Become a trustee and serve with love

Baba says, “You have to surrender yourself completely to the Father, that is, you have to become a trustee and serve with love. Such children receive full help from the Father.”

At this most auspicious confluence age, God Himself comes to enable me to claim my fortune of the golden aged kingdom. He shows me the way but He cannot claim it for me; for that, I have to make my own effort. Whether I stay at the service center or lead a family life as a trustee, I am called a Brahma Kumari or Brahma Kumar; My surname is the same. My fortune depends not on my location, it depends on my level of surrender. Simply to live at the center does does not mean that my renunciation and fortune are higher. Even as a trustee, I can attain a good number in the rosary through an attitude of renunciation, provided one is a trustee with a pure and clear mind. Both have an equal right to obtain their inheritance but to claim full inheritance or fotune depends on sincerity of purpose and determination in action in both cases. Both have opportunity to gain as much fortune as they desire.

So what is it that I have to do to maximize the opportunity I have been given?

Taking care of and increasing the property

Just as my birthright, for being born to God, I get access to all His property- His virtues, His powers. But to claim my full inheritance means to imbibe what I receive and bring them into action. That’s how I grow my property. Some children, Baba says, increase the property obtained from the Father whereas others squander it away through extravagant habits. One is the worthy child and the other is not, explains Baba. Every father is happy when they see their children take care of the property and grow it. Then, the father too looks after such children. It is the same here. While God doesn’t discriminate between children and love anyone less because of their actions, I will not experience His love when I become a squanderer. He doesn’t turn His back on me, I betray myself. So the thing to do as a worthy child of the Father is:

  1. dedicate my every thought, word and deed in service
  2. take care of the treasure of virtues and practice it in my daily life. That is how they become powers.

Accurate inculcation of virtues and powers

All may be doing service and even imbibing the virtues but when it comes to being the embodiment of those virtues, it becomes numberwise. To claim the full inheritance means that I become an embodiment of every virtue, not just a few; in fact, the virtues work together, I cannot just embody one and not the other, it doesn’t work. For example, the power of tolerance needs to be practiced alongside the power to merge. If I think I have tolerance but if I lack the ability to merge, that’s when I put on a show and go on a tour telling everyone: ‘I tolerated so much!’, ‘I alone know how much I have tolerated.’, ‘Trust me, it wasn’t a small matter.’ and so on. When I lack the power to merge, I narrate my own tale and denounce the other. Due to this imbalance in virtues, I cannot actually tolerate anything, it all comes out. So some children, Baba explains, embody the virtues correctly and retain the treasures while others waste it or lose it.

Serve with sincerity of purpose and love for Baba

A Brahmin cannot stay without service. All Brahmin children serve but some serve with sincerity and love and with the spirit of service, that is, they serve with their heart. Others, Baba explains, do it only with their intellect. This also makes a difference. Some have a sharp intellect and can serve with various points of gyan in their mind. They can lecture and discuss well. They can make a good show of their talent and win name and fame. People will praise them. However, to make the people experience the fruit of attainment is beyond their power; so the people leave unchanged, their hearts aren’t touched. But a child with sincerity of purpose (the right motive) and love for Baba will churn their own points and through their experience, draw other’s attention towards the Peace Giver, Baba, making them experience peace or another virtue. They don’t even have to say much, their experience shows up on their face, in their eyes, in their smile and activities. This makes all the difference.

The law of service

There are two kinds of service…

  1. Serving with love
  2. Considering it to be a duty.

One who serves with love and affection would not leave any soul without infusing love for Baba into him. One who is duty bound, would finish his duty, would finish the one week’s course, hold yoga camps, dharna camps and would read out the Murli to the newcomers, but would not consider it as their responsibility to bring the soul into loveful connection with Baba. They would finish one course after another, but would not be able to infuse the newcomer with spiritual force. They would think that they have put in a lot of work but it is a law of service, that only the one who has love for Baba can infuse love in others. This is what increases the property.

This is a true income“, explains Baba. “Those who do something will receive the return of it. It isn’t that the children simply receive from the income the father earns. No; the children too have to be made to earn this true income. This is something to be understood.

I will only make this spiritual effort when I am fully surrendered to the Father. When my attitude is: ‘Mine is one Baba and none other’, I will truly take care of and increase the Father’s property by using it in service. If I am not surrendered, then the old sanskars of laziness, carelessness or craving for name and recognition will easily draw me to them. “You have to surrender yourself completely to the Father, that is, you have to become a trustee and serve with love.”, says the Father. Such children will then also receive full help from the Father in creating their fortune.

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