Father Brahma

Baba says, ‘Brahma is the walking, talking throne of the Father‘. It is when He enters Brahma that He creates you Brahmins.

God is incorporeal, He resides in the soul world which is also the home of the souls. He comes at the Confluence age to teach us, His children, Rajayoga through which we regain our self-sovereignty. Just as I, the soul, need a body to talk, walk, express myself, so does God. He is the Supreme Soul, no bigger or smaller than me….He too is a point of light. The difference is that He does not have a body of His own as He does not take birth through a womb. His is a spiritual birth, an incarnation. He comes into an old, ordinary body to teach His children.

He was born with a different name – Lekhraj Kriplani. Then, when Baba entered him, He named him Brahma. Thus, he became the ‘fortunate chariot’ (Bhagirath).

There is the mention of Prajapita Brahma in the scriptures. He is shown up above sailing through the clouds, in a different world as a deity. Baba clarifies: Brahma is Adi Dev or Adam, the Father of Humanity. He cannot exist in the subtle region where there is no creation. Prajapita Brahma has to be a resident of the corporeal world. It is through his mouth that God speaks the knowledge to His children. Yes, all of us including Brahma are children of God. He is the Creator but it isn’t that He creates us from nothing; it means that He transforms us from old to new through the knowledge He relates through Brahma. Thus, Brahmins are known as the mouth-born creation of Prajapita Brahma.

Then they show Saraswati in the scripture and say she is the wife of Brahma. God clarifies: Saraswati (Mama) is also the daughter of Prajapita Brahma, she is also My child. You are all Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.

Brahma is also called Mahavir, because he conquers Maya. Shiv Baba – God, not Brahma, is the Creator of heaven. Brahma is the creator of the human world. Just as the word “Christian” has emerged from the word “Christ”, the word “Buddhist” from the word “Buddha” and the word “Islam” from the word “Abraham”, so, too Brahmins come from Prajapita Brahma.

Worldly brahmins who perform worship or rituals and go to people’s homes on special occasions are different. Here, this is a study to change from humans to angels. Here, the Father comes and teaches Brahmins. Everything depends on how you study, He says.

Many ask, why did God choose this particular soul? He didn’t. It is the soul’s part in the Drama that he becomes the designated chariot for God. His life, his transformation is certainly a testament for why. The soul of Brahma while in this corporeal plane was also a student of God. Whatever God said, He listened and followed 200% – there was no if, but or what. He surrendered everything – his mind, body, wealth- toward God’s task. He had many specialties including one where he was known to do anything God asked immediately. By the end of his mortal life, those who met him saw not a human being but an angel, such was his demeanor.

At the foundation of it all was his deep love for God and for His task – to bring heaven on earth. He completely took advantage of the fact that God Himself was His Teacher. He rejoiced in the knowledge of his own elevated destiny – that he was studying to become a sovereign, that he was bringing the new world. His was a spiritual intoxication like no other. No matter what situations or obstacles came before him, he lived like a carefree emperor firm in his faith that this is God’s task, this is His domain and that he had nothing to worry about. His task was to follow His Shrimat.

He became the older brother and father to all, taking responsibility for their well-being. This is my family – was his attitude. Brahma Baba as he is lovingly called left his mortal coil on Jan 18, 1969 but he still continues to serve in his angelic form from his new abode, the subtle region. It’s faster, he says, I am not restricted now by my physical body. We children are his life and there isn’t a soul that hasn’t experienced his loving sustenance. He is my father, my mother, my grandpa…he is the example of the moth to the Flame, of unmovable and unshakable faith in the One, of deep unabashed love for the Beloved. He is the eldest son, the #1 student who through his surrender became equal to the Father.

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