Dharma Rakshak, Daya Ka sagar – The Merciful One and the Lord of Righteousness – Part I

If they were to truly believe Him to be the Supreme Father, their intellect would begin to sparkle 

The Father only comes to serve you children. He sees that His children are unhappy and so He definitely feels mercy for them. He is the merciful Father. 

Baba makes you a server, but He becomes the Intellect of the Wise and touches souls.  Through this the name of the children is glorified and Baba’s task is easily carried out. Baba cares for you with much love and attention so that you constantly swing in many swings. Baba doesn’t allow your feet to touch the ground. Sometimes you are in the swing of Baba’s remembrance, sometimes in the swing of Baba’s lap, sometimes in the swing of happiness and sometimes in the swing of intoxication, bliss, love and peace… All these attainments are the specialties of this blessed time.

At the moment, because Baba is the Bestower of Blessings and the Bestower of Wisdom, because He is the Father and fulfills all relationships, Baba is merciful. The method of giving one and receiving multimillion fold is applied at this time. At the end, the companion who settles all Karmic accounts will work… This account of one to multi-million will then come to an end. Baba is merciful now but then the accounts will be settled. Now, you are forgiven. Even a severe mistake is forgiven and Baba is a helper and enables you to fly. To have a deep realization within the heart means to be forgiven.  You don’t need to ask for forgiveness in the way that the people of the world do. The method of realization brings forgiveness. If forgiveness is asked for because someone else has prompted you to ask, or it is done in the hope that there will be adjustment because of the situation or circumstances, then that forgiveness is not granted. Baba is knowledgeful. Although He knows, He smiles but doesn’t let it go, He doesn’t grant you forgiveness. 

Success cannot be achieved without applying the accurate method can it? The method is that of one step and the result is that of multi-millionfold, but only when the method of one step is accurate. If you don’t claim blessings now at the blessed time, when will you claim them? The time will come to an end and accordingly all your specialties will come to an end. Therefore whatever you want to do, whatever you want to take, whatever you want to create, take all of that and create it now in good time with Baba’s blessing in the form of help. You cannot receive this diamond chance again…

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