Worthy children

Baba says, “Worthy children continue to make a lot of effort to remember the Father constantly. You have to do that till the end. Only such souls are called heirs.

A worthy child is one who glorifies the family name. They take what they received at birth from their parents and grow it. They are those that do things that makes others take notice and feel inspired to follow. They are those that make others say: “Whoever his/her parents are, they must be so proud.”, or “wonder who this child’s parents are? They’ve clearly done a great job of raising such a worthy child.” A worthy child is like a trophy for the parents before the world. Through my own specialties, through my own personality, face, behavior, activities, I reveal the Father, I glorify the Father’s name.

But how do I become that child that reveals the Father through my very being? It is said ‘Father shows son, son shows Father‘. I become who I am by following the Father in every step, that is, by taking my every step according to His shrimat. He is who makes me worthy. He is the most elevated and so only through following Him do I also become elevated. This is Father shows son. The eternal Father has already adopted me as His own child through Brahma; I am His heir. But how much I inherit from Him depends on my own effort. He has willed His entire property- His virtues and His powers- to me but what I do with it makes all the difference.

Do I imbibe them, become an embodiment of these virtues and put them into practical use in my life? Because this is how I grow the property. Even in the world, wealth grows only when I invest it well. If all I do is keep it under the mattress, then not only do I not experience the pleasure of using the wealth but one day I will lose it or forget it. It’s the same principle here. Every child of God receives equal rights to His property but what makes us all numberwise is how well we invest it in our practical life. Some don’t invest at all, some invest partially, that is, they apply a couple of virtues but forget about the rest. Only a handful, Baba says, pay attention to all the virtues and apply them into their life.

To remain busy in this experimentation with the virtues, with the points of knowledge in the laboratory of my life is to remain in constant remembrance of the Father. And this is what worthy children do. They spend every single moment learning from and observing the Father. How does He think? How does He speak? What does He speak of? What’s important to Him? What makes Him happy? How does He do what He does? What has been the secret of His enormous wealth? By learning these secrets and emulating the Father in every aspect of their lives, they become like the Father. Such worthy children also receive full help from the Father.

If you don’t remember Baba you won’t be able to sit on Mama and Baba’s throne.”, explains the Father. “Such ones would be called unworthy. Worthy children continue to make a lot of effort to remember the Father constantly. You have to do that till the end. The more you remember the Father, the more you earn. Keep your chart. Those who take the initiative are Arjuna. Only such souls are called heirs.

The Father has shown the son what to do and how to do. Now, it is the turn of the son to show the Father what he has learnt.

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