God is NOT Omnipresent

The belief that God is omnipresent is wrong because God is not something that spreads. And there is no significance or importance of His omnipresence. If He is omnipresent, what is the value of that to us? In spite of His being omnipresent we are still unhappy and peaceless, and irreligiousness continues to increase.  We continue to perform wrong deeds; so how is this world benefitted? If a important person or a minister is not doing his job properly, the public ask him to leave his seat. If in spite of God being omnipresent there is peacelessness and unhappiness, the devotees would say: ‘Oh God, leave your seat. What use are you if you are present in me and in everyone else but still injustice and other wrong things are happening? So You also leave your position or seat.’ Therefore, God is not omnipresent.

God is known as the Supreme Soul. He is a soul. Souls are not known as omnipresent. Just as I am a soul, each soul lives in its body. It isn’t that there is one soul in all bodies. Each soul is different. If there were to be one soul, like the Supreme Soul, in everyone then everyone’s sanskars and activity would become alike, but it is not like that. So again, this proves that God is not omnipresent.

Some say God is inside as well as outside, that He is spread out like the sky. Incorporeal God, and we souls, stay in what is called the unending element of light. We live in this world, but we are not this world, are we? Similarly, God lives in that element of light, but He is not that. We souls are points of light and God is also a point of light.

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