pull me into body consciousness, I won’t budge because I have experienced being a soul, I have experienced soul consciousness and have recognized it to be true.

“Now, according to the time, things are to happen suddenly”, explains Baba. Suddenly, there is an earthquake and hundreds of thousands of souls die. They didn’t know that this would happen, but it did and suddenly, they were gone. “So are you ever-ready?”, asks Baba. Because my final moments will lead me to my final destination. Will I be in upheaval, or will I be in the awareness of my self-respect, not by effort because I won’t be able to make effort then, but, naturally. That depends on how well I practice while I still have a chance. “It takes practice over a long period of time“, explains Baba. That means, I have no seconds to waste in body consciousness; I constantly have to remain busy in my laboratory, experimenting with different points of knowledge or self-respect. Just as I am now experienced in body consciousness thinking that “I am so-and-so”, and I answer when someone calls the name given to my body. I never forget my name. Even if thousands of people were to try to convince me that I am not who I am but someone else, I wouldn’t believe them because this consciousness has become so firm.

Similarly, be just as firm in being soul conscious, in maintaining your self-respect and in being a master of the self.”, teaches Baba. When someone asks me, I say from the heart, “yes, indeed my life has changed.” So how has it changed? Is it visible? Check, says Baba, have I truly become an embodiment of knowledge? To be an embodiment of knowledge means that my every action will be filled with light and might, they will be accurate. “Don’t become someone who just speaks the knowledge, but be an embodiment of knowledge.“, teaches Baba. In the same way, to become an embodiment of yoga means to be a master of my physical and subtle organs, it means that my life will be yuktiyukt, not one that is controlled by emotions. When I am an embodiment of knowledge and yoga, then I will automatically be able to imbibe every virtue and then service takes place at every moment automatically.

And so Baba says, “always remain seated on the throne of the authority of experience. By following every shrimat, that is, by becoming experienced in it, your life will easily and naturally become complete.”

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