The Call of Time

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं? प्यार है? Accha!

Everyone has come today from all parts of the world to meet the One. It’s hard to sometimes even imagine what kinds of inhuman tragedies we have to see where we are each day, each minute and pass through. Some of us are going through wars with gun shots and canons being fired outside our windows and some of us live in lawless countries where rape is a natural way of life. Places where kids are born premature and die premature and others where dowry murders are termed as “honor killings”. Places where decisions are announced and quietly followed without a word, places where religion – no, concocted religion is the law. We live in a world today where arms deals are a daily affair and seen as a ‘requirement for national safety”!

It would seem like the kind of place that has no God. But yet, it is at this time when there is utter lawlessness, dire irreligiousness, when brother kills brother, when father molests daughter, when families rob each other and don’t even bat an eyelid- it is in fact during such a time that He comes. He comes because we call out to Him and because we both know that only He can salvage the world, make things right. He reminds us that He is not really doing us a favor; He comes because it is His time to come.

He is here now just as you are wondering if there are any good people left in the world. He reminds us that in fact there are and that we are those people. Without a few good souls, in fact, the world would be lot worse (hard to imagine) than it is today. We are the same souls that were here when the world was Heaven. We were the rulers of that world but have forgotten our identities down the road and are today living the ordinary lives that we have. While we are still a lot purer than the asurs (demons) that are committing the atrocities, we are a lot fewer in number- recall that we are a very select crowd in heaven. It is as the time goes by that more and more souls come down to this world stage to play their parts. Souls with all kinds of sanskars come into a world that is already in degradation. And then, not only are we fewer, our potency is at an all-time low. Having been here for so long, gone through the tour of duty, the soul is now tired.

But He is now here to find each one of us from wherever in the world we are, remind each of us who we are, who He is and call upon us to rise and reclaim our lost kingdom from the clutches of the bad guys. It is not just our right but it is our duty to all of our brothers and sisters in distress. It is because we forgot who we are by becoming body conscious that our land and our people are today in the state they are in. The accurate understanding of the self, of God, of Karma and our responsibility is Knowledge. Nothing else, be it what is learnt in schools or in ashrams qualifies as knowledge.

So the call of time is to learn and imbibe this knowledge and reclaim good from the clutches of evil. It is to reestablish heaven on earth.

It took us 5000 years to degrade ourselves from perfect to perfectly impure! We cannot make the leap back to perfect on our own. I need to hold on firmly to His hand, His Shrimat, to remember all that about myself and my kingdom that I have forgotten, fill my emptiness up, recharge my powers, adorn myself with virtues and let go of all that I have picked up from this dirty world. Cleansing myself and helping others do the same is cleansing the world of the impurities and reestablishing purity, peace, love and therefore happiness.

As I go through this cleansing process, it is important to detach myself from my own story understanding that what is past is past and not even all of the king’s horses and men can change it back. I can almost hear us say “easier said than done” and I’d normally not just agree but say it’s impossible and it would be true if not for the very important factor that I have the One and Only Almighty Authority on my side. He is the Most Powerful, that Ocean of Purity, of Love, Kindness and all things virtuous and so I know I can be cured of my sorrow. I know because I have been there and experienced His magic.

Simply remember Him- who He is, His nature which is to respond to His children’s call. Remember that it is not possible that I call out to Him and He does not respond – that would be unnatural to Him. Hold on to His hand and invite Him into your world. He is waiting! Let Him into your mind and heart and let Him tell you how wonderful a being you are. And since He is God, you know He is speaking the truth. Command your intellect to believe that you are a good soul, a very special and powerful soul that is God’s own. What happened in the past was me settling my karmic debt – it is Okay, it is no one’s fault.

I now know God and my duty is to help others know Him too. It is the only way to heal myself and unless I heal myself, I cannot heal the world. A person full of sorrow only has sorrow to give and it is important to ACCEPT that I have a choice to be happy AGAIN.

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आईना मुझसे मेरी पहेली सी सूरत मांगे
मेरे अपने मेरे होने की निशानी माँगे

मैं भटकता ही रहा दर्द के वीराने में
वक्त लिखता रहा चेहरे पे हर पल का हिसाब

मेरी शोहरत मेरी दीवानगी की नज़र हुई
पी गयी मैं की बोतल मेरी गीतों की किताब
आज लौटा हूं तो हँसने की अदा भूल गया
ये शहर भूला मुझे मैं भी इस भूल गया
मेरे अपने मेरे होने की निशानी माँगे
आईना मुझसे मेरी पहेली सी सूरत मांगे

मेरा पंखा फिर मुझे बाज़ार में ले आया है
ये वो जहान है के जहाँ मेहरो वफा बिकते हैं
बाप बिकते हैं और लखते जिगर बिकते हैं
कोख बिकती हैं दिल बिकते हैं सिर बिकते हैं
इस बदलती हुई दुनिया का खुदा कोई नहीं
सस्ते दामों पे यहाँ रोज़ खुदा बिकते हैं

हर खरीदार को बाजार में बिकता पाया
हम क्या किसी ने यहाँ क्या पाया
मेरे अहसास मेरे फूल कहीं और चले

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