Become incorporeal and egoless, the same as the Father

Baba says, “Become incorporeal and egoless, the same as the Father.”

The last three words of Father Brahma were: incorporeal, egoless and viceless. “Always be incorporeal in your thoughts, detached from all and loving to the Father”, teaches Baba. I am an incorporeal soul and I am speaking and acting with the support of the corporeal- this is the practice. I am in the body but my awareness is that I am a bodiless soul. This is divine acrobatics! which if practiced pays huge dividends. This is a very powerful stage. I, the soul need the body to perform actions but I never forget that I am the soul. Then, the original qualities of the soul- the real virtues and powers- will emerge automatically and show in my vision, face, words, actions, everything. My original personality will come through.

To the extent that I am incorporeal, I will also be fearless, because fear arises out of the awareness of the body. “In order to imbibe the virtue of fearlessness, become incorporeal”, teaches Baba. The more I remain detached in the incorporeal stage, the more I will experience the stage of a point in my yoga and the angelic stage while moving along. “Just as your hands and feet continue to move according to directions, in the same way, practice becoming incorporeal from corporeal in a second“, teaches Baba. No matter what task I am performing, while performing that task, I practice: I am an incorporeal soul and am performing actions with the support of the physical organs. I, the soul, am getting this task done and the organs are the doer. I, the soul am the one who is inspiring things to get done. When I have this awareness, I will automatically only remember the incorporeal Father- this remembrance will become firm. Throughout the whole day, however many times I say the word ‘I’, I remember ‘I, the incorporeal soul have entered the corporeal body.’ “When you remember your incorporeal stage, you will automatically become egoless and your body consciousness will finish.”, teaches Baba.

Always be egoless in your words, that is, let them be filled with spiritual sweetness and humility. In your actions, be viceless through your physical senses, that is, become those who have the personality of purity.”, teaches Baba. The awareness of being a master and a child constantly gives me the experience of the egoless and incorporeal stage. I am not a householder in-charge of things anymore, I am the child of the Father. I do everything according to His directions. This awareness automatically makes me egoless and viceless in my words and actions. The very first word I learn when I become a Brahmin is “Baba” and the Father says, “child”. The lesson of this one word makes me knowledge-full. I am not the body, I am a pure soul, a child of God. That’s all. I am nothing else and mine is no one else.

I am not in-charge, I am an instrument even when it comes to service. In fact, all three specialties of being incorporeal, egoless and viceless automatically come from having an instrument consciousness. When there isn’t the consciousness of being an instrument, many types of consciousness of “I” and “mine” make service become slack- there is arrogance, wilting and sadness. The end result is that while moving along, I feel I am dying even though I am alive. I then get tired, disheartened and might even leave. “Therefore, remember one expression: ‘I am an instrument’“, teaches Baba, “only by being an instrument can you remain in the stage of being incorporeal, egoless, humble and free from any other thoughts. No type of arrogance will arise in you. You won’t even be caught in the spinning of any difference of opinion.

It is now time to return home, I now have to go to my incorporeal home. “Therefore“, teaches Baba, “as is your land, so should be your costume.” When I keep in my awareness that I am now returning home and that I am also the instrument to take everyone else home, then by having this awareness, I will easily be able to go beyond all relationships and attractions, I will become a detached observer. By becoming a detached observer, I will easily become a companion of the Father and equal to the Father.

You’ve already attained the blessing of being incorporeal, egoless and viceless from the Bestower of Blessings“, says Baba, “now put this blessing into practice.” That means that I become an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance and an image that grants visions. “Let anyone who comes in front of you see the jewel in the forehead, the intense power of your eyes and hear words of blessings emerging from your lips“, says Baba. “Only then will revelation take place.

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