Become an embodiment of every virtue and power

Baba says, “A worthy child is one who follows.

The Mother and the Father consider the children worthy. It is because I am worthy that I have decided to follow shrimat for my life. But now, Baba says, there remains the matter of giving the proof of being worthy. And while each child is giving the proof, it is numberwise, according to capacity. In other words, I am victorious some times, not all the time. Full inheritance means, completely liberated in life. It mustn’t be that I come into the grips of Maya sometimes and other times, I am free. That is the sign of someone that would come into the moon dynasty, explains Baba, not of someone who belongs to the sun dynasty.

The issue is, the Father observes, that the children don’t have as much faith in themselves as the Father has. This is why the the result of being victorious in every task is only visible sometimes. “Just as you have faith in the Father and faith in the study, in the same way, at every moment and in every thought, do everything with faith in the intellect“, teaches Baba. I am a sun dynasty soul, I have been victorious many many times before and am becoming that again. I have claimed the full inheritance from the Father every cycle and I am definitely going to claim it again. To move along with this faith in the intellect means that I will automatically think powerful thoughts, speak elevated words and perform elevated actions that are becoming of the kind of soul that I consider myself to be.

And to make it even easier, I have the example of the mother and the father in front of me. I don’t even have to think: ‘Should I do this or that?’, ‘Is this right or wrong?’. I simply have to follow. This is the means for fast effort. The sign of fast effort is that I am constantly ascending, my effort should never be circular. Whatever weakness is visible should be finished right then at the very moment of realization. Why? because I am moving along with the faith and the awareness of who I really am. And so, as soon as I have the realization, because of the power that is available in that moment, it becomes easy to remove that weakness. In order to make such effort, continue to make the teachings that you receive day by day your practical form.“, teaches Baba. This means that I don’t just listen to the points in the daily murli and store them in my intellect, I actually become the practical form of those teachings. This is why the praise of my original form is: The embodiment of knowledge, the embodiment of love, the embodiment of bliss. The reason I am victorious only some times is because I don’t always bring every point into my practical form, I store some in the intellect. These are usually the points that feel hard- forgive even those that defame you, don’t keep their wrong in your heart, give respect whether they respect you or not etc. I find it hard to implement these practically, with certain individuals in my life. But the problem is that when I just store these points in the intellect without digesting it, that is, without making it practical, these points actually become a block in the intellect. Just as when there is a block in a drain, all the rubbish starts to come up and then there is bad odor, the same happens here. When my intellect is blocked with points of knowledge, then I experience the bad odor of guilt, regret, bitterness, resentment etc. every time the scene presents itself and I am unable to bring the point in the practical form – I knew what to do but I couldn’t do it. So rather than help, the knowledge becomes a hinderance to my progress. The way to unblock the intellect is awareness. I have to return to that awareness of who I am and Whose I am and with faith, bring that point into practice, that is, digest it. That, is victory. Yes, I thought I could never forgive that person but I just did because I have the faith and therefore the awareness that that is the kind of soul I am. When I do it once, it becomes much easier to do it again and soon it becomes natural. “Such souls are called worthy souls who give the proof. Worthy children are called faithful and obedient.”, says Baba. When I pay attention to making every point a part of my practical form, then every virtue and every power become my original form. My nature and natural virtues become equal to those of the Father. Those who become such embodiments of virtues, embodiments of power and embodiments of remembrance are said to be equal to the Father.

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