Why Is God Called the Creator

Some people believe in God, but have many other thoughts. This is also something to understand: it is necessary to have knowledge about something we believe in. If there are all sorts of thoughts about God, then things are confused. Why should there be so many thoughts about the same thing? When there is a person, everyone should have the same information about him: that he is so and so, as he is; his name, place, job and so on. It means everyone should have one introduction, shouldn’t they!

If there are many thoughts about just one thing, we should understand that there is some problem. It means that aspect is not properly understood. If there are so many thoughts about God’s introduction, who would give the right information? Naturally, the One who knows! This is why it is said: ‘Whenever there is irreligiousness-meaning that people do not know me, nor themselves- then I come. People will know about Me, and themselves, from Me, because I am the Creator. I am the One who does not have any creator. What do I create? Human souls! Actually souls are eternal; there is no creator of souls. But still I’m called the Creator of human souls, because I bring them to their complete purified stage. This is My task. This is why I’m called the Creator.’

There is no creator of the human world because even this is eternal and imperishable. Actually nothing has a creator. Even so, God is called the creator because He comes and takes us human souls to our complete and pure stage. We have now all become old, haven’t we? We have all become tamopradhan. This world is also old. Now the Father comes and makes us Satopradhan. This is why He is called the Creator of the new world.

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