The wonder of God’s love

Baba says, “The wonder of His love is that you become worthy of worship like Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father has come to change you children from human beings into deities. He makes you the same as Himself.”

For half a cycle, I had lived the life of an orphan stumbling from one relationship to another, looking for that thing that every soul in the world is thirsty for- true, selfless love. Without love, nothing else matters. It is the lack of love and belonging that compels souls to perform wrong actions, hurt themselves and others, become depressed and sorrowful. Human love was once pure and selfless- that was the golden age, heaven. Then, when the purity decreased, the love became corrupted, it became selfish. People started to love each other not for who they are but for what they could offer them, for their accomplishments, for their celebrity. But the soul recognizes deep within it, what true love is. And so no matter how many people I tried to receive love from, the soul’s thirst wasn’t quenched- ‘this is not it’, it said. And at this point in the cycle, the soul’s light is down to barely a dim flicker- worn out and completely bankrupted during the course of its search.

Then, the Father came. It is said that even if we were to make the oceans into ink, the forests into pens and the whole earth into paper, that would not be enough to write the praise of God. But perhaps, His most important praise is that He is first and foremost, the Ocean of Love. He comes to quench that deep thirst of the soul because only He can. Only His love is the true, imperishable, selfless love and this is what the soul had known and had been thirsting for.

In my search for this love, I even became a devotee. But that made me into a beggar of love and I received nothing. Now, the Father comes to change me from a beggar into a child with the right to this love. Indeed, God’s love is my birthright because I am His child. And this is not just a theoretical thing anymore as in the case with bhakti. There too I sang that God is my Mother and Father and I am His child. There too I sang that God is my Beloved, that mine is One and none other. But the issue was I didn’t know Him and so didn’t really relate to Him in that way; they were just words. Now, God comes and becomes my Father, my Mother, my Friend, my Beloved, my Child and my constant Companion, practically. He actually, practically fulfills all my relationships, gives me the experience of that love.

In fact, my Brahmin birth was based on God’s love. Without the experience of His love, no matter how much knowledge He gave me, I couldn’t have digested it. The soul was so broken, so tired, completely out of self-respect that I could never have accepted that I am the deity soul of the golden age, that I am a completely virtuous soul, that I am a world sovereign. That would have sounded like mockery! And so the Father came and gave me, first and foremost, the gift of His unconditional and non-judgmental love. He adopted me as His own child and through the experience of His love, healed my broken heart. His respect for me enabled me to respect myself again, His faith in me gave me faith in myself again, His vision of me enabled me to look at myself differently as well. His love, therefore, is the only alchemy that is able to take a soul that has been battered and bruised over half a cycle and enable it to stand on its own feet again. Not just that, but enable it to reclaim its lost kingdom and become the sovereign again.

Only God can do this magic- take a defeated beggar and transform them into a world sovereign, take a degraded human-being and change them into an elevated deity. Yes, He does it through giving me the knowledge but even before that, the foundation is His love. It is because of His constant company that I become powerful again. His love even transforms the entire age from iron age into the confluence age- I step out of Ravan’s prison and into God’s loving embrace. His love transforms the world of sorrow into a world of joy and happiness. And as long as I remain absorbed in this love, Maya and Ravan cannot even come close to me, I become Maya-proof. And so this is the easiest effort.

And so many children ask, “what is it that I have to do to experience God’s love for me?” It isn’t what I have to do, rather, it is who I have to be and that is honest. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart, not a clever head. When I accept Him with my whole heart for who He is and make myself belong to Him, I experience His love. As the saying goes, love begets love. When I have real love for the Father, from my heart, not selfish love, then I experience His magic in my life. I experience His practical sustenance, His constant presence in my life. But often, because of half a cycle of conditioning, my love for God also starts out being superficial. I remember Him when I need something and say ‘Sweet Baba, Lovely Baba’ at the time of need. Once the need is met, the situation is gone, I go right back to living life on my own terms. That, doesn’t work.

True love brings surrender. I want to live my life with my Companion, I want to do what He likes, I want to be the kind of person that He inspires me to be. This feeling of surrender is what gives me the strength to obey shrimat- to forgive that person, to let go of bitterness, to overcome fears. When I am constantly merged in God’s love, He is constantly my Canopy of Protection. God’s love returns me to my dignity and honor. I receive the key to my inner kingdom and become the sovereign again- no longer subservient to mine or others’ moods, mine or other’s sanskars, to expectations etc. Perishable love and love for the body that I had for half a cycle made me lose the fortune of my kingdom. Many kings have lost their kingdom because of chasing after perishable love. They considered perishable love to be greater then the fortune of the kingdom. God’s love enables me to attain for all time the fortune of the kingdom I’d lost. It makes me into someone who has a right to the double kingdom. I attain self-sovereignty and also the kingdom of the world.

You are the special souls who attain God’s love in this way“, says the Father. “So don’t be those who have love, but become those who are always merged in love and lost in love. Those who are merged are equal.

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